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Chapter 4 Curing the Campus Belle!


“This nondescript and blank page has words in the middle!”

In fact, Fang Qiu had always had a secret deep in his heart, a secret that no one knew, including the old master!

He possessed the ability of Absolute Touch!

Anything touched by his hands would form a clear image in his mind and be deeply remembered.

He discovered this ability in the third grade when he was in primary school.

At that time, he and his friends were playing with gla.s.s b.a.l.l.s, and one of his beautiful gla.s.s b.a.l.l.s was gone. It happened that one of his cla.s.smates then took out one exactly like the one he had lost.

Naturally, everyone, including him, suspected that this cla.s.smate had stolen the gla.s.s ball from him.

But when his fingers touched the gla.s.s ball, he was surprised to find that he could clearly feel its scratches that were invisible to the naked eye.

At the same time, the scratches on his missing gla.s.s ball clearly arose in his mind!

By comparison, he was certain that the one in his hand was not his.

From then on he knew he owned this ability.

And only he knew he had it.

The pity was that it was an ability of no practical value. It could be used to show off in the variety show Super Brain, but it was almost useless in his daily life. Thus, he had not practiced it for so many years that he nearly forgot that he still possessed this ability.

But this ability just worked again!

He actually felt the words with his Absolute Touch.

He was sure that what he had touched were words!

“Is that why the middle-aged man at the gate recommended this book to me?”

Fang Qiu subconsciously wondered.

“Is there a secret hidden in this book?”

He examined the page carefully, but there was not a trace of any writing on it, nor even the roughness. Anyway, it gave the impression of a flat piece of white paper.

However, he did feel the words on it.

This aroused his curiosity about the words.

Without any hesitation, he immediately took the ancient book and the page to the lounge.

As soon as he sat down, he couldn’t wait to get out a pen, a notebook and the page. He then placed the middle finger of his left hand directly on the page and held the pen in his right hand, ready to write whatever he felt down on the notebook.

With everything ready, he slowly closed his eyes.

The pad of his middle finger moved in a slow way.

Words came into his mind one by one.

“The most important thing in the art of bonesetting is to touch the bone, and then bonesetting!”

“In fact, the method of bone touching all depends on talent, and bonesetting is actually only a small skill; Talent could not be followed, but small skills can be learned and used… ”

The first two sentences gave Fang Qiu a big shock.

He was really surprised.

What high-sounding sentiments!

Almost all ancient books praised highly of the art of bonesetting and wished it could be explained as detailed as possible.

However, this book openly said that bonesetting was a small skill!

“Isn’t this a bragging?” thought Fang Qiu suspiciously.

He decided to ignore it for the moment and continue to explore the words with his eyes closed.

His brow furrowed deeper and deeper as more and more words floated to his mind.

And his shock grew.

This was an article ent.i.tled The Theory of Bonesetting.

It divided bonesetting skill, which was commonly thought very simple, into three realms: Controlling Realm, Friendly Realm and Conscious Realm!

Besides, the difference between these three realms was dramatic and stunning.

Simply put, the Controlling Realm was that one could perfectly know the characteristics of human bones and could tell the problems of human bones from the body shape, so as to precisely set the bones.

The Friendly Realm meant that one became the friend of the bones and united with them, thus achieving perfect bonesetting at will.

According to the above, Fang Qiu, who already knew something about healing injuries, found that he was still far from the Controlling Realm, let alone the Friendly Realm.

The article said that the highest level was the Conscious Realm.

If the meaning of the Controlling Realm and the Friendly Realm were still within Fang Qiu’s ability to understand, the Conscious Realm was far beyond his comprehension.

The theory said that someone could break a bone in an instant with consciousness, and also could make the bone reborn!

This was a description of the Conscious Realm.

This was appalling!

What was even more astonis.h.i.+ng was that it actually recorded how to train the Conscious Realm!

This was totally unexpected to Fang Qiu because the way to train the Controlling Realm and the Friendly Realm were not described at all, which looked as if the two realms were not worth mentioning.

He had no idea whether the author of this article was a madman or an unsurpa.s.sed master.

According to what had been written on the page, one, who achieved the Conscious Realm, was truly as incredible as a G.o.d.

Even he, who bore exceptional cultivation, was frightened by the contents of the paper.

Having finished one side, he turned the page to the other side and attached the middle finger of his left hand to the paper.

Immediately, many pictures of the human skeleton began to emerge in his mind. They were more detailed than the colored anatomical drawings available today.

The detailed pictures of human bones, ligaments, muscles and the like were followed by the pictures of bone injury treatment. Looking at these pictures, Fang Qiu felt as if he was seeing a figure changing rapidly with the pictures.

There were pictures of fingers, fists, legs, back and so on.

It looked like therapy.

In fact, it was more like a person teaching him hand in hand!

Ten minutes later, the figure vanished as the final image emerged.

Fang Qiu slowly opened his eyes, but he was still in shock.

It was not until three minutes later that he came to himself.


He couldn’t help marveling in the heart.

He didn’t know who could leave so much information on a single page, which helped his bonesetting skills improve to the first stage: the Controlling Realm.

Although he was still a little puzzled, he had really broken through to the Controlling Realm!

No wonder the mighty was so scornful of the first two realms. If Fang Qiu had the ability to elevate someone who knew bonesetting a little directly into the Controlling Realm, he would be dismissive of them, too.

“The world is more mysterious than I know!”

“Such as this mighty. I’ve never heard of such a person.”

Fang Qiu sighed secretly.

With a shake of his head, he prepared to touch the page again and go over the contents.

Just then he was keenly aware that something was wrong with the atmosphere in the library.

He didn’t look back, but he noticed that the library lounge was full. He was so absorbed in the contents of the paper that he didn’t realize that so many people had come.

“But why do so many people suddenly come to the library, and almost all their eyes are on me?”

“And why do these eyes exude a touch of hostility?”

“What the h.e.l.l is going on here?” he wondered.

Fang Qiu prepared to figure out what exactly had happened. The moment he looked up, a pair of big bright, clear and beautiful eyes across the table came into his sight. He was taken aback.

Surprisingly, the person sitting opposite him was the new campus belle Jiang Miaoyu, a freshman of the department of acupuncture and ma.s.sage in the Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine.

She was the perfect G.o.ddess for all boys at the Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine.

Fang Qiu was not expecting to see Jiang Miaoyu here and he had only seen her far away in the military training.

She was very stunning and had an outstanding temperament.

It was his first impression of her at the time.

In a flash, he knew what had happened.

No wonder so many people came to the library. They were all there to see the campus belle.

No wonder those people looked at him with hostility in their eyes. It turned out that they were jealous that he was sitting with the prettiest school girl.

Knowing this, Fang Qiu gave a bitter smile.

He could not believe that such a dramatic thing had happened to him.

He looked at Jiang Miaoyu and found that this beautiful girl simply cast a glimpse at him before she raised her right hand, holding a needle to p.r.i.c.k an acupuncture point in her left arm.

It was one of the few acupuncture points that Fang Qiu knew about.

The Quchi point.

According to some ancient books, this acupoint could be used to treat arm paralysis and pain as well as upper limb paralysis.

It seemed that the girl was going to try the needle on herself.

The needle fell quickly and penetrated her skin.

This st.i.tch was very precise.

Her movements were also very pleasing to the eye.

Then she twisted the needle.

Fang Qiu suddenly remembered the rumor on campus that Jiang Miaoyu was a descendant of an acupuncture family.

Now it seemed that this was true, or a freshman, who had only experienced military training without having cla.s.ses, would not be so skilled in acupuncture treatment.

Soon, the first twist ended, but Jiang Miaoyu slightly frowned.

Fang Qiu realized that what she was doing didn’t seem to work out for her.

When he turned his eyes to her white and tender left arm, he was stunned.

He was no ordinary novice bonesetter now, but a bonesetter in the Controlling Realm. He could see the minor problems at a glance.

Now he knew that Jiang Miaoyu, who had inserted the needle into her arm, was not trying the needle at all.

She was treating herself.

If the symptom was arm discomfort caused by a simple obstruction of vital energy and blood, to acupuncture Quchi point was very effective, but it was a pity that the beautiful girl’s arm was not the case.

After a little hesitation, Fang Qiu reminded her, “You’re not treating it right.”

Jiang Miaoyu’s hand that was about to twist the needle again paused. She looked up at Fang Qiu, slightly startled and puzzled.

“Your arm must have been damaged recently. There is a minor dislocation of the wrist joint and a slight ligament strain. To acupuncture Quchi point is useless for this kind of bone injury in a short time. What you need is bonesetting.”

Fang Qiu explained.

At his words, there was a flash of surprise in Jiang Miaoyu’s bright eyes.

Her arm was indeed uncomfortable, which was caused by the heavy load she carried when she tidied up her dormitory this morning. She was surprised to know that the boy opposite her, who also wore military training uniform, could tell her symptoms at a glance.

“Look like there are many undiscovered talents in this university!” she thought.

At that moment, another pain came from her left arm, which made her frown slightly.

Not wanting to see others suffer, Fang Qiu immediately suggested, “If you need, I can help you.”

His tone was full of confidence.

Curious about him, Jiang Miaoyu looked Fang Qiu up and down carefully.

In the face of her, some boys blushed and could not speak, and some tried hard to show themselves. It was the first time that she had seen a boy who had offered to heal her injury at the first meeting, and had known her problem at first sight.

“Is this a new flirting trick?” she wondered.

But when she saw Fang Qiu’s sincere expression, Jiang Miaoyu knew that he really wanted to help her.

“Then, please,” she said and gave him a little smile.

Jiang Miaoyu said and stretched out her left arm, with a look of antic.i.p.ation in her eyes.

Her charming smile immediately wowed Fang Qiu.

But the next moment he turned into a doctor, with a solemn look and calm eyes.

Fang Qiu grasped Jiang Miaoyu’s left upper arm with his left hand, gently held her left hand with his right hand, and then shook it slightly. Suddenly, he looked up at her and gave her a big smile. “You’re pretty,” he praised her from the bottom of his heart.

Jiang Miaoyu froze at what Fang Qiu said. She was waiting for him to set her bone right and never expected his sudden praise.


Before Jiang Miaoyu could finish, Fang Qiu had a sudden flash of light in his eyes. His hands simultaneously gave her left hand and arm a sudden and hard twist, one clockwise and the other counterclockwise. Before Jiang Miaoyu could react, his hands were back in position!

Fang Qiu then loosened her arm and said happily, “It’s okay now.”

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