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Chapter 110 The Tools That Are Used By The University!

All the sports special students and Mr. Ma who had been watching the races in the distance all ran over.

The shock in everyone’s heart had just dissipated. They all didn’t care how long Fang Qiu had run.

They only knew that Fang Qiu had won.

They sighed for Gao Fei inwardly.

“Fang Qiu.”

Just as Fang Qiu walked in front of Gao Fei, Mr. Ma who trotted over all the way grabbed Fang Qiu’s shoulder with great excitement and said, “Very good. You are very good! As the head coach of the School of Sports, I am now officially inviting you to join us. I hope that you can join our track team and partic.i.p.ate in the Provincial Sports Meeting on behalf of our university in one month to win glory for our university!”

“I’m wondering if you will agree or not?”

“He is inviting Fang Qiu to join?”

The sports special students around were dumbfounded as they heard that. Then they all sighed with emotions.

“Fang Qiu will definitely win glory for our university with this kind of result.”

“Join us!”

“That’s right. You are so awesome that it will be a pity if you don’t join the track team.”

“Yes. Yes. Our track team welcomes you!”

All of them persuaded.

Fang Qiu had conquered them with his strength.

But no one had ever noticed Gao Fei who was sitting aside with his face down.

Only Fang Qiu kept looking at Gao Fei.


Without any joy of victory but with sympathetic eyes.

Especially when Mr. Ma invited him to join the track team to win glory for the university.

His sympathy was more.


He heaved a sigh.

Fang Qiu looked up at Mr. Ma and asked a little coldly, “Mr. Ma, I want to ask you a question. If these sports special students win glory for the university at the sports meeting, will the university a.s.sign jobs to them after they graduate?”

Mr. Ma who was waiting with excitement for Fang Qiu’s consent was dumbfounded as he heard that.


Replied Mr. Ma with confusion.

“This is common sense!”

“So what benefit can they get if they win glory for our university?”

Fang Qiu continued to ask.

Mr. Ma was dumbfounded.

All the sports special students around were also dumbfounded.


“Yes. As sports special students, no matter how hard the training is, we will partic.i.p.ate on time in order to win glory for the university at the sports meeting.

“But since we are working so hard, is there any reward?


“We can show off after taking a place.

“But overall.

“It seems no!

“They win glory for the university, which is good either for the university or for you, but it does no good to themselves. They have wasted so much studying time in practicing various sports hard and win glory for the university full of zeal, but they will finally get nothing except for the loss of their youth. Even so, you can’t provide them with a path to the future, which is the most basic thing.”

As Fang Qiu said this, he suddenly smiled.

He said as he smiled in anger, “They have put in so much hard work and even paid their own college tuition to win glory for the university and you! What’s the result after running and winning glory? There is no result!”

Mr. Ma was dumbfounded.

All the sports special students around were dumbfounded.

About this… they had never thought about it.

“Just like now.”

Fang Qiu reached out to point at Gao Fei who was sitting on the ground and said, “Before I won him, he was your favorite. But now I have won him and he is feeling depressed alone. However, you don’t even look at him. Instead, you are inviting me. Is honor really so important that it makes you inhuman?”

Hearing this.

Mr. Ma’s face immediately clouded.


“This is nothing less than an abuse!”

The sports special students were shocked indeed.

Looking at Gao Fei, everyone was lost in deep thought with a wry smile.


“Is honor so important?

“Is it really worthwhile to waste our youth for an honor that will ultimately belong to the school?”

“Gao Fei, I don’t know why you are so confident and proud just because you can run fast.”

Fang Qiu looked at Gao Fei who was sitting on the ground and said, “Can you find a job because of running fast? Can you set up a company or become a PE teacher because of running fast?”

“You can’t do all of these, even the PE teacher!”

“You are just the tools that are used by the university.”

Fang Qiu looked at all the sports special students present.

“There are some things that I hope you to think out. Why are you going to do them and whether is it worth to do so? Because your youth is only once!”

After that, he turned his head to look at Mr. Ma and said, “Sorry, I won’t waste my time on running.”

“What’s more, if I partic.i.p.ate, what about these people who have put in so much hard work! The qualifications for the game and good results should be theirs. These are what they deserve to get, not me!”

After that, he turned back to the starting line and left with the lockbox.

Only left the sports special students who were lost in deep thought and Mr. Ma who went purple in the face.

Fang Qiu truly felt pity and sorry for the sports special students

Before he went to college, he had heard about the sports special students, most of whom could not find a job after graduation.

“Even if the college gives them a degree in management or other related degrees, it still doesn’t help if they don’t have abilities.

“They will be eliminated by society sooner or later.

“Almost all the sports special student won’t do sports-related work.

“Those who can have good jobs are from rich families.

“Maybe others think that sports special students can go to college with fewer scores, but they can’t sacrifice all their college time to win glory for others because of this!

“Wake up!

“Spare more time to improve your various skills and qualities!”

This was what Fang Qiu truly hoped.

On the playground.

As Fang Qiu left, all the sports special students were lost in deep thought.

It seemed that they hadn’t thought about this problem at all before.

They felt that they were happy and fulfilling every day.

If it wasn’t for Fang Qiu who mentioned it, perhaps only after graduation, they would just realize that their precious youth had gone.

“Is training really so important?

“Is it really so important to run faster than others?”

They thought that it was necessary to make it out.

Gao Fei, sitting on the ground, stared blankly.

Mr. Ma could only darken his face without any word.

He knew what Fang Qiu said was true.

But he couldn’t admit it!

Because he needed good results to get honors and senior t.i.tles!

“The university has provided good education to the sports special students. Who can be to blame if they don’t study hard!”

However, he didn’t plan to let go of Fang Qiu.

“It will be a pity if he doesn’t win glory for the university with such a good result!”

I can’t persuade him, but I can go to the leader. If the leader knows that Fang Qiu is so awesome, he will definitely be interested.

“How will you refuse by then, Fang Qiu?”


After leaving the playground, Fang Qiu returned directly to the dormitory.

At this moment, his mood didn’t appear to swing because of winning Gao Fei. On the contrary, he looked unusually calm. For him, the race between Gao Fei and him was just a small episode in life.

There was no one in the room.

Zhou Xiaotian had sent a message to Fang Qiu, saying that he would return to the university after playing tomorrow.

Fang Qiu closed the door and put the lockbox with three hundred thousand yuan inside in the closet which was next to the desk and under the bed.

The furnis.h.i.+ngs in the room were very simple.

There were two high beds with only upper berths respectively beside the left and right walls. Between the two beds was a wooden ladder like a stack of boxes that were piled up. Under each bed, there were a wardrobe and a duplex desk that was integrated with a bookcase.

After putting the money away.

Fang Qiu took a book out of the bookcase and then gently jumped up to sit on the bed directly.

Since there was no one in the room, he could do whatever he wanted.

“The 100th time.”

While lying down, Fang Qiu opened the book “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor” in his hand and began to study it again and again.

At the school gate.

And at the same time.

Outside the university.

A black off-road vehicle, with a low roar, quickly rushed to University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine like a roaring beast and stopped at the university gate.

Li Ji and Luo Shu got off the car.

Then they opened the rear door. Inside the car, there was a police dog with black and yellow fur and an army green cloth rope around its neck.

“Shall we just go inside while walking the police dog?”

Luo Shu said as he pulled the police dog, “Isn’t this inappropriate? If someone sees us, he will think that we come to the university for arrest and investigation. If the reputation of the university is damaged by the time, we will be in big trouble.”

“Or shall we drive in?”

Li Ji suggested.

“Luo Shu is right.

“Who walks a police dog in the university in free time?”

What’s more, they came here with some purposes. Once they were seen by the university leaders, it would be really difficult for them to explain.

“You should say that early, otherwise, I won’t park my car here.”

Luo Shu gave Li Ji a look.

“I forgot it just now.”

Li Ji embarra.s.sedly smiled.

In a short while.

Li Ji, holding the police dog, sat in the co-pilot’s seat. Luo Shu drove the car directly toward Yaow.a.n.g Mountain after entering the university.

They came to Yaow.a.n.g Mountain.

Li Ji got off the car directly, led the police dog, and quickly ran to the back of the big tree where Fang Qiu was that morning. Then he let the police dog begin to smell.

As a result.

The police dog smelled for a long time, but it did not smell anything.

“Are you sure it’s here?”

Asked Luo Shu as he looked at Li Ji.

“I’m certainly sure.”

Li Ji nodded with absolute certainty and said, “I still remember that he was standing in this place and we were hiding there. No sooner did he appear than he gave us a cold look.”

“Why can’t the police dog smell it? Could the smell of the mysterious man has dissipated after so long?”

Luo Shu murmured.

“It’s drizzly seemingly these two days…”

Li Ji checked his phone.

Hearing that.

Luo Shu immediately gave Li Ji a look.

“How long has it been? And it’s also drizzling. No wonder the police dog has no response. It will be strange if it can smell it.”

“What should we do now?”

Luo Shu asked gloomily.

“No hurry.”

Li Ji thought for a while and said, “We have asked for a leave of five days anyway. We can stay at the university for five days, waiting for the mysterious man come out and catching him!”

“It’s the only choice.”

Luo Shu nodded and then left as he took the police dog on the car.

That night.

At 2:30 am.

Li Ji and Luo Shu took the police dog to Yaow.a.n.g Mountain again. They found some secluded gra.s.s and lied They each held a military thermal imaging night-vision viewer and began to look around.

Very soon.

A figure appeared.

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