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Chapter 11 Going Viral on BBS!

“Or perhaps, parting is another kind of help to you!”

“Love, will be put in my heart.”

“Some things don’t have a time limit.”

When Fang Qiu finished his last line, he beamed and held up a hand toward Jiang Miaoyu.

Jiang got the hint and replied with a smile, then, went on singing.

“Hélène, sitting by my side.”

“Thick longing for you, spreading along the moonlight.”

Her singing seamlessly succeeded his, while Fang Qiu’s hand flute accompaniment continued to go on.

“Hélène, being at your side.”

“Watching your smiling face, kissing the edge of your lips.”

“If love is a swing.”

“Then you’re my pivot.”

“Without you, how do I perform”

“Those forevers that you said to me.”

As the accompaniment faded, the fabulous singing drew to an end.

The whole audience broke into thunderous applause.

“So beautiful!”

“The show they presented on the stage can be said to be perfect!”

“They are simply the perfect pair for the performance!”

“Even though with no light or various musical instruments, the wonderfulness of their performance is hardly dented!”

“Jiang Miaoyu!”

“Fang Qiu!”

Someone off the stage suddenly yelled their names, which instantly sparked a ma.s.s fervor of imitation.

They shouted in chorus.

“Jiang Miaoyu!”

“Fang Qiu!”

“Jiang Miaoyu!”

“Fang Qiu!”

The shouts were so loud that students from other dormitories around could not help but stick out their head to see what was happening.

Li Qings.h.i.+, sitting off the stage, was now looking sullen, quite sullen!

He thought the man on the stage should have been him.

The one enjoying the cheers from the crowd should have been him, too!

The one standing with Jiang Miaoyu now was certainly supposed to be him!

Not that guy named Fang Qiu!

Now, he was regretful, really really remorseful. He should not have done a show with Jiang Miaoyu together.

Should have enjoyed the applause and admiring looks from the audience with Jiang Miaoyu together.

He should not be sitting among the audience, watching another person obtain the honor with Jiang Miaoyu!

He made up his mind that next time when Jiang Miaoyu went on the stage to perform, he himself would definitely go up onto the stage with her. He would never allow anyone to put a finger in his pie.

At this moment, the dean of the School of Chinese Medicine also let out a sigh of relief. It seemed that n.o.body would stir up trouble anymore. Such a fantastic show performed after the occurrence of the blackout was enough to dissolve the rage and restlessness of those students off the stage.

“Thanks, everyone!”

Jiang Miaoyu shouted to the audience, and then, turned around to face Fang Qiu and said sincerely, “Thank you, Fang Qiu.”

“You’re welcome.”

Fang Qiu smiled, turned on his heels and went off the stage.

Jiang Miaoyu also gave a smile, bowed to the audience before stepping down the stage.

Seeing them going away, the audience was not happy now.

“Do one more!”

“Do one more!”

The synchronized cries were even louder and fiercer than before.

At those shouts, Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu, who were both at the backstage, were overwhelmed. But all of a sudden, the lights on the stage all sprang to life.

Everyone was petrified by it.

Power was recovered!

Then, the audience went even more restless.

“Fu*k! Power came back the moment the show ended! Are you kidding?”

“You either keep the blackout on or not give us the blackout at all. Now, the best show pa.s.sed in the dark. It’s not funny, is it?”

“The power really picked a good time to come and go!”

Sitting off the stage, Li Qings.h.i.+ was so p.i.s.sed off now. The power came back precisely when the show was over.

“Why didn’t you come earlier?”

“If so, there would have been no chance for Fang Qiu to show off.”

“Or the power should not be out in the first place!”

“If so, there would not have been so many fusses at all!”

“It looks like that the fu*king blackout is deliberately designed for Fang Qiu, for letting him go on the stage and s.h.i.+ne!”

Li Qings.h.i.+ clenched his teeth and protested in his mind.

At this point, the host scurried onto the stage to keep the situation under control. He announced that they should proceed to the next show.

Although the audience all wanted to see more of Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu’s performance, given that the performer of the next show was already on the stage, they had no other way but to accept the status quo.

At the backstage, Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu exchanged a look and a smile, then, parted and took off.

Neither of them asked the other for contact information.

The Mid-Autumn Festival gala of the School of Chinese Medicine finally came to a successful conclusion. In spite of the blackout that occurred halfway through the gala, it almost had no impact on the show. Instead, it brought an even more surprising and brilliant effect.

No trouble occurred during the gala, and the performances were quite good.

School officials were happy, students were happy, and that was enough.

On the way back, all students were having heated discussion about the fantastic shows of the gala, even gesticulating with hands and feet in excitement.

Among all the discussions, the hottest topic was still the show performed by Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu, and their names were the most frequently mentioned words of all the students.

Because of the gala tonight, the BBS of the Jiangzhong Medicine University went boisterous again.

Although each school had their celebrations in their own way, on the account that the activities were repeated year after year without any innovation, most students naturally paid little attention to those celebrations.

But just when everyone thought there was nothing new to discuss on this year’s Mid-Autumn day, out of everyone’s expectations, the welcome party plus the Mid-Autumn Festival gala of the School of Chinese Medicine was unveiled.

Two hot topics turned up.

One was “Student Sending a Letter of Challenge Right at the Gala, Begging to Have a Taste of Defeat!”.

The t.i.tle was followed by a scarlet “Hot”.

The other was “Sounds of Nature Arrived, the Perfect Pair Presented the Perfect ‘Hélène’!”

The t.i.tle was followed by a more bright and eye-catching “Viral”!

One was a hot topic, the other was a viral topic.

When students of other schools went back to their dormitories after finished their celebrations and logged in to the BBS, they all froze.

Because since their use of the BBS, they had seen no topic being marked as “Viral”!

Other than the post announcing that Jiang Miaoyu had become the newly acknowledged campus belle uploaded a few days ago, no other topic had been marked as “Hot” for a long time.

The post on the newly acknowledged campus belle was merely a “Hot” topic; the post about a student rebuking a vulgar tyc.o.o.n which appeared yesterday was merely a popular topic; but now, there was a post marked with “Viral”.

“What is going on?”

With all kinds of doubts, those students clicked opened the post t.i.tled “Sounds of Nature Arrived, the Perfect Pair Presented the Perfect ‘Hélène’!”, and were surprised again.

They originally thought it a love story or something, but it turned out to be a video clip.

After clicking the “play” b.u.t.ton with enormous curiosity, to everyone’s disappointment, the video showed nothing but darkness.

“This is the ‘Viral’ topic?”

“What a prank!”

Just when everyone was about to close the video, the accompanying music sounded.

The unusual music prevented everyone from clicking the “close” b.u.t.ton. What was more, they even turned the volume up.

“Hélène, sitting by my side.”

“Thick longing for you, spreading along the moonlight.”

The song astonished everyone only with the first two lines. It was so sweet!

As the music went on, everybody became absorbed in it involuntarily.

They were all earnest to see who the singer was that was singing the song so beautifully. With such a voice, she must be a beauty.

“Love, will be put in my heart.”

“Some things don’t have a time limit.”

Halfway through the song, everyone thought it was a girl’s solo. However, the music suddenly vanished and a boy’s singing came up.

“Holy Moly! The singing is good!”

Now, they understood what the t.i.tle meant.

“A perfect pair!”

“The two’s cooperation is perfect!”

The video only recorded the performance, not the cheers that burst out at its ending, so they had no idea who the performers were.

After the video ended, the students still did not feel satisfied. They played it again at once.

When the second round ended, they still wanted more, so they played it once more.

They just could not stop. They did not quit playing the video until they had played it multiple times.

And there were swarms of comments bellow the post.

“So beautiful! I looped it seven times!”

“Nine times!”

“Six times!”

“Nine times, too!”


“Does anyone know who the beauty that is singing in the video is?”

That was obviously a comment written by a boy.

“Begging for the ident.i.ty of the boy!”

Girls also left many such comments.

Soon, someone provided the wanted information bellow their comments.

“It’s your loss that you didn’t see the live performance! It was a show performed by Jiang Miaoyu and Fang Qiu at the freshmen’s Mid-Autumn Festival gala of the School of Chinese Medicine. No need to introduce Jiang Miaoyu, right? The beauty as our campus belle!”

“As for Fang Qiu, don’t know the specifics. He only performed a show called ‘Celadon Porcelain’ at the gala. Well, do you want to know how he performed the song? Hand flute! Directly breathing air into his hands. Really amazing! You didn’t hear it yourself. I’ll tell you, it’s truly great! Simply the sounds of nature!”

“Normally, I think Fang Qiu’s hand flute performance should be a ‘Hot’ topic. But I don’t know why there are no related posts. No one recorded it? What a pity!”

“But anyway, ‘Hélène’ was supposed to be performed by Jiang Miaoyu alone. However, before she could sing, the power went out. Could you guys stand that? I can’t! I believe other male comrades can’t stand that, either!”

“At that time, the audience all got pretty p.i.s.sed off. Students almost made a scene. To appease everyone’s anger, campus belle Jiang proposed that she could simply sing it without music. Then, someone suggested that Fang Qiu could accompany her with his hand flute. That’s why they made a joint performance!”

“It’s our luck that a blackout happened. Misfortune might be a blessing in disguise! Otherwise, how could the show be so splendid? But the thing that irritates me most is that Fang Qiu not only plays the hand flute so great but also sings so beautifully. How could such a person exist? He is the common enemy of all boys!”

Reading all the comments, comprehension dawned on the students.

“It turned out to be campus belle Jiang! No wonder. Well, now campus belle Jiang is even more perfect in my mind!”

“I love Jiang Miaoyu!”

“Jiang Miaoyu is mine!”

“The love story between campus belle Jiang and I…(here omits ten million words).“

“Campus belle Jiang will be the mother of my children!”

As to Fang Qiu, he was simply forgotten by all the boys. No matter how impressive he was, in the eyes of other boys, he was just a shadow behind the campus belle!

Only a handful of bold girls posted comments like “Begging for Fang Qiu’s Photos!”, “Begging for Fang Qiu’s Contact Information!”, ”Begging for Fang Qiu’s Performance Footage!”

But those comments were scattered among all the other requests. Nearly no one responded to them, and no footage was posted.

However, Li Qings.h.i.+, who also saw the contents on the BBS, looked rather glum.

He was very clear that even though few people mentioned Fang Qiu, those who used the campus BBS definitely had remembered the name “Fang Qiu”.

Remembered that there was a boy called Fang Qiu who could accompany the song with his hands and was very good at singing!

Being a celebrity of the Jiangzhong Medicine University, how could he bear it?

After logging out the BBS, Li Qings.h.i.+ took a deep breath. He felt that he could no longer remain quiet.

Jiang Miaoyu should be his. No one could take her away from him!

On the BBS.

After reading the first post, the students clicked open the second one about the letter of challenge. But when they learned what had happened through the brief description, everyone found it quite awkward.

“The little freshman named Chen Cong seemed a bit reckless!”

“Think about the circ.u.mstances! It was the school gala. But that kid threw out a letter of challenge in the presence of everyone. He was asking blatantly for a fight, wasn’t he?”

“What he did simply equals to asking the school officials for punishment, right?”

Although they thought Chen Cong acted a bit silly, they also agreed that since he was so audacious to pick up a fight in public, he was also a quite amazing figure.

Besides, a lot of students were very interested to see whether someone would accept the challenge and turn up tomorrow night.

And they were even more interested in how the school would perceive and handle this incident.

Thus, many students who had no cla.s.s tomorrow night planned to have a look at it. Some even decided to skip their cla.s.ses for it.

After reading the two posts, all those who browsed the campus BBS shared the same feeling—there were many outstanding figures among the freshmen recruited this year!

First, there was the new campus belle. Then, there was a student who dared to snarl at a tyc.o.o.n and forced him to apologize to other students. Now, there was a guy who aced at playing the hand flute and singing and a boy who sent a letter of challenge in front of all school.

“Each of them is quite impressive!”

“Seems that this year’s freshmen are really sharp!”

At this thought, many hastened to open the celebrity ranking list on the campus BBS and clicked on the column “the first year”. The ranking was surely as they had expected.

Top one, Jiang Miaoyu, index: 29387

Second, the Upright Man (Rebuking Tyc.o.o.n), index: 12548

Third, Fang Qiu, index: 10376

Fourth, Chen Cong, index: 8375

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