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Chapter 50 The Shocking Ranking!

“Congratulations, Shen! You will definitely get the bonus since you get on the list again!”

A doctor who was acquainted with Shen Chun patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile.

Shen Chun just smiled because he still hadn’t woken up from the shock brought by Fang Qiu.

“Eh! When did your Orthopedic Department come a doctor named Fang Qiu? How come I have not heard about him? And he has no photo here.”

The doctor continued to look down and was in a daze when he saw Fang Qiu’s name on the bottom.

More and more people noticed the name at this time.

“Who is this Fang Qiu? How come I haven’t heard about him?”

“Yes. Is there such a doctor in the Department of Orthopedics?”

“I never heard of this new doctor. How come a new doctor get on the list?”

A lot of people started discussing it.

All those doctors on the list were the senior doctors. A newcomer couldn’t get on the list.

It was a common view of all of them.

But now how to explain this phenomenon that a person who had never been heard about got on the list?

Everyone gradually turned their eyes on Shen Chun.

About the things of Orthopedic Department, no one would know more clearly than Shen Chun.

Seeing this, Shen Chun could only say, “He is indeed a new doctor in our department. Today is his first day of work.”


“His first day of work?


Everyone looked at Shen Chun in shock.

“Today is Sunday. Today’s ranking list is based on the acc.u.mulative number of ‘Like’ this week.

“How come he can get so many ‘Like’ on the first day of work?”

“Could he have clicked farming?”

Asked a young doctor suddenly at this time.

Hearing that, all the doctors became afraid inwardly at once.

At the beginning, there were indeed some undisciplined doctors on the ranking list of “Smiling Doctors” who bribed some hospital scalpers and others to organize fake patients to do this. These fake patients gave evaluations soon after the registrations.

Later, the hospital discovered this problem and fired several doctors for “Medical ethics problems”. After that, no one dared to do it again.

And once there was any data abnormity, the hospital would determine whether the patient was a real one or a fake one by using surveillance cameras or others.

So no more doctors dared to do so.

And clicking farming was really expensive.

A doctor had to pay for the registration fee, service fee, and other stuff. It was definitely a thankless task.

But this Fang Qiu was a newcomer, he didn’t necessarily know this rule and may dare to do so.

All the people looked at Shen Chun again. “Since he is an expert physician of the Department of Orthopedics, he has right to speak.”

Shen Chun certainly said as he frowned, “Absolutely impossible.”

“Why not?” asked a doctor curiously.

“He’s just a freshman. What does he do with these ‘Like’?”

All the people present gasped at what they heard and became silent.

“How could it be possible!

“Just a student?

“And a freshman?

“The freshmen just started their new term.

“A freshman???

“Holy cow!

“How can such a person see patients in the hospital. How can he be a doctor before learning the textbooks???”

“Shen, are you kidding?”

A middle-aged doctor swallowed his saliva hard and said with a hollow laugh.

All the eyes were focused on Shen Chun again, full of questions.

“No kidding. He was specially recruited by the Director.”

Said Shen Chun.

It was the Director who took the blame for Fang Qiu.

After that, he added, “Remember the intractable patient in our department? Because machines couldn’t find out his problem, he made a scene for more than a month.”

Everyone nodded. It was going to be a strange tale of the hospital. How could they not know?

Shen Chun pointed to the two words of “Fang Qiu ” on the big screen.

“He cured that guy!”


Many people cried out in shock.

“This Fang Qiu unexpectedly cured the patient whose disease couldn’t be found out at all?!

“How come there is such a thing?”

The news really shocked all of them.

Just now, when they heard that Fang Qiu was specially recruited by the Director, the first thought occurred to them was that could he be the Director’s relative!

Now at the sound of that, they just knew that he really had real strength!

“But could a freshman be really awesome?”

“You know, no one among our group of doctors could enter the hospital before studying for a dozen to twenty years. And you know how many years we have been practicing in the hospital to make the current achievements.

“But today, we directly lost out to a little boy.

“G.o.d made such big fun of us.”

Shen Chun did not pay much attention to their shock but directly left. Seeing everyone shocked, he felt very well in the heart!

“The person that I discovered was awesome sure enough!

“Ha Ha!”


But Fang Qiu had no idea about the hospital storm that was caused by him. He just went to the cafeteria for a meal normally, returned to the dormitory, and prepared to read books.

However, he found his three roommates all in the room.

“The youngest, what did you do this afternoon? We attended the interviews of the clubs that we applied for this afternoon. All of us joined them as we hoped. The only bad thing is that we each paid a members.h.i.+p fee of twenty yuan.”

Zhou Xiaotian immediately said happily as he saw Fang Qiu back.

“Just take the twenty yuan as a ticket fee for chasing after girls. It’s not expensive,” said Sun Hao as he browsed the website.

Then he turned to Fang Qiu and said, “The youngest, you are the most popular person now in our school BBS. Do you have any acceptance speech?

“For example, thank your roommates and treat them to a meal?”

“Actually no!”

Said Fang Qiu very certainly.

“Alas! Public morality is not what it used to be!”

Sun Hao shook his head and sighed in disappointment, “You have donated twenty-nine thousand yuan, but you are not willing to pay even for a meal?”

Fang Qiu was in a daze at the sound of this.

“Twenty-nine thousand yuan. My donation was split out by someone?

“It’s not a good thing!”

“The youngest, are you really a rich second generation?”

Zhou Xiaotian came to Fang Qiu with a rush and looked at him with the bright piercing eyes.

“I am a father of the rich second generation!”

Fang Qiu pushed Zhou Xiaotian away and said, “I got the money by chance. Now I’m so poor that I only have only twelve hundred yuan left. I can only rely on your guys to help me afterward!”

“It’s OK if you are not. Why did you beat me?”

Zhou Xiaotian mumbled as he kneaded his shoulder.

As for the help that Fang Qiu mentioned, they just ignored it.

“Help a rich guy? Dream on!”

Figuring out that Fang Qiu was not a rich second generation, they were also slightly relieved. After all, different ident.i.ties could create estrangement.

They all came from ordinary families. Since now Fang Qiu was not a rich second generation, there would be no estrangement between them.

Only left the admiration to Fang Qiu. “He actually has only one thousand two hundred yuan. How will he survive afterward!”

“The oldest, I have some good news for you.”

Fang Qiu said to Zhu Benzheng who was reading in bed.

“What’s the good news?”

Asked Zhu Benzheng as he leaned over and looked at Fang Qiu.

“w.a.n.g Yu hurt her hand when she played basketball.”

Fang Qiu was about to say that “It was time for you to brown-nose her”.

But before he said that, Zhu Benzheng directly turned over the bed with his bright eyes, picked up the mobile phone without saying anything, and rushed out like a gust of wind.

Apparently, he was going to brown-nose to call w.a.n.g Yu.

Sun Hao looked at the empty doorway and sighed. “He has never had such a big motivation in studying.”

After that, he turned to look at Fang Qiu and said with a sn.i.g.g.e.r, “The youngest, since w.a.n.g Yu hurt her hand, did Yuan Bei hurt her hand?”

“Huang Manman, and Huang Manman. Did she hurt? Zhou Xiaotian immediately shouted aside.

“Can’t you wish others healthy?”

Said Fang Qiu helplessly.

At the sound of this, two of them immediately became very disappointed.

Ten minutes later, Zhu Benzheng came back with an odd look. His eyes were full of doubt and shock when he looked at Fang Qiu.

“What’s the matter, the oldest? She rained on your parade when you brown-nosed? Or you showed excessive pa.s.sion but she was cold?”

Asked Zhou Xiaotian with his eyes focused on Zhu Benzheng.

Sun Hao also looked at Zhu Benzheng curiously.

Zhu Benzheng ignored two of them. He asked Fang Qiu as if his voice was squeezed hard from his throat, “The youngest, you became a doctor?”

“Doctor? What doctor?”

Asked Zhou Xiaotian and Sun Hao curiously.

“In the Orthopedic Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of our university, the youngest was seeing patients there this afternoon, and w.a.n.g Yu’s finger injury was cured by him!”

Zhu Benzheng’s word really shocked all of them.

It directly made the whole Dormitory 501 completely quiet down.

Without any sound.

The whole scene seemed frozen.

The three of them stared at Fang Qiu with their eyes full of shock and doubt.

“The youngest has become a doctor?

“How could he become a doctor???”

Fang Qiu nodded to his three roommates and said, “I did see patients there this afternoon.”


The whole Dormitory 501 was bustling immediately.

“The youngest, how could you become a doctor?”

“Yes. It is my dream after graduation. You have realized it?”

“Tell us. How did you get in there?”

“Are the nurses pretty?”

“How do you feel about being a doctor? Do you feel well?”

The three of them kept asking, which made the whole room immediately like a food market.


Fang Qiu stretched forward a hand, suddenly grasped it, and clenched the fist.

The three of them stopped at once and looked eagerly at Fang Qiu.

“In fact, it’s very simple. Last weekend, I cured Jiang Miaoyu’s foot injury. Since you were all there, do you remember the teacher Shen Chun aside? He picked up my skills and invited me to be an a.s.sistant physician. I go there every Sunday afternoon and it was my first day of work this afternoon. That’s it.”

Explained Fang Qiu quickly.

“Although it sounds very simple, it still shows that you are awesome!”

Zhou Xiaotian sized Fang Qiu up in amazement.

“My roommate who sleeps in the same room with us suddenly becomes a doctor. This change is truly like a phoenix flies out of a henhouse.

“Oh, no.

“Like a phoenix flies out of a swan nest!”

“The youngest, is the bonesetting skill ancestral in your family?”

Asked Zhu benzheng curiously.

He remembered the scene at that time when Mr. Shen seemed to chase Fang Qiu after Fang Qiu left.

“No, I learned it from others.”

Fang Qiu gave an ambiguous answer and then changed the topic. “Don’t focus on me, how about the call that you made to w.a.n.g Yu?”

Hearing this, Zhu Benzheng became a little shy immediately.

The other three people in the room were very surprised and started to amuse the oldest immediately.

“The oldest, you are actually shy. It seems that you two are going on well!”

“Hey, the slow seller of our room finally could be sold? What a big event. The oldest, treat us to a meal!”

The more they said, the redder the eldest’s face became.

“I’m going to the first club activity!”

Zhu Benzheng immediately got away from the room.

“Don’t leave so early. It’s half past six now. Won’t the club activities start at half past seven?”

Sun Hao shouted behind and then he suddenly realized.

“No. He will have time to talk with the girls if he goes earlier!”

After that, he put on his shoes and also rushed out.

Seeing this, Zhou Xiaotian asked Fang Qiu to take good care of the room and also ran out.

As Fang Qiu saw three of them leave, he thought for a while. He did not go on for reading but got on the bed to continue to train his mind.

As soon as Fang Qiu sat cross-legged, he started to use his mind to control the copper coin.

“To the left.”

An amazing scene occurred!

The copper coin really moved to the left!

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