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Chapter 111 A True Guru!

It was Chen Cong.

“He’s Chen Cong, practicing here every day.”

Li Ji introduced.

Over there, Chen Cong had started training.

“Not a martial arts pract.i.tioner yet?”

Luo Shu watched for a while and then curled his lips out of boredom. He said, “That person can’t be a guru or he wouldn’t have had a good opinion of this fellow. He’s pretty hard working, training so late at night. But he’s not yet a martial arts pract.i.tioner and that guru thinks highly of him?”

“He didn’t think highly of him.”

Said Li Ji, shaking his head. “The mysterious man simply gave some pointers. That can’t imply a good opinion of him at all.”

The pair chatted along while waiting.

At last,

After over one-hour wait, there was no mysterious man.

“I’m positive that the man you’ve been talking about is not a guru.”

Said Luo Shu bluntly.


Li Ji was taken by surprise.


Luo Shu pursed his lips and said, “All the gurus in this world practice diligently. Even an average martial artist needs to discipline himself. Let alone a guru. If he was a guru, daily drill is essential. You told me he showed up here at 3 am so his practice should start at 3 am. Now we are looking at 3:30 and there’s no one. Can he be a guru?”

“I told you already.”

Li Ji had a wry smile as he continued, “He was only pa.s.sing by. His training spot is not here. And this is holiday now.”

“The holiday has finished. If it’s not here, where is it?”

Asked Luo Shu.

“I don’t know.”

Li Ji laughed bitterly and then added in a confident tone immediately, “But I’m certain that he trains nearby. Not far from here.”


Luo Shu rose, pulling the police dog, and said, “What are we waiting for then? Get up and move about. Let’s look into every hole and corner.”


They got up and began searching around.

Equipped with night vision devices, they could see everything clearly in their surroundings. No living being could escape from this military thermal image night vision device.

They moved quietly without disturbing Chen Cong from his training.

They searched here and there.


Li Ji reached a peak next to Yaow.a.n.g Mountain.

Looking towards the Central Lake,

After one quick glance,

His entire body couldn’t help s.h.i.+vering.

“Found him!”

Li Ji turned around with excitement. He waved and shouted quietly at Luo Shu, suppressing the emotion in his heart.

Hearing Li Ji’s call,

Luo Shu ran over with the police dog.

He took a careful look.

On the little island in the Central Lake was a figure sitting cross-legged.

“The mysterious man! It’s him. I’m certain!”

Li Ji was excited.

Finally he got a chance to reveal the mysterious man’s veil.

“What are you waiting for? Let’s go!”

Luo Shu moved and rushed towards the island in the middle of the lake with a police dog.

Li Ji followed closely behind.

They ran at full speed all the way.

Soon they arrived at the Central Lake.

And at that time.

Fang Qiu was sitting on the island and practicing.

He sensed two streams of breath, one familiar and one strange. The familiar one was clearly Li Ji’s.

He’s back?

Fang Qiu opened his eyes, with an irritated look on his face.

Obviously, Li Ji came for him and managed to find him.

How did he find him?

Simple. Some infrared night vision device.

He didn’t conceal his body heat as he thought Li Ji was gone. To his surprise, Li Ji returned with a stranger.

He knew they came for him.

But he had no interest to waste time on them.

Just as the two of them arrived at the Central Lake and prepared to make their way to the island, Fang Qiu moved and flew away.

Wearing the night vision device,

Li Ji and Luo Shu saw his movement clearly.

They were stunned instantly.

They saw,

Fang Qiu walking on the water.

Water under him had no ripples and remained still as he strode forth. It was as if he was walking on solid earth instead of water.

Luo Shu was completely shocked.

No matter how Li Ji had described the mysterious man to him, he always thought he was bragging.

But now he was looking at this with his own eyes.

He knew Li Ji had told him the truth.

Stepping on water and leaving no trace.

The mysterious man could really do that.

As a first-cla.s.s Martial Superior, Luo Shu knew how difficult it was.

At least he couldn’t do it.

Very few people he knew could do this.

They dared not think about it.

Walking on water without a trace was as hard as flying. Only those real gurus could do it.

A guru was really hiding in this School of Chinese Medicine!

“Did you see it?”

Li Ji glanced at the stunned Luo Shu proudly and said, “Isn’t this a guru?”


Suppressing the shock in his heart,

Luo Shu regained his cool and pondered on it. He said, “A guru can’t be this young. He has probably learned some special skill.”

The number of gurus was very small.

There were only a handful of them.

There were so few of them that Luo Shu dared not jump to conclusion.

Let alone a student guru!

“Is there such a skill?”

Li Ji pursed his lips.

“We’ll test it out if he is a guru or not.”

Luo Shu glared at Fang Qiu intensely from behind and stamped with his right foot quickly. A stone by his side was immediately blasted and blown away. He caught it in his hand.

A rock of the size of a fist.


With the rock in his hand, Luo Shu swung his right arm and threw it out with all his force at Fang Qiu.


Having sensed Luo Shu’s strike, Fang Qiu came to a sudden stop.

He turned around and gazed at the flying rock coldly.


He narrowed his eyes.

A water arrow shot out of the lake and smashed the rock half way.

“I’ve said all I can say. Why do you have to disturb me?”

A chilling question came across the lake.

“Who’s obscuring?”

Asked Luo Shu loudly.

In fact, the shock in his heart was already overwhelming.

He shouted loudly to give himself some courage.

As soon as he saw that water arrow, he knew that mysterious man in front of him was a guru.

Because only gurus could do that.

Every bush and tree could be their weapons.

A student guru was hiding in Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine. He couldn’t believe this but he couldn’t deny the reality any longer.

The truth is the truth.

“Leave now. Bother me more and you’re at your own risk!”

Fang Qiu ignored Luo Shu’s question and dropped a cold threat before striding away on water.

Luo Shu looked towards Fang Qiu’s direction.

He found

The night vision device stopped working.

Fang Qiu’s figure vanished from his eyes completely.


Extremely anxious, Luo Shu yelled out.

Fang Qiu simply ignored it.

He continued his leave.

“Now you believe me?”

Looking at the direction in which Fang Qiu had disappeared, Li Ji glanced at Luo Shu and asked.

“If this news spread out, the entire martial arts world would be stirred.”

Luo Shu took a deep breath as he thought to himself.

A guru!

Why would such a super expert stay in a Chinese medicine school willingly?

He could walk on water without a trace and use anything in nature as his weapon. This man was indeed powerful!

In the dark,

The two of them stood by the lake and gazed at the direction in which Fang Qiu had vanished. The deep shock remained on their faces.

A long moment of silence.

“Finally we found him. Then he left.”

Li Ji looked at Luo Shu with a bitter smile and asked, “What do we do now?”

Luo Shu heaved a sigh quietly and gazed into the emptiness.

Pointing his finger at the police dog, he said, “Easy. It’s time for it to s.h.i.+ne.”

Li Ji glanced at the police dog and then the pair turned to the island in the middle of the lake where Fang Qiu was training earlier. They shared a smile of understanding.

“It’s too far. How can we get there?”

Li Ji took one step forward but only to realize that it was very difficult to access the island in the middle of the water.


Said Luo Shu before jumping into the lake with the police dog.

Li Ji quickly followed on.

Two men and one dog quickly swam towards the island in the middle of the lake.

Half way into the journey,


A burst of water suddenly came.

There were ripples and waves on the lake.

They stopped at once, their face changed.

They saw

A flow of water rose from the middle of the lake and rushed towards the island.

The stream was very powerful.

It washed and brushed the entire island completely as if ocean waves.

Seeing this,

Li Ji and Luo Shu were dumbfounded.


With no time to think, Luo Shu sped up towards the island.

Li Ji followed closely behind.

Arriving at the island in the middle of the lake,

Luo Shu dragged the police dog to the spot where Fang Qiu had trained. He let the dog smell around.

In the end,

The police dog showed no response.

Apparently, it couldn’t get any smell.

“It must be the mysterious man. He didn’t want us to follow him.”

Li Ji smiled helplessly.

Luo Shu was completely shocked.

That night the wind was gentle. How could the lake water suddenly rise and rushed on the island?

In other words,

That mysterious man was responsible for the waves.

But the mysterious man had already left.

Away from the scene, how did he do this?

He controlled the water remotely to wash off his scent on the island?

Is it possible?

Luo Shu was lost. He didn’t think it was possible but it was right in front of his eyes. After experiencing it himself, how could he not believe it.?


It was done by Fang Qiu.

Away from the island in the middle of the lake, Fang Qiu knew they had a police dog before their arrival.


He stood still in a distance where they couldn’t see him and watched them.

At last, he saw Li Ji and Luo Shu attempted to continue their pursuit with the police dog’s help. He moved the water to wash the island.

“It looks like I can’t train on this island anymore.”

Fang Qiu sighed as he left quietly.

Over here,

“Now we have nothing left.”

Soaked wet, Li Ji looked depressed. “We shouldn’t have come over. Now I’m all wet. Very uncomfortable.”

“What do you mean you have nothing left?”

Luo Shu rolled his eyes on Li JI.

“What can we do?”

Li Ji asked, pleasantly surprised after a moment of confusion.

His friend had other plans!

“Rest a.s.sured. I have many plans.”

Luo Shu chuckled and then continued, “Before coming here, I took a look at their school BBS in hopes of gathering some information. I found many posts about a mysterious man’s chivalrous deeds.”

“Yeah. And?”

Asked Li JI.

“It becomes easy since he likes to be chivalrous.”

Afraid of being heard by the mysterious man, Luo Shu lowered his voice and whispered to Li Ji’s ear, “We can make an accident to force the mysterious man to reveal himself.”


Li Ji frowned.

“Wait for my news.”

Luo Shu put on a mysterious smile.

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