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Chapter 536 – 536 Qin Family, Grandmaster Qin Suyang (2)

536 Qin Family, Grandmaster Qin Suyang (2)

In Han Muye’s mind, the trajectory of the slap kept repeating.

He had comprehended the Pill Shaking Condensation Technique.

This method of extracting the essence and removing impurities was pa.s.sed down in the Qin family.

The difficulty of this technique was how to control the medicinal power in the cauldron.

From an outsider’s perspective, Qin Wuyuan seemed to be randomly slapping the pill. In fact, every time he slapped, it was in a regular pattern, hitting the joint where the medicinal power condensed.

Clouds churned above the Cloud Alchemy Mill.

However, these clouds seemed to be unable to find their location. Lightning kept flas.h.i.+ng inside, but it did not fall.

In the Central Continent Imperial City, the power of the Heavenly Dao had long been controlled. The lightning tribulation could not fall just like that.


The cauldron shook, and a pale golden pill flew out.

Qin Wuyuan grabbed it and flew up.

“I’ll be right there.”

The Lightning Attracting Platform was a place that specialized in triggering lightning tribulations in the Imperial City. It was protected by a formation that could ensure the safety of those who attracted lightning.

The Lightning Attracting Platform was also called the Tribulation Transcendence Platform.

There were 108 Tribulation Platforms in the Imperial City.

Ordinary Earth Realm cultivators needed to apply to use the Tribulation Platform, and they also needed three million spiritual rocks.

Alchemy Grandmasters did not need to do so.

However, they needed the authorization of the Pill Division to exchange contribution points for the qualification to attract lightning.

Thunder rumbled in the distance, but it stopped a moment later.

Han Muye’s gaze pa.s.sed through the window sill, and a trace of action flashed across his face.

With his affinity with lightning, he sensed that the power of the heavenly lightning was guided to land under the Imperial City.

Then the power was stored.

The entire Imperial City seemed to be protected by a powerful array formation.

This was normal. Without such a powerful array formation, how could the Imperial City be stable for countless years?

In just a moment, Qin Wuyuan had returned to his original position with the golden core pill in his hand. He revealed the pill in his palm.

There were two illusory horizontal lines on the cherry-sized pill.

It was extremely rare for a fifth-grade pill to reach the second transformation.

This medicinal pill had reached the top-grade. It was just a step away from becoming an immortal-grade pill.

If a Fifth Grade Pill was an Immortal Grade Pill, it would be worth at least 10 million spiritual rocks.

In the Alchemy House, everyone except Qin Suyang stood up and cupped their hands at Qin Wuyuan.

This was not only to congratulate Qin Wuyuan for refining a good pill, but also to thank him for giving everyone a chance to observe.

Pill Dao cultivation thrived for a long time because of sharing.

Han Muye looked at Qin Wuyuan in front of him, and the divine light in his eyes slowly faded.

Compared to the rules of the Imperial City, how could the other realms of the Heavenly Mystic World compare?

The decline of alchemy in the Western Frontier was not without reason.

“Grandmaster Wuyuan, you’re not far from Grandmaster Realm, right?” Looking at the pill, a white-haired old man said softly with a sigh.


Alchemy Grandmaster, one of the top alchemy masters in the world.

There were countless alchemy cultivators in the Heavenly Mystic World, and those who could reach the grandmaster realm were as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.

“Senior Shu Sun is wise. Wuyuan has touched that bottleneck, but his acc.u.mulation is still a little lacking.” Qin Wu originally nodded, but then shook his head regretfully.

He had really touched that bottleneck!

All the alchemists present were shocked.

Many people looked at Qin Suyang, who was sitting upright in front of them, and their eyes flickered.

Could it be that the Qin Family wanted two martial grandmasters?

“Senior Wu Yuan, why does the Three Essence Gra.s.s in the Bone Binding Pill need a hundred years of medicinal strength? This medicine is completely a supplementary medicine. There’s almost no increase in medicinal strength.”

A middle-aged man in his forties wearing a green robe and a golden alchemy master badge on his chest bowed. He held a jade box that was opened.

There were dozens of high-grade spiritual rocks in the jade box.

“A hundred-year-old Three Essence Gra.s.s is worth a lot.”

As the alchemist spoke, he pushed the jade box forward.

Qin Wuyuan put away the pill and took the jade box. Then he raised his hand and pointed. A golden rune turned into a stream of light and landed in front of the alchemist.

The alchemist’s spiritual will collided with the talisman and his expression changed. Then he revealed a look of sudden understanding.

“I see. Hu Si has learned his lesson.”

The alchemist cupped his hands and bowed in Qin Suyang’s direction. Then he turned around and stood at the back.

Hundreds of thousands of spiritual rocks for one question.

With a smile on his face, Qin Wuyuan swept the jade box in front of him and placed it in front of Fifth Miss Qin.

“Siyu, Third Uncle is giving it to you.”

Qin Siyu was Fifth Miss Qin’s name.

Qin Siyu took the jade box and smiled.

“Third Uncle, you want to hear Grandpa’s comments, right? I’m afraid this little spiritual rock is not enough.”

Qin Wuyuan, whose thoughts had been exposed by Qin Siyu, laughed and turned to Qin Suyang. “Father, please give me some pointers.”

At this moment, all the alchemists in the Alchemy House looked at Qin Suyang.

This trip was the right one.

Listening to the Alchemy Grandmaster’s evaluation, every word was a blessing.

Qin Suyang stood up and slowly turned around.

Under everyone’s expectant gazes, he looked at Han Muye and Mu Wan.

“What do you think?”

Instead of calling him little friend, he spoke directly to him and treated him as an equal!

Qin Suyang’s words silenced the entire Alchemy House.

What kind of person could make Qin Suyang treat him as an equal?

Qin Wuyuan’s eyes lit up as he looked at Han Muye.

Han Muye’s expression did not change. He turned around and said softly, “Junior Sister, did you gain anything?”

Mu Wan nodded, her face flushed.

She had a gentle personality and would not speak when there were many people.

Moreover, there were many Alchemy seniors in front of her.

However, since Han Muye asked, she said in a low voice, “I’ve watched Grandmaster Wuyuan refine pills to remove the impurities in the medicinal power. This method is indeed brilliant.”

She did not know the Qin family’s special technique, but she could sense its brilliance.

“During the process of refining this Bone Binding Pill, Senior Wu Yuan changed the pill three times, all with different techniques. Junior is impressed.”

Transforming pills removed the impurities in the pills. As a junior alchemist, it was unusual for her to be able to see these.

Even Qin Suyang took a few more glances at Mu Wan.

It seemed that this female cultivator’s alchemy talent was really extraordinary.

“Yes, it’s rare for Junior Sister to have these comprehensions.” Han Muye nodded and said softly, “During the refinement process of the pill, under the same medicinal strength, the purer the pill, the higher the quality.”

Speaking of this, he looked at Qin Wuyuan.

Han Muye was giving Mu Wan a chance to talk about her feelings.

If Qin Suyang personally spoke, wouldn’t Han Muye be looked down upon if he didn’t say something?

“Grandmaster Wuyuan’s Bone Binding Pill is refined smoothly. The method to refine the medicinal power is remarkable.”

Han Muye’s voice was light, like the evaluation of a superior.

If Qin Suyang had not asked him to comment, the surrounding alchemy masters and grandmasters would probably have changed their expressions.

Qin Wuyuan’s expression did not change as he looked at Han Muye.

“However, in my opinion, there’s actually no need to use the Pill Transformation Technique for this Bone Binding Pill.”

“Bone binding should start from this bone and use binding as a medicinal principle. It’s off.”

Qin Wuyuan’s expression finally changed.

The surrounding alchemists frowned.

Qin Siyu looked at Han Muye in confusion.


With a soft sound, a faint golden cauldron appeared in front of Qin Suyang.

“If you refine a cauldron of Bone Binding Pills, this old man will give you the qualifications to enter the Alchemy Division’s Book Depository and read for three days.”

Alchemy Division Book Depository!

In the Alchemy House, everyone exclaimed.

Even Qin Siyu looked at her grandfather in surprise.

The Alchemy Division was a sacred place in the Holy Land of Alchemy. Countless alchemy cultivators wanted to go there, but they couldn’t.

“Can this opportunity be transferred?” Han Muye looked at Qin Suyang.

“Of course.” Qin Suyang nodded.

Han Muye smiled.

“It’s not convenient for me to refine pills now.”

His words made the surrounding alchemists look disappointed. Qin Wuyuan frowned.

However, what he said next made everyone widen their eyes.

“However, I can use the Soul Empowerment Technique to let Grandmaster Wuyuan refine another furnace.”

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