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Chapter 167 Honey-trap Doesn’t Work!

At the sound of this.

Everyone present was dumbfounded.

“Old cla.s.smate?”

“Fang Qiu and Jiang Mengjie actually know each other?”

“They are cla.s.smates?”

The boys under the stage who were fascinated by Jiang Mengjie were all surprised.

The G.o.ddess that they had done everything to approach actually linked with Fang Qiu again.

“Why does everything link with Fang Qiu?”

“My G.o.d. The youngest has hidden so deep?” “He is so popular with girls. Tut. He is going to become a public enemy!”

Sun Hao said with amazement and envy.

“The youngest must get a lot of luck every day in his previous life!”

Zhou Xiaotian said a word jealously after a long time.

Despite surprised, more people wanted to know how Fang Qiu would choose.

“Will he choose the university or beauty?”

“Whichever he chooses, it seems to be very cheesy?”

But Jiang Miaoyu pretended to know nothing at all, playing with a pen there.

Fang Qiu looked at Jiang Mengjie in surprise. He did not expect his old cla.s.smate to be so ruthless.

“Sure enough, a student who deceives her cla.s.smate is a good student!”

“Doesn’t it put him between two fires?”

“But you have your strategy, I own my solution!”

He directly turned his head and pointed to all the audience under the stage, saying, “You should ask them whether they agree to let me lose.”

His s.h.i.+fting responsibility made him out of the trouble.


Just as Fang Qiu stopped speaking, a shout suddenly sounded.

It sounded very awkward in the whole quiet meeting room.

Everyone was surprised when they heard that, so all of them looked at the direction of the shout curiously.

They saw the person who shouted was obviously sitting in the area where the students from other universities stayed.

It turned out to be a student from another university.

All of them were happy.

“Why are you so excited? You are not a student of our University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. Did Fang Qiu ask you?”

“Yes. Even if you agree, we won’t agree.”

“Not agree!”

“Not agree!”

“We would take the first place rather than being a gentleman!” “We prefer the first place to a beauty!”

Everyone shouted.

Various slogans came out.

The shouts resounded through the hall.

Although many boys present regarded Jiang Mengjie as a G.o.ddess, they also knew that this is a major event concerning the honor of the university. “Whoever dares to agree on it will definitely be treated as a traitor. How will he survive in the university?”

The most important thing was.

Everyone knew very well that even if they helped Jiang Mengjie, Jiang Mengjie would hardly have any contact with them.

“The G.o.ddess is the G.o.ddess who can only be watched in the distance.”

“Since we can’t have her, let’s make the distance between you and the G.o.ddess far!”

“We can’t agree absolutely!”

“Hear that?”

Fang Qiu, on the stage, looked at Jiang Mengjie as he smiled innocently and said, “This is the voice of the people.”

“Perhaps I’m lucky to win you?”

Jiang Mengjie glanced at her experienced and astute old cla.s.smate as she snorted. “Why can’t I make him surrender?”

“It seems that your confidence is not equal to your strength!”

Fang Qiu said.

“Sharp tongue!”

Jiang Mengjie said.

At the side.

The hostess hurriedly waved her hand to beckon everyone to stop.

When the voices faded gradually, she continued to say, “The final duel, 3, 2, 1!”

As the hostess finished speaking.

Fang Qiu and Jiang Mengjie stretched out their hands at the same time.


At the moment when Fang Qiu was going to stretch out his hand, he clearly noticed that Jiang Mengjie was going to throw rock.


He directly threw paper.

“Sorry, old cla.s.smate, this is a match.”

“Fang Qiu wins!”

The hostess immediately announced, “It is the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine who has got the priority to choose the question.”

As this result came out.

The applause suddenly burst out in the hall. There was an increased upsurge of cheers.

Chen Yinsheng and Qi Kaiwen also laughed very happily.

However, the leaders from other universities looked not so good and they only wanted to swear.

“You have taken the first place twice. Why did you even win in the rock-paper-scissors?”

“Honey-trap doesn’t work!”

“Why can’t you throw the game?”

“No one will blame you!”

“Big deal?”

Now, in the third round, Fang Qiu had grabbed the right to choose the question again. They were very worried. “Will we lose to Fang Qiu in the third round again?”

On the stage, the candidates from all the universities were openly radiant depression.

Fang Qiu gave them a feeling that they couldn’t exert strength even if they had a lot, as if they were completely restrained, which made them feel deeply wronged!

It seemed that this compet.i.tion was not the basic knowledge compet.i.tion of Chinese Medicine. It was not about the mastery of knowledge but the f.u.c.k speed and luck!

What made them depressed most was that the situation was still the same after the rule changed.

“Before changing the rule, it was Fang Qiu.”

“After changing the rule, it was still Fang Qiu.”

They shouldn’t resist the original rule together and require to change it.

“You win.”

On the stage, Jiang Mengjie smiled at Fang Qiu sweetly and then walked to her seat.

Fang Qiu also turned back to the camp of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine and immediately discussed with the other students about what difficulty of questions should be chosen.

Without any objection.

Everyone agreed to choose the questions of A-level, the most difficult level.

“The students of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, have you decided which level to choose?”

The hostess asked in due course.


Fang Qiu nodded and said, “We choose A-level!”

Hearing that.

There was some sensation in the audience.

“The questions of A-level?” “Isn’t it too risky?”

“At this time, they should choose the stable B-level or C-level to ensure the score. After all, their score has been much more than that of the other universities. They only need to maintain it.”

“Yes, this is the most difficult level. Although the score is high, the rule is that all will be counted as wrong if the wrong answers are more than one-third!” “And they can’t even get one point!”

The students of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine who were watching the compet.i.tion all whispered.

Some were puzzled.

What they didn’t know was that everyone on the stage, whether he was from UJCM or not, had great pride.

They were more concerned about how to take the first place honestly with their own strength instead of weighing the pros and cons to get a high score according to the rules.

This was why UJCM had chosen the most difficult one.

Any other university would also choose the most difficult one.

Having heard Fang Qiu’s reply, the hostess nodded and said, “Please look at the big screen. In the questions of A-level,” “There are three kinds of questions: the questions of cla.s.sical prescription, the herbal questions, and the theory questions.”

“Each kind has two sets, so there is a total of six sets of questions.”

“Which kind of questions do you want to choose?”

The hostess looked at the team of UJCM while asking.

They hastily discussed it.

Their final decision was the questions of cla.s.sical prescription.

They knew more clearly.

“Since the setting of the question level is the most difficult, it is definitely not the general difficulty.”

“As for the herbal questions, none of our nine people has specialized in herbs and we don’t know much about that, so the herbal questions are directly excluded.”

“The theory questions are the ones that we have mastered most in the basic knowledge, but even so, the questions that can be set to the most difficult mode will definitely be more difficult than imagined.”

“Therefore, the theory questions are also excluded.”

Thinking carefully.

They were more confident with the questions of cla.s.sical prescription.

“Because there is not much basic knowledge in the cla.s.sical prescription, even the questions with the most difficult mode won’t be too difficult when the author considered this.”

“And the most important thing is that Jiang Miaoyu and Zhao Yancheng are both descendants of the family of Chinese Medicine. Although they don’t know much about the cla.s.sical prescription, it won’t be too less.”

Therefore, they chose the questions of the cla.s.sical prescription.


The hostess nodded and said, “Please read the questions. Countdown of one hundred seconds starts!”

On the big screen.

The questions appeared.

“The first question…”

The hostess quickly read it.

Before she finished reading, UJCM had given the answer.

A total of six questions were all correct in a row.

Jiang Miaoyu and Zhao Yancheng had also lived up to expectations.

Their answering six questions all correctly also attracted a burst of cheers.

“The seventh question…”

The hostess quickly read it.

As she read, everyone immediately looked at the big screen.

“For the oral ulcer, there is a red irritation in the edge of the ulcer and the central depression is covered with white coating. Which cla.s.sical prescription should be used?”

“A, Symptom of Glycyrrhizae Decoction for Purging Stomach-Fire. B, Symptom of Pinelliae Decoction for Purging Stomach-fire. C, Symptom of Lizhong Decoction and Kidney-Qi Pill. D, Symptom of Lophatherum and Gypsum Decoction.”

After reading the question.

The students of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine all looked at Jiang Miaoyu and Zhao Yancheng because they didn’t understand it at all. The only ones who knew the cla.s.sical prescription were only the two of them.

But at this time.

“This question…”

Jiang Miaoyu was a little hesitant.

“It’s a little hard.”

Zhao Yancheng frowned and said quickly after hesitating for a while, “The question says that the tongue is red. The main symptom is that there is white coating on the ulcer. It should be caused by spleen-cold and heart heat syndrome. So, I choose B.”

Just as he was going to raise his hand and say the answer aloud, Fang Qiu, who had been quiet, suddenly said, “No, this answer of this question should be C.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

“Two answers?”

“And Fang Qiu did not say anything about the first six questions. Why does he suddenly speak now?”

“Could it be said that he also understands the cla.s.sical prescription?”

When everyone was puzzled, Fang Qiu continued to say quickly, “The question says that there is white coating in the center depression of the ulcer. This is caused by the insufficiency of the spleen and kidney. If the ulcer is covered with gray membrane, it is caused by spleen-cold and heart heat syndrome.”

He said very clearly.

But the others just didn’t understand it.

“This is completely beyond the mastery of their basic medical knowledge!”

Everyone was unsure.

“Who should I listen to?”

“There are thirty seconds left. Please answer as soon as possible.”

At this time, the hostess who just finished reading the questions reminded.

“There are thirty seconds left?”

“In addition to this question, there are another three questions.”

At this time, everyone was a little anxious.

“I think my judgment is correct. I insist on choosing B.”

Zhao Yancheng said immediately.

He firmly believed that he was right.

“Choose C.”

Fang Qiu was so calm that he didn’t make a concession at all.

All of them sweated on their foreheads.

The time was being counted on the big screen and there were only 26 seconds left.

“What answer do you choose on earth?”

A student said in a hurry, “Time is running short. There are another three questions!”

“Let’s vote by a show of hands!”

Zhu Benzheng said, “I support Fang Qiu.”

“I also support Fang Qiu.”

Jiang Miaoyu also said aloud.


Several other students all said that they were more willing to believe in Zhao Yancheng, who was born in a family of Chinese Medicine.

“After all, he is more reliable.”

“And I have never heard that Fang Qiu knows the cla.s.sical prescription.”

Seeing many people supporting him.

Zhao Yancheng immediately stood up with satisfaction and said, “Our answer is B.”

“It’s wrong.”

The hostess did not dare to delay and immediately said, “The correct answer is C!”

At the sound of this.

Zhao Yancheng instantly darkened his face.

The other students were also dumbfounded.

Faced with this result, Fang Qiu had no choice but to smile bitterly.

The people under the stage exclaimed.


“Five points are gone.”

“Please read the next question!”

The hostess did not give them any chance to reflect or waver, she just pressed the controller directly.

On the big screen, the eighth question appeared immediately.

“If the Yinqiao powder is confirmed to cause a nosebleed, its addition and subtraction is,”

“A: Subtract schizonepeta spike. Add rhizoma imperatae, platycladus orientalis carbon, gardenia carbon, and powder paeonol.”

“B: Subtract schizonepeta spike and fermented soybean. Add rhizoma imperatae, platycladus orientalis carbon, and gardenia carbon.”

“C: Subtract schizonepeta spike and platycodon grandiflorus. Add rhizoma imperatae, platycladus orientalis carbon, and gardenia carbon.”

“D: Subtract schizonepeta. Add rhizoma imperatae, platycladus orientalis carbon, and powder paeonol.”


Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw it.

“Who can answer it?”

“What does this add and subtract?”

“It’s good enough to remember the recipe. Why does it add and subtract something?”

“We don’t know it at all!”

But time was still pa.s.sing and there were only fifteen seconds left.

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