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Chapter 22 Locking the Mysterious Man!

Bang! There came a huge crash.

Fang Qiu also gave out a grunt.

He was relieved after seeing Sun Qi who was in his arms.

Finally he saved her life.

Everyone below was shocked by the thrilling scene just now.

There was a brief silence at the scene.

Soon, thunderous applause and cheers erupted.

Everyone was clapping their hands excitedly at that time.

Even though their hands all turned red, they didn’t stop.

The applause was not only for Sun Qi’s rescue but also for the chivalrous deed of the mysterious man!

“Mysterious man!”

Someone took the lead to shout out.

In an instant, the whole scene was filled with unanimous shouts.

“Mysterious man!”

“Mysterious man!”

“Mysterious man!”

At that time, the mysterious man was the hero in their hearts!

The Vice president, Chen Yinsheng, also breathed a sigh of relief and clapped his hands vigorously.

Sun Qi was rescued finally.

No matter who did this, the result was positive.

Fang Qiu jumped down from the third floor with Sun Qi in his arms and landed silently.

Then he went to Sun Qi’s cla.s.smates who were looking at him dully.

And he gave Sun Qi to them.


People around came over to Fang Qiu.

Young drill masters also rushed to Fang Qiu.

They all wanted to have close contact with the mysterious man, and they even wanted to see who he was.

Looking at this, Fang Qiu smiled.

There was no need to give them the chance.

He rose directly to the sky.

The young military officer who had noticed that Fangqiu was going to act immediately said “Oh no” in his heart.

He was about to catch the mysterious man, but he didn’t expect him to react so quickly.

He threw himself forward.

But it was too late to stop the mysterious man.

He could do nothing but see the mysterious man stepping on the wall to get to the building roof after rising five meters.

The young military officer stood in amazement because of the five-meter rising.

He was totally shocked.


“He really could fly!”

“Who on earth is this guy?”

“How can he have such a strong ability?”

“Considering what he did, he is at least a Kung Fu Master!”

As far as the young military officer knew, Kung Fu Masters were all old guys. No master was under 40 years old.

But at that time, there was a master who was less than twenty years old in front of him.

It was too frightening!

It was too far beyond his scope of knowledge.

No way!

He must find the mysterious man, in any case.

Immediately, the military officer rushed to the ephors and drill masters, saying eagerly, “Let all the a.s.semble at once, check the number of people, and see who hasn’t come on earth?”


All freshmen a.s.sembled under the whistle.

All square formations queued up.

Fang Qiu had no time to return to his dormitory. He went directly to an empty place and threw his mask on the treetop.

Then he ran to the playground and lined up.

It was only five minutes after the rearrangement, and the gate of the playground was immediately closed.

n.o.body could get in!

“All square formations, report your numbers of people!”

The young military officer stared sharply at all the square formations under the stage and gave orders on the rostrum.

“Report! There should be 32 students in Foreign Language School, English Major, Cla.s.s One, and 32 are here!”

“Report! There should be 32 students in Foreign Language School, English Major, Cla.s.s Two, and 30 are here!”

All reports of the square formations were completed.

“Alright, 53 people aren’t here!”

The young military officer said, “All stand at ease! You should have seen or understood just now that there is a powerful mysterious man in your school. I wonder if you want to find him out?”

“Find out the mysterious man?”

Everyone was excited. They shouted, “Yes!”

Cause everyone here would like to see who the mysterious man was.

Seeing the drill masters on the rostrum, Fang Qiu was shocked.

It was unexpected that the a.s.sembling of the students was to find him!

“OK! You all want, so do I!”

The young military officer laughed and said, “At that time, the mysterious man was wearing military training clothes. Just now, there was absolutely no time for him to change clothes in a hurry. This shows that he is one of us! And most likely he is one of the 53 absent people, because I announced the a.s.sembling as soon as the mysterious man left.”

“But things are not absolute!”

“The mysterious man could absolutely have enough time to gather by throwing or stuffing the mask anywhere at random. He could deal with his mask, but he has no time to deal with the dust on the walls and windowsills on his hands, not to mention the dust on his back! ”

“Now everyone is not allowed to move! Whoever moves could have the possibility to be the mysterious man!”


All the freshmen were standing straightly.

The military officer gave the mysterious man no chance to wipe out the traces at all.

“All of the students here should check the people in front of you, and the drill masters check students in the last row. See who has traces on his back! After looking at the back, see if there are any traces on the hands!”

Everyone’s eyes suddenly lit up when they heard the words.

The military officer’s method was really smart.

This time the mysterious man had nowhere to go.

At that time, Fang Qiu felt really anxious.

For the reason that the dust traces on his back and hands were really untreated.

Was he going to be found out?

The military officer on the rostrum was waiting for the final result. He would be confident to discover the mysterious man if a small range of people was locked.

Fifty-three absent people who did not come were the focus of observation.

And he wouldn’t let go of the people he wanted to find here.

Under the rostrum, Fang Qiu’s mind turned sharply.

Just be found by everyone here like this?

Fang Qiu did not want to be stared at by everyone for the next five years in the university at all.

All of the internal Qi operated at once.

The internal Qi on his hands moved outward, while the internal Qi on his back moved inward.

His hands vibrated slightly.

The dust on his hands was gone at once.

Then he began to deal with the dust on his back.

The back was exposed to everyone. So Fang Qiu couldn’t take away the dust by vibrating, he could only take it in.

If someone observed closely at the back of Fang Qiu at this time, he would find that the debris on the surface of his clothes was penetrating through the gaps of clothes.

Ultimately, some dirty surfaces quickly became extremely clean.

The whole process was so fast that it was finished before someone noticing the back of Fang Qiu.

After doing all this, Fang Qiu smiled and stood there quietly.

At this time, the cla.s.smates behind him carefully observed Fang Qiu’s back and did not find any dust trace mentioned by the military officer, so he quickly turned his eyes to other students.

Soon, all of the students finished their checking.

“Report! No suspicious student was found in the School of Chinese Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine Major, Cla.s.s Three!”

After everyone had observed each other, the drill master summarized the situation and reported it directly.

Fang Qiu smiled slightly at the result.

Whether there were suspicious students in other wasn’t his business. For Fang Qiu, more suspicious students could confuse the public.

To Fang Qiu’s surprise, many other have found suspicious students.

“Report, Foreign Languages School, Russian Major, Cla.s.s One, has found a suspicious student!”

“Report, School of Physical Education and Art, Vocal Music Major, Cla.s.s Three, has found a suspicious student!”

Listening to the voice of continuous reporting, Fang Qiu was a little stunned.

What was happening?

There were suspicious students in other, and the number was not small.

After listening to all the reports, he estimated that the total number of suspicious students was more than forty.

In addition to the previous 50 or so, there were nearly 100 suspicious students.

Fang Qiu smiled at the result.

No one would doubt him any more. All the targets of doubt would be focused on these 100 students.

And Fang Qiu, the real mysterious man, could be at ease for a long time.

Seeing this, the military officer on the rostrum frowned slightly, because he did not expect there were so many suspicious students.

Nearly a hundred people! This workload was not small.

But it wasn’t hard for him. He was confident that he could finish it in one day.

He believed that he could find the mysterious man at last.

“You, come with me!”

Soon, these suspicious students were taken away by the military officer.

As more than forty suspicious students were taken away by the military officer, the search for the mysterious man has come to an end for the time being, and Fang Qiu, the real mysterious man, was going to say goodbye to his drill master with his cla.s.smates.

The ten-day military training was over. They said goodbye to the drill master, as well as to the last military training in their lives.

Looking at the bleak back of the leaving drill master, Fangqiu felt very sad. He might never meet some people again for a lifetime.

They would disappear from his life, without sounds.

After letting out a sigh with emotion, Fang Qiu turned back to the school. The girl who wanted to commit suicide was saved, but there was still a sc.u.mbag who was not punished yet!

Walking on the way, he called his beautiful senior, Liu Feifei, to inquire about the situation. After all, he did not know anyone else.

“Senior, do you know about the girl named Sun Qi who committed suicide? What’s going on now?”

Liu Feifei did not think much about it. She just sighed and said, “As far as I know, her mood is basically stable, and her roommates are accompanying her now. I am ready to inform her parents for the reason that this matter needs to be solved by her parents.”

Fang Qiu asked, “Had we found her boyfriend?”

“Don’t mention about that sc.u.mbag!”

Liu Feifei was totally angry as soon as Sun Qi’s boyfriend was mentioned, “I heard from the Director of the Academic Affairs Department that her boyfriend was dating a girl in a coffee shop when the students found him. Guess what that guy said when he heard that Sun Qi was committing suicide?”

“What did he say?”

“It’s none of his business?! What kind of trash is this? Is that what a human-being saying? He’s the sc.u.mbag in the sc.u.mbag!”

Fangqiu frowned at Liu Feifei’s words and asked, “Didn’t he come back to see Sun Qi?”

“No. I think he is going to continue his date. Or he is just hiding.”

“What punishment does the school have for such a matter? Especially for that guy?” Fang Qiu’s eyebrows wrinkled more tightly.

“What else punishment can we have?”

Liu Feifei sighed and said, “According to my experience, the punishment could be a serious warning and a serious demerit recording, he can’t be dismissed because of it.”

“Only warning and demerit recording?”

Fang Qiu was a little angry inwardly.

The sc.u.mbag almost killed Sun Qi, and the punishment could only be a warning and a demerit recording?


Liu Feifei said gloomily.

This kind of sc.u.mbag should be expelled from school, but according to the rules and regulations of the school, he would only be given a serious warning.

Fang Qiu was so angry that such a sc.u.mbag who almost let a person die, could not be punished.

A serious warning and a serious demerit recording! Could they be called “punishments”?

This wouldn’t make any sense to that sc.u.mbag!

Since there was no one who could punish the sc.u.mbag, Fang Qiu decided to do it himself.

In order to avoid being exposed afterwards, Fang Qiu euphemistically asked, “Senior, since something big has happened in the school, is it that Sun Qi’s boyfriend’s information has been searched out clearly?”

His purpose was to get all the information about the sc.u.mbag.

“Yes. His information was all searched out on the campus forum. This kind of sc.u.mbag should be exposed, definitely! Let him suffer from all kinds of criticism!”

Liu Feifei said angrily.

Fang Qiu agreed, hanging up the phone and logining directly to the campus forum. He found that the most popular thing on the forum was a post named “Mysterious Man Reappeared, Saved the Suicide Girl”!

He clicked in curiously.

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