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Chapter 23 Beat You up Every Time I See You!

The post elaborated the whole process of the emergency through text. It spoke extremely highly of the mysterious man, and ended with the following exclamation:

“Never thought our university could have such an undiscovered talent. There is a marvelous guy lurking on our campus. I wonder who he is. He can exercise Qing Kung, fly over eaves and run on walls like legends described. I beg you to reveal yourself!”

The text was followed by a video recorded by a mobile phone, which was not very clear.

Fang Qiu clicked open the video and watched his own image on the video.

As he watched, he also nodded to himself.

“Yeah, nice. Sharp postures!”

“Quite sharp!”

“But it isn’t clear enough to fully display my perfect postures.”

“Whew! What a pity!”

Fang Qiu watched the whole video with a pitying face. After closing it, he scrolled down the website.

Below the post were numerous comments.

“The true story of the incident is: the boy tricked the girl into loving him, and the girl did an abortion for him, but later she found out that the boy had been dating others since he started seeing her, and he changed several dates when they were still together.”

“F*ck, he can be said to a rare ‘talent’!”

“Stop digging up others’ privacy. After all, it isn’t something glory. Let’s talk about the mysterious man who did a bold but righteous thing today. Who has his contact information? I really beg you to tell me! I’m a girl, anxious to ask him to be my teacher!”

“Me too! The mysterious man is truly amazing. I was on the scene. Flying over eaves and running on walls! Last time I did not believe he could do that. But this time, I was shocked to see he really can!”

“I’m, too. I was also on the scene. And his last pounce, it nearly made my heart jump out of my throat. Never expected that he could be so audacious. Nor did I expect that he did rescue that girl. You didn’t see the expressions of the drill masters. Haha, they were all astonished!”

“How pitiful! I sure wish I was on the scene, too. Aaaaa!”

“Begging for his contact information! Begging for the man’s photos! Begging for photos showing the shocked faces of drill masters!”

“Me, too!”

“I heard that a military officer had narrowed down the ident.i.ty range of the mysterious man to a hundred men. Hope him can dig out the true mysterious man. I really want to know him! I’ll have a baby with him!”

“Upper comment writer, you are actually a boy, aren’t you?”

“I’m a boy, so what? True love prevails!”

Reading those comments, Fang Qiu felt rather chilled, so he hurriedly scrolled down. At the sight of a comment that said “Begging for the current location of the love rat. I want to beat him up”, he suddenly halted, then, slowly scrolled down. Surely, he found a reply from the latest record.

“He is at the Black-white Memory Café on the business street. Here is the photo of the love rat.”

Fang Qiu immediately glanced at the time on his phone, which was only a minute after the replying time. That meant the love rat was still drinking coffee there.

Looking at the sort of handsome photo, Fang Qiu gave an inward sneer.

“Chi Xiang, you wait and see!”

Fang Qiu found the location of the Black-white Memory Café on the Baidu Map app. Then, he went out of the university gate, retrieved and put on the unique mask of the mysterious man, got on a bus with the little money in his pocket and headed straight to the café.

When he arrived at the Black-white Memory Café, Fang Qiu recognized Chi Xiang at first glance, who was sitting under a beach umbrella by the window outside the café, cheerfully talking with a girl.

At that scene, Fang Qiu was more vexed.

“Your girlfriend almost died, but you’re still so calm, still happily flirting with another girl?”

“You sure are a sc.u.m!”

“The pretty you’re talking with must also be blind!”

Fang Qiu walked over with a straight face. He approached Chi Xiang and asked flatly, “Are you Chi Xiang?”

“Yes. You are?”

Chi Xiang looked up at the masked Fang Qiu, a bit confused. “Why does the mask look so familiar?”

But before his voice faded.

Fang Qiu raised a leg and directly kicked Chi Xiang into the air.


With a shrill cry, Chi Xiang collided with a lot of chairs and tables and knocked them down.


The girl opposite Chi Xiang turned pale. She stood up in order to take shelter on the other side.

“You don’t move.”

Fang Qiu gazed at the girl coldly and said, “Don’t go before listening to my words.”

“F*ck! You dared kick me!”

Chi Xiang was dazed by the hard kick, totally at a loss for what was going on.

But soon he came to his senses and immediately felt extremely embarra.s.sed—he had just been kicked on to the ground in public.

Snarling furiously, Chi Xiang waved his fists and threw them at Fang Qiu’s face.

Fang Qiu snorted, and then, launched a whip-leg, which accurately and relentlessly landed on Chi Xiang’s face.

Chi Xiang was kicked out and thrown oblique into the air, landed hard on the ground. With another loud “Clatter”, he toppled loads of chairs and tables again.

Those in the surroundings let out cries in alarm. They hastened to flee to a safe place, watching Fang Qiu with shocked looks.

The kick was really powerful because they clearly saw that Chi Xiang’s face was already swollen.

“The first kick is from me, while the second one is from Sun Qi!”

Said Fang Qiu coldly.

When Chi Xiang heard the name Sun Qi, his expression instantly turned nervous.


“Someone is coming at me to avenge Sun Qi!”

“You know Sun Qi?”

Fang Qiu looked at the girl before him.

“Yes, I know her.”

The girl stared at Fang Qiu in fear.

“Well then, do you know Sun Qi and this sc.u.m are still in a relations.h.i.+p? Do you know that because this sc.u.m cheated on her, not long ago, Sun Qi attempted to kill herself by jumping from a building?”


It was apparent that the girl still did not know what had happened on campus. She quickly glowered at Chi Xiang, who was still lying on the ground, and demanded. “Didn’t you tell me you two already broke up three months ago?”

“You b*stard! You tricked me!”

Fumingly, the girl scooped up a chair and directly smashed it at Chi Xiang.

Fang Qiu watched her in a daze.

“Whoa! What an impressive lady!”

After that, she raised a chair again and yelled. “This one is from Sun Qi, you sc.u.m!”

Saying so, she tossed it with all her strength at Chi Xiang, and then, turned her tail and left.


Being hitten, Chi Xiang let out another cry.

Staring at Chi Xiang with an indifferent expression, Fang Qiu stalked towards him one step after another.

“Don’t come near me!”

Seeing Fang Qiu was approaching, Chi Xiang freaked out. Now, the only thing he wanted to do was to call the police.

But he did not dare to move recklessly. He had to look at the people around with pitiful eyes in the hope that someone would call the police for him.

At this point, a dozen waiters suddenly zoomed out from the café. At the center of them stood a manager in a suit and a tie. The manager looked at Fang Qiu a bit berserkly, and said in a chill voice,

“This gentleman, please stop making a scene at our place. We’re running a business here. It’s a bad influence on us!”

Fang Qiu did not slow down. He walked up to Chi Xiang, slapped him without hesitation.

Chi Xiang got sent flying.

Both of his cheeks swelled up.

Watching that, even the people around them could feel the pain. Meanwhile, they were also appalled, wondering how forceful the slaps were that they sent a person into the air.

“I’m sorry if I affected your business.”

Fang Qiu turned around to look at the manager and made heartfelt apologizes. He said bashfully, “I’ll leave right off.”

After that, he turned back, ready to go.

But the manager stopped Fang Qiu and growled. “You want to go after stirring up trouble? Then who shall pay for the damaged chairs and tables?”

“He will.”

Fang Qiu pointed decisively at Chi Xiang, who was still on the ground.

“He will pay for it?”

The manager sneered. “You’ve beaten him up like that. How could he pay me?”

“Will you pay for the loss or not?”

Fang Qiu simply turned his head to look down at Chi Xiang on the ground and asked so as he flexed his wrists.

“Yes! Yes, I will!”

Answered Chi Xiang in a haste, in case he got another beat.

“You heard him.”

Fang Qiu shrugged and said to the manager.

The manager, “…”

“How can you make such a threat. You flexed your wrists as if you’re going to beat him up. Of course, he has to agree to pay!”

“What if he doesn’t have enough money?” The manager still did not want to let Fang Qiu off the hook.

“He already promised to pay you. If he doesn’t have enough money, it’s his business, am I right?”

Said Fang Qiu, throwing up his hands. After that, he turned around to glare at Chi Xiang and said coldly, “You’d better not let me run into you on campus. I’ll beat you up every time I see you!”


The same word popped out in the heads of the manager and the onlookers.

At those words Fang Qiu said to him, Chi Xiang gave a shudder. He was now quite ashamed and infuriated, but he did not dare to reveal his emotions.

Fang Qiu took off with overbearing arrogance, leaving behind a total mess, a Chi Xiang that was so beaten up that he could hardly be recognized, a manager waiting for compensation, and a crowd of onlookers.

It seemed that this Fang Qiu’s act would probably expose his true ident.i.ty, for the military officer was investigating who the mysterious man was. But now, with the mysterious man appearing at a café outside the university, it evidently showed that none of the one hundred suspects was the true mysterious man, didn’t it?

However, Fang Qiu did not think so, because no one on the campus knew it was him who had beaten up Chi Xiang, and Chi Xiang would be even more unwilling to mention this embarra.s.sing incident on his own accord.

Therefore, everything went just fine.

As for Chi Xiang, he would teach him a lesson every time he saw him!

“I’ll do what I said!”

Fang Qiu took a look at the money in his pocket and heaved a sigh. To save money, he eventually decided to go back to the university on foot.

As he was on his way back, a hot discussion broke out on the campus BBS because of one post.

A post t.i.tled “Searching Range Narrowed Down, the Mysterious Man Is Among Those Guys” went viral.

Everyone was longing to know the ident.i.ty of the legendary mysterious man that appeared on campus out of nowhere. Accordingly, when they spotted a post saying the searching range had been narrowed down, they could not wait to read the content.

After clicking open the post, the first thing they saw was a paragraph introducing an incident.

“This morning, a girl from our university attempted to commit suicide but was rescued by the mysterious man. The mysterious man’s ability to fly over eaves and run on walls did win over my admiration. I truly want to know who the mysterious man is. I don’t expect he could be my teacher and teach me his skills. All I wish is to exchange a few words with him and express my awe for him.”

Those simple words of the post writer named “Other Fish in the Sea” did voice what everyone wanted to say. They were also dying to know who the mysterious man really was.

The rescue that the mysterious man did today was too sensational.

The martial arts contest on the other night was only witnessed by a handful of people.

But today, several hundred people watched the mysterious man rescue the girl!

With the several hundred witnesses, it was confirmed that there was indeed a martial arts expert, a masked mysterious man, living in the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

That was a big deal. It spurred everyone to gossip about his ident.i.ty.

“I’ve heard that a drill master doing the military training is also quite curious about the mysterious man. After the mysterious man saved the girl, he immediately a.s.sembled all the freshmen, hoping to catch the mysterious man off guard. He thought the mysterious man would not be able to go to the a.s.sembling spot so quickly. Thus, those who failed to arrived at the a.s.sembling place are listed as suspects of the mysterious man.”

After reading the above, all the people agreed that it did make sense.

“After the mysterious man left, he certainly would want to find an empty place and hide first. It’s impossible for him to go back to the sports ground to join others.”

Nevertheless, some still held adverse opinions. “What if the mysterious man can move very speedily? If so, the range is all wrong, isn’t it?”

That was quite possible.

Thus, they turned to read the rest of the post.

“However, that isn’t enough to prove that the true mysterious man was really among those who did not react to the a.s.sembling order in time. But the drill master was also quite smart. He knew that even if the mysterious man came in time, he must be in a hurry, so he would have no time to wipe off the dust he got on his clothes when he pressed himself against the wall for the rescue. Therefore, the drill master instantly ordered everyone on the sports ground to look at the one standing in front of them, examining whether there was any sign of dust on them. If there was, he was a suspect.”

At that, all the readers thought, “That’s a flawless plan. Now, the mysterious man can’t slip away.”

If they were the mysterious man, they would either be unable to go to the a.s.sembling place timely or be unable to get rid of all the dusty traces in such a short spell even if they made there in time.

And the mysterious man might not want to erase all the traces on purpose, because he had no idea that the a.s.sembling was designed to catch him.

Hence, it was highly possible that the mysterious man was really among those who failed to go to the a.s.sembling spot in time and those who had dusty marks on them.

Everyone a.s.sumed that few would meet the two conditions.

But when they saw the next part, they all went dumbfounded.

“There were 47 who did not come, 55 who had dusty marks on them. And it was confirmed that two persons were absent when the mysterious man turned up. All in all, regardless of s.e.x (while I do hope the mysterious man to be a real beauty), the number of suspects amounts to a hundred.”

“The mysterious man might be a beauty?”

“Gee! How thrilling it is!”

But there were a hundred suspects. How could they pick out the real mysterious man?

And then, the post writer proposed his initiation as follows.

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