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Chapter 538 – 538 Qin Wuyuan Breaks Through to the Grandmaster Realm (2)

538 Qin Wuyuan Breaks Through to the Grandmaster Realm (2)

Mu Wan spoke softly, recalling the scene when she saw Han Muye integrating sword qi into pill refinement.

If she had not seen it with their own eyes, who would have believed that the sharp sword qi could be used to refine pills in a pill furnace?

My senior brother is really creative.

No, Han Muye is not just my senior brother…

Feeling a little shy, Mu Wan looked up at the three clouds.

“Pills! Pills! Pills! Pills!”

“Actually, why should we care about the shape of the medicine?”

Mu Wan’s words attracted everyone’s attention.

Some of the alchemists’ eyes twitched, as if their beliefs had been overturned.

Some people’s eyes flickered, as if a window in their hearts had been pushed open.

Qin Suyang turned to look at Mu Wan with approval in his eyes.

“That’s right. The so-called alchemy is just borrowing the power of heaven and earth to make up for your shortcomings. It doesn’t matter if it condenses into a pill or not.

“It’s really rare for you to have such comprehension at such a young age.”

Qin Suyang’s words made Mu Wan’s face flush with excitement. She hurriedly bowed.

The others looked at this scene with envy.

Being praised by Qin Suyang was not only a recognition of talent, but also an approval.

In the future, the Alchemy Dao of the Imperial City would definitely pay attention to such a rising talent.

“Although these three clouds haven’t formed a pill, the medicinal power is several times stronger than before.”

“As for those that have yet to condense a pill, it’s even easier to absorb without triggering the lightning tribulation. As long as you refine it into your bones, you can nourish it for a long time.”

Qin Suyang looked at the three clouds and narrowed his eyes. He said softly, “The most important thing is that this pill is softened by medicinal power. It can help cultivators below the Heaven Realm fuse with jade bones.”

Qin Suyang’s words stunned everyone. They even forgot to breathe!

The jade bones were formed by a Heaven Realm cultivator. However, their cultivation base and physical strength were not compatible enough, so they needed medicinal pills to help refine them.

However, the Bone Binding Pill that Han Muye had refined could actually allow an Earth Realm expert who could not condense a jade bone to refine it in advance.

In the Central Continent and the Imperial City, there were many sects that could obtain the jade bones in advance.

If this pill really had such an effect, it wouldn’t be long before many elites with Earth Realm cultivation and jade bones appeared among the younger generation of the Imperial City!

On the other hand, the value of this pill was many times higher than the original price of helping Heaven Realm experts fuse with their jade bones.

There were many people who were willing to spend spiritual rocks on their juniors.

Not to mention a cauldron of three pills, just this characteristic that could be used by juniors could increase the value of the profits 10 times!


In front of everyone, the black-robed Qin Wuyuan’s entire body surged with spiritual qi.

A vast soul power surged and spoke.

Joy flashed across Qin Suyang’s face.

“He broke through the bottleneck…” someone exclaimed.

From the looks of it, he had clearly comprehended something. This was a sign that his alchemy cultivation had increased.

Qin Wuyuan was already a peak Alchemy Master. If he advanced further, he would become an Alchemy Grandmaster!

The Qin Clan would have two grandmasters!

Today, everyone present was witnessing Qin Wuyuan’s breakthrough and becoming an alchemy grandmaster.

As for Qin Wuyuan’s opportunity to break through…

“Thank you for your guidance, sir.” Qin Wuyuan bowed to Han Muye, then turned to Qin Suyang and bowed. “Father, I’ll go into seclusion first.”

At this moment, he could no longer control the suppressed power in his body.

Qin Wuyuan called Han Muye ‘sir’!

Although everyone present was shocked, they were no longer surprised.

He used the Soul Empowerment Technique to practice alchemy and even helped Qin Wuyuan break through the bottleneck. He was worthy of the t.i.tle of ‘sir’.

The Soul Empowerment Technique was an extremely superior inheritance method.

Qin Suyang waved his hand. Qin Wuyuan turned around and walked straight into the quiet room at the back.

“Senior Su Yang, we’ll take our leave first.” Han Muye cupped his hands at Qin Suyang, then looked at Qin Siyu and nodded. He held Mu Wan’s hand and went downstairs.

If not for Qin Siyu, Han Muye and Mu Wan might not have been able to come upstairs.

After Han Muye and the others left, the others naturally hurried downstairs.

After all, Qin Wuyuan was in seclusion. It was not appropriate for everyone to stay.

Moreover, what they saw today was extremely shocking. At this moment, most of them were uneasy. They needed to go back and slowly calm down.

Qin Wuyuan of the Qin family had been guided to break through by the alchemy technique. He was a mysterious alchemy expert that even Grandmaster Qin Suyang treated as an equal.

Most importantly, this person looked extremely young!

The subversive perception brought about by Han Muye’s three clouds had confused many people.

As they were going downstairs, several white-haired alchemy masters almost fell down the stairs.

After cultivating alchemy all their lives, they realized that pills did not necessarily need to be formed.

Is alchemy still called alchemy? they wondered.

After everyone left, Qin Siyu turned to look at Qin Wuyuan.

“Grandpa, this, this gentleman…”

For a moment, she did not know how to express herself.

Originally, it was only because of Han Muye’s literary talent at the Spring Tide Pavilion that she recommended him to her grandfather.

However, she never expected that this would actually be her Third Uncle’s fortuitous opportunity.

Who is this person?

Qin Suyang waved his hand and put away the three clouds. Then he said calmly, “In the future, your third uncle will have to call him ‘Sir’. You should call him granduncle.”


He was of the same generation as his grandfather.

Qin Siyu looked up at her grandfather and saw that he was not joking.

“Lu Yang can call him granduncle, but can’t you?” Qin Suyang, who was walking downstairs, said calmly.

Lu Yang?


Qin Siyu gasped, “It’s him!”

The one who conferred deity t.i.tles with a single statement!

Confucianism Grandmaster Mu Ye.

No wonder he could modify poems in the Spring Tide Pavilion.

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