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Chapter 10 A perfect pair!

A blackout occurred!

A fu*king blackout started!

At this moment, everyone went infuriated.

“It is the Mid-Autumn Festival gala!”

“It is the moment that the campus belle Jiang Miaoyu will open her mouth and sing a song!”

“But a power cut happened!”

The audience remained deathly quiet for a few seconds before bursting into thunderous roars of complaints, venting their infinite rage.

“Fu*k! How come the power failure occurred at this moment? Do they have no compa.s.sion at all?”

“My G.o.ddess is just about to sing. The power cut really picked its timing well! Coming at this joint!”

“What is the power supply bureau doing? Giving us a blackout on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, the Mid-autumn Festival! Don’t they fear of incurring public wrath?”

“Return my electricity! I need electricity! I want to hear Jiang Miaoyu sing!”

Furious protests grew louder and louder.

At the violent howls of rage, the dean, who had been sitting in the audience, was also taken aback. Scowling, he hastened to inquire the staff off the stage, “What’s wrong? Why there is a sudden blackout?”

The staff answered in a hurry, “At present, we don’t know the details. But the surrounding communities are also having a blackout. Perhaps a trip or cutting-out just occurred on our campus. I’ll investigate the specifics right off!”

After saying so, he took off in haste.

After the staff went away, the dean stood up. He felt the need to step forward at this moment and appease the raging audience. Otherwise, if some accident really happened, as the dean, he could hardly absolve himself from the blame.

Precisely at this moment, Jiang Miaoyu spoke on the stage.

“Please quiet down!”

Although it was she who was speaking, in comparison with the indignant snarls coming from all the audience, her voice was like a pebble being tossed into the sea, too insignificant to make any wave.

“Please quiet down!”

“Please quiet down!”

Jiang Miaoyu let out three anxious shouts in a row on the stage, but no one responded.

Now she became quite worried.

At this point, a voice as loud as a clap of thunder suddenly sounded over the sports ground.

“Jiang Miaoyu is asking everyone to quiet down!”

The voice instantly drowned out all the noises.

It was precisely Fang Qiu who said those words. Others did not hear Jiang Miaoyu’s words, but he heard them clearly.

Therefore, he said so.

However, he did not allow others to detect he was the speaker, because he changed his voice and let it burst out directly in the air.

Not a single person knew it was he who said those words.

When they heard that it was the campus belle who wanted them to be quiet, the whole audience, who had been overwhelmed by fury, immediately became silent and cast their eyes upon Jiang Miaoyu, whose figure looked mistily beautiful in the pool of the bright moonlight of the Mid-autumn Festival.

The dean also let out a sigh of relief and sat down, emotions rising in his heart.

“Seems that I’m living in a world where good-looks prevail!”

“Thanks, everyone!”

Jiang Miaoyu did a little bow and tried to speak as loudly as possible, “The song I’m supposed to sing is ‘Hélène’, Cai Chunjia’s version. I wonder if any of those students who did their performance with musical instruments is familiar with this song. If so, can you accompany me to sing this song?”

However, n.o.body replied.

Apparently none of them had listened to it ever.

Li Qings.h.i.+ could play the guitar, and he was really eager to accompany his G.o.ddess on the stage. But he knew nothing about the song.

“Well then, let me sing it without musical instruments.”

Just when Jiang Miaoyu finished those words, an abrupt shout suddenly broke out from the audience.

“Fang Qiu!”

At this, Fang Qiu went stupefied for a second.

But the eyes of everyone on the scene lighted up.


“Fang Qiu!”

“The show he just did is truly amazing. If he can play this song and accompanies our campus belle Jiang to perform it, they will be a perfect pair, a combination of two strong ones!”

“Fang Qiu! Fang Qiu!”

The crowd suddenly broke into a chorus.

Many turned to look at the area where Cla.s.s Three of the Chinese Medicine were sitting.

The whole school was staring at Cla.s.s Three, while the whole Cla.s.s Three was staring at Fang Qiu.

Fang Qiu looked around in a daze.

He could not figure out why everybody’s train of thoughts was so odd—naming him as the candidate!

On the stage, Jiang Miaoyu was looking expectantly at the position where Fang Qiu was in her memory. She asked, “Fang Qiu, can you play the song ‘Hélène’?”

Off the stage, Li Qings.h.i.+ looked a bit nervously towards Cla.s.s Three.

How he wished Fang Qiu did not know the song.

“If he knows, then, the impression he left Jiang Miaoyu will get considerably better.”

But Fang Qiu nodded and said, “Yes, I can.”

Although his voice was not loud, all the people on the sports ground heard it clearly.

“Then, could you accompany me for the song?”

Asked Jiang Miaoyu elatedly and hopefully.

Sun Hao and Zhou Xiaotian rapidly looked over their shoulders to stare at Fang Qiu, their eyes rather sharp.

As if they were telling Fang Qiu that if he refused, they would never let him off the hook.

As everyone was watching him intently, Fang Qiu slowly got onto his feet and strode up to the stage with a smile.

“It’s my honor.”

“Clap, clap, clap…”

Seeing Fang Qiu head for the stage, people in the surroundings immediately applauded enthusiastically.

At this, Li Qings.h.i.+ felt his heart missed a beat. A very bad feelings stole across his body, and a bitter sensation started to spread in his heart.

But Liu Feifei felt very happy for Fang Qiu.

“Good for you, kid.”

“Seems that you’re bound to s.h.i.+ne today!”

Arriving at the edge of the stage, Fang Qiu directly leaped up to the stage that was one meter and a half high.

Due to the darkness, no one caught clear sight of Fang Qiu’s movements. Instead, they felt like he just turned up on the stage all of a sudden and were sort of curious about how he had accomplished it.

But Jiang Miaoyu saw it quite clearly. She was a bit amazed by Fang Qiu’s leaping ability.

“Thank you, Fang Qiu.”

After getting over her amazement, she gave a courteous bow to him to show her grat.i.tude.

“You’re welcome.”

Fang Qiu also did a little bow in return.

“Then, the musical accompaniment is up to you.”

Said Jiang Miaoyu with sincere grat.i.tude, her eyes following Fang Qiu.

With the bright moon s.h.i.+ning, the two could clearly see each other’s expression.

“No problem.”

Fang Qiu said, “Shall we begin?”


Jiang Miaoyu turned around to face the audience and announced, “Please enjoy the song ‘Hélène’ performed by Fang Qiu and me. The voice might be a little small, but please pardon us.”

“It’s OK!”

Many responded from off the stage.

Jiang Miaoyu gave a smile, and then, nodded at Fang Qiu.

Fang Qiu caught the signal, and pressed his palms together and put them near his mouth.

In the pool of white moonlight, the two stood there motionlessly, as though a wonderful picture.

An elegant melody slowly streamed out through Fang Qiu’s fingers.

It was the same prelude as the blackout occurred before, though played by a different musical instrument. The tune the hand flute produced was quite beautiful as well.

Jiang Miaoyu’s fabulous voice also chimed in at great timing.

“Hélène, sitting by my side.”

“Thick longing for you, spreading along the moonlight.”

Although she only sang two lines, the whole audience went stupified.

“What a beautiful voice!”

“The campus belle is so good at singing!”

“She is not less than any professional singer!”

“Her voice and Fang Qiu’s accompaniment completed each other.”

“And created a kind of ethereal beauty!”

“The two’s joint performance is perfect!”

Despite the burning desire of cheering and applauding for Jiang Miaoyu and Fang Qiu, all the audience down the stage remained silent, because once they made a sound they would not be able to hear the wonderful singing. Thus, no one let out a sound. They just sat there listening quietly.

At this time, some of the students took out their smartphones and lighted up the screens. Then, they raised the smartphones up in the air and waved in silence.

More and more students joined their team.

Very soon, the entire sports ground was turned into a sea of light.

It looked as if cl.u.s.ters of fireworms were fluttering in the night sky, which was quite dazzling and spectacular.

It also took Fang Qiu by surprise that Jiang Miaoyu could sing so melodically. In particular, her pure and flawless voice made the song sound so warm and touching.

The playing continued.

“Hélène, being at your side.”

“Watching your smiling face, kissing the edge of your lips.”

“If love is a swing.”

“Then you’re my pivot.”

As Jiang Miaoyu’s singing sounded, a smile involuntarily played around everyone’s lips.

They seemed to have seen a girl in white sitting on a swing and swaying gently. That girl was the one they had a secret crush on or their old selves expecting love in the innocent middle school days.

“I just want to be with you, and you’re my starting point.”

“Hélène, is a stack of yesterdays.”

“How I wish I didn’t hear the sorry you said to me.”

“Hélène, is an air wire.”

“Only captures the past, the pictures from memories.”

“Without you, how do I perform”

“Those forevers that you said to me.”

Love in p.u.b.erty was always fragile. The “forever” lovers promised each other was to end up with apologies.

Everyone could not help but heave a sigh for their faded love.

Wafts of bitterness surged up in their mind.

After all, whose adolescence was not full of hope and dream?

And whose dream did not have the presence of the one they loved?

“Hélène, let me stick to love.”

“After all, I used to have it for a period of time.”

“Or perhaps, parting is another kind of help to you!”

“Love, will be put in my heart.”

“Some things don’t have a time limit.”


Everyone thought.

“Perhaps, parting is just another kind of help. I used to have your love for some time, and that is enough for me.”

“I’ll put the love in my heart and treasure it forever. No time limit is set. I’ll do so until the end of time.”

“No matter you are in which part of the world.”

“You’ll always live in my heart.”

After singing the above, Jiang Miaoyu, with everyone gazing at her bewilderedly, reached out a hand towards Fang Qiu.

Fang Qiu obviously froze for a second when he saw this gesture.

“What does she want?”

“Ask me to sing?”

“Didn’t she merely want me here to accompany her?”

“Why did she change her mind and want to turn this into a chorus?”

But there was no time for Fang Qiu to think it through. He just began to sing without music.

“Hélène, is an air wire.”

“Only captures the past, the pictures from memories.”

“Without you, how do I perform”

“Those forevers that you said to me.”


The whole audience was astounded.

His voice had captured everyone’s heart since he sang the very first line!

The most astonis.h.i.+ng thing was his singing was not inferior to Jiang Miaoyu’s at all!

Comparing to Jiang Miaoyu’s soft tune as if a girl was murmuring in her sweet dream, Fang Qiu’s magnetic voice was more like a young man was very coolly confiding his thoughts in wind.

This guy’s hand flute skills were already quite terrific. What was more, his singing skills were also fantastic. How could other people compete with him?

At this point, Liu Feifei was already at a loss about how to evaluate Fang Qiu.

That kid had not been hiding some insignificant skills, but great talents!

If she had known that Fang Qiu could sing so well, she would have signed up two shows for him.

Li Qings.h.i.+’s face turned rather nasty.

Fang Qiu was far more brilliant than he had imagined, which made him feel under pressure.

Jiang Miaoyu blinked her gorgeous eyes several times and looked at Fang Qiu in amazement. Nor did she ever expect that Fang Qiu was so good at singing.

In fact, she was intending to let Fang Qiu do a piece of solo with his hand flute, which would go pretty well with her previous singing.

However, to her surprise, Fang Qiu misinterpreted her gesture and went straight into singing by himself.

But the singing was even better than the music solo!

“Hélène, let me stick to love.”

“After all, I used to have it for a period of time.”

Although there was no music but his singing, it did not dent the performance effect.

It was incredibly beautiful.

They realized for the first time that a person could still sing so beautifully without music!

The girls underneath the stage started to gaze at Fang Qiu with glinting eyes.

While the boys were hoping they were the Fang Qiu standing on the stage.

The guy was just too cool and too awesome!

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