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Chapter 166 Old Cla.s.smate, Make a Concession to Me?


In the leader seats, Chen Yinsheng said with a smile.

He said with great emotions in his heart, “Fang Qiu deserves to be a student of our University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. He is a talented candidate of our university and has a strong momentum of invincibility!”

“I didn’t expect that Fang Qiu can do that.”

Qi Kaiwen also smiled very happily.

He only knew that Fang Qiu studied well, but he did not expect that, in addition to the study, Fang Qiu actually had such an awesome method, which really widened his horizon.

“His hand speed and reaction speed are so awesome!”

No matter how unbelievable they were, the match needed to move on.

Or it could be said that they continued to be surprised or speechless.

At first, they were thinking about grabbing a few questions from Fang Qiu.

Later, they gave up.

They knew clearly that they couldn’t grab the questions but they still needed to do that. “So depressed!”

The 22nd question was grabbed by Fang Qiu from UJCM.

The 23rd question was grabbed by Fang Qiu from UJCM.

Until the 30th question was finished answering.

In addition to the first four questions that were grabbed by others, Fang Qiu really did not make a concession at all even for one question.

He had grabbed them all.

The most annoying thing was that he didn’t answer one question wrong.

“Why didn’t you discuss with your schoolmates and then answer the questions? Maybe you would answer the questions wrong after you discussed with your schoolmates?”

In fact.

At the beginning, Fang Qiu did not want to do so.

“After all, the students of these eight universities come to my university to attend the compet.i.tion. I should show some respect for them.”


When being suspected in public, Fang Qiu completely dispelled the thoughts in his heart.

“You are at UJCM but you are suspecting UJCM in public. This is a slap on the face.”

“Since they are suspecting, let them see what the absolute hand speed is!”

After answering the thirty questions.

All were silent in the hall.

They really couldn’t find a word to describe Fang Qiu’s performance.

“A miracle?”

“Even it’s a miracle, he can’t grab twenty-six questions in a row!”

“I think I have found another skill of the youngest!”

Sun Hao said to Zhou Xiaotian next to him with a wry smile.

“It’s true.”

But Zhou Xiaotian touched his chin and said as he thought, “But it seems that this skill only works in the answer race?”

Just after that, his eyes suddenly lit up. He said, “No!” “It also works in grabbing food when eating!”

“We have to be on guard against the youngest when we go for dinner together in the future. His hand speed is too fast!”

Zhou Xiaotian and Sun Hao looked at each other and nodded together with the deep feeling of crisis.

At this time, the score statistics of the second round ended.

For University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, the first round of 17 points plus the second round of the amazing 26 points was 43 points totally, which made them firmly in the first place.

Looking at the high score of UJCM.

The candidates from the other universities were very speechless.

“We also know the answers of these 30 questions, but we couldn’t grab the priorities. We wanted to answer but we didn’t have opportunities. We are powerless!”

“Because we have met a guy who has abnormal hands!”

The leaders of the universities under the stage looked graver.

“The current situation is that UJCM has left us far behind. We can only keep going and hurry to catch up, otherwise, we will lose our face.”

“After adding the acc.u.mulate points of the first round and the second round, University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine is temporarily ranked first at present.”

At this time, the hostess introduced it with a smile and then said, “The other teams do not give up. Next, we will have the third round of compet.i.tion. As long as you work hard, you will definitely have a chance.”

Speaking of this.

The host glanced at the hand card and continued, “The third round is about the optional questions.”

“The questions are divided into three levels: A, B, and C. The questions at A-level are the most difficult and the questions at C-level are the easiest.”

“Each level has six sets of questions. There is a total of 18 sets of questions and there are 10 questions in each set.”

“The compet.i.tion rule is that.”

“Each team uses a responder to grab the priority of choosing questions. The one who first grabs the priority can choose questions with different difficulties to answer. Each team only have two chances to choose the questions and can only choose one set at one level of questions to answer.”

“The last team will choose one set among the remaining two sets of questions.”

“Once the questions are selected, every team must answer the questions and can’t choose to give up answering.”

“After each round of grabbing the questions, the number of sets will be reduced accordingly.”

“Score 5 points for A-level questions, 3 points for B-level questions, and 2 points for C-level questions.”

“In addition, each team can’t choose the same set of questions as the other teams.”

“The time limit for each set of questions is 100 seconds. Score if the answer is correct and deduct if the answer is wrong. If the wrong answers are more than one-third, all the answers will be counted as wrong.”

After announcing the rules, the hostess asked, “Am I clear?”

Before others answered.

w.a.n.g Zhixing suddenly stood up again and said loudly, “It’s unfair!”


The hostess did not expect someone to stand up and to have a lousy idea. She asked in doubt, “What is unfair?”

“About this… Fang Qiu’s hand speed is too fast. The answer race is unfair.”

w.a.n.g Zhixing said in embarra.s.sment.

He was very embarra.s.sed now.

Although he admitted that he had indeed misunderstood Fang Qiu and that Fang Qiu’s hand speed was invincibly strong, this was a knowledge compet.i.tion, not a hand-speed compet.i.tion. He didn’t care if he lost to Fang Qiu in hand speed as long as he wouldn’t lose in the knowledge compet.i.tion.

“If we continue the answer race, it will be unfair to the other universities!”


“His hand speed is too fast?”

The audience burst into laughter.

“He has been dissing Fang Qiu since just now and he even dissed the conduct of the university.”

“After a slap on the face, you came out to blame that Fang Qiu’s hand speed is fast. Why don’t you blame yourself instead of blaming others?”

The hostess did not expect w.a.n.g Zhixing to say that. She said while bearing her smile, “Compet.i.ting to answer is also part of the strength. Does anyone else have a problem?”

As she asked.

The candidates from the other universities all took the opportunity to speak.

“I agree with this student. It is unfair.”

“We can’t compete to answer.”

“I request to change the rules!”

They were also scared by Fang Qiu’s hand speed. “If we really continue to press the responder, we don’t need to compete today. Just let the students of UJCM play by themselves.”

Upon seeing it, the audience under the stage smiled.

“They have been scared by Fang Qiu!”

“You know how awesome our UJCM is!”

The hostess apparently did not expect that so many people would express their disagreement.

She hurriedly looked at Chen Yinsheng.

Seeing Chen Yinsheng nod his head, the hostess immediately understood. She turned her head to look at w.a.n.g Zhixing and asked, “If you think it’s not fair, what is your suggestion?”

It was also w.a.n.g Zhixing who proposed the suggestion previously.

This time, the hostess naturally asked for his advice.


w.a.n.g Zhixing said with a red face.

At the sound of this.

The whole audience burst into more laughter.

Even the leaders of the universities couldn’t help smiling.

“In such a high-quality compet.i.tion, he unexpectedly advised to use scissors-rock-paper as a rule.”

“It’s so abnormal when you think about it.”

The hostess turned his head to look at Fang Qiu, her eyes full of inquiries.

“Both are OK for me.”

Fang Qiu said.

The hostess nodded and then turned around. She looked at Chen Yinsheng who was sitting under the stage and asked, “President Chen?”

“Since Fang Qiu thinks it’s ok, let’s follow this. Visitors are guests. Let’s comply with the guest’s request.”

Chen Yinsheng said.


The hostess nodded.

Then she glanced at the nine teams of the universities and said, “In this case, every team sends one person. Let’s play rock-paper-scissors.”

As she finished speaking.

The other eight candidates of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine immediately turned their heads to look at Fang Qiu together.

Obviously, they had acquiesced that Fang Qiu was the leader of their team.

“Well, I will go.”

Knowing what they meant, Fang Qiu stepped out directly.

UJCM had selected one person and University of Jingbei Chinese Medicine had also selected one person. It turned out to be Jiang Mengjie.

But University of Huizhou Chinese Medicine chose Tao Yiran instead of w.a.n.g Zhixing, maybe because of the previous failure.

Under the arrangement of the hostess.

The people selected by the nine universities came to the middle of the stage and were about to play rock-paper-scissors.

When the audience under the stage looked at this scene, they felt like they were not watching the knowledge compet.i.tion but a variety show where a group of people were playing games. They felt very fun.


The hostess asked.

The nine of them nodded.

“Well, I will count three two one. You throw your hands together.”

The hostess immediately counted, “3,2,1!”

The nine of them threw their hands at the same time.

As a result.

Three rocks, three papers, and three scissors.

For the first time, they got a draw.

“3, 2, 1!”

The hostess shouted again.

The nine of them threw four rocks, four papers, and one scissor.

They got a draw again.

Everyone was very depressed.

They had been nervous in two rounds in vain.

Compared to their nervousness, Fang Qiu was calm instead.

His Guru Realm was very useful.

At the moment when these people were going to throw their hands, he had already figured out what these people were going to throw by their gesture muscles and bones, so he had no pressure.

In the first two rounds, the others threw scatteredly and there was no opportunity of winning, so he also randomly threw his hands.

As long as there was an opportunity, it was the timing for his shot.

The third time.

“3, 2, 1!”

As the hostess finished speaking, the nine of them moved together. Fang Qiu immediately noticed that the six of them would throw rocks this time and the other two would throw paper.

“Here comes the opportunity!”

Fang Qiu lifted up his mouth.

As long as he threw paper, he could win.

But just when he was going to throw paper.

He suddenly discovered that Jiang Mengjie was one of the six students who would throw rocks.

A thought came into his mind.

Fang Qiu directly threw a scissor.

This round was forced to level again.

And this round was completed quickly and no one noticed it.

Seeing the round end in a tie again, others were so depressed. “When will it end?” But Fang Qiu just smiled.

The fourth round continued.

Three scissors and five papers. What Jiang Meng threw was paper.

Fang Qiu rescued Jiang Mengjie again with a rock.

Jiang Mengjie seemed to be aware of something. She glanced at Fang Qiu curiously.

“Why was this guy always different from others?”

Of course, she did not find that Fang Qiu had been rescuing her. She only thought that Fang Qiu’s mind was a little alternative.

After four consecutive ties, the people under the stage that had been expecting the result were also very depressed.

“Why hasn’t this been over yet?”

Just when they were depressed, there was a turn in the fifth round finally.

Fang Qiu clearly noticed that the four of them would throw paper.


A thought came into his mind. Fang Qiu quickly noticed that Jiang Mengjie and the other three people would throw scissors, so he immediately threw scissors.

The five of them including Fang Qiu won.

The other four were eliminated and they would finalize the sequence by rock-paper-scissors themselves.

The four candidates who had been eliminated went aside to watch the game helplessly.

At this time, there were five people on the stage.

The people in the audience quickly sat up straight. “Finally, there are some people winning and some losing. Who will win finally?”

“Go on.”

The hostess shouted, “3, 2, 1.”

Another round.

Three scissors, one paper, and one rock.

Jiang Mengjie was once again on the edge of losing and was rescued again by Fang Qiu.

The other three candidates were speechless.

Every time when the result showed that someone was going to win, what Fang Qiu threw was different from ours, which made them always in a tie.

“Are you deliberate?”

Fang Qiu was also very helpless.

“Jiang Mengjie has always been making mistakes. I could only rescue her constantly.”

At last.

With the help of Fang Qiu, after ten consecutive times.

On the stage only left Jiang Mengjie and Fang Qiu.

“The moment of decisive battle is coming. The first one to grab the right to choose the question will be University of Jingbei Chinese Medicine or University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine?” “Can Fang Qiu take the first place again?”

The hostess said with a smile, setting the atmosphere to a climax.

All the students who were circuseeing became very nervous in an instant.

None of them thought that Fang Qiu had won others and made it to the final.

Although this was only the most common rock-paper-scissors, this gameplay relied entirely on luck and had nothing to do with skills.

“Fang Qiu not only has fast hands, but also he is extremely lucky.”

“He has actually made it all the way to the final by rock-paper-scissors.”

“How lucky. Tut. Awesome!”

Just when everyone focused their eyes on Fang Qiu and Jiang Mengjie, Jiang Mengjie suddenly smiled and said,

“Old cla.s.smate, as a boy, should you show your gentlemanly manner and make a concession to me?”

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