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Chapter 535 – 535 Qin Family, Grandmaster Qin Suyang

535 Qin Family, Grandmaster Qin Suyang

One million spiritual rocks!

Zuo Yuting felt her heart skip a beat.

What kind of wealth does my shopkeeper have that he can come up with a million spiritual rocks so easily?

Many alchemists who were blocked outside also revealed strange expressions.

A million spiritual rocks just to observe alchemy once. This kind of thing happened, but it was not common.

Usually, only Grandmaster Alchemists would have them.

The young man also looked at Han Muye and sized him up. Then he shook his head and said, “Fellow Daoist, my Qin family’s Alchemy House is not like other places. Those who are not qualified—”

Before he could finish, a voice came from the door. “He Jin, has Third Uncle started refining the Bone Binding Pill?”

Everyone turned around and saw a woman in a scholarly robe standing at the door with a gray-robed old man.

“Old Patriarch, Fifth Miss.” The young man in the green-gray robe hurriedly bowed and said, “Grandmaster Wuyuan’s alchemy hasn’t started yet.”

Hearing that it had yet to begin, the girl’s face lit up. She turned around and said, “Grandfather, look. I almost missed watching Third Uncle refine pills.”

The old man beside her chuckled and walked forward.

The girl followed him forward. When she pa.s.sed by Han Muye and Mu Wan, she suddenly trembled.

“It’s you guys—”

She let out a low cry, then grabbed the gray-robed old man’s sleeve and muttered a few words.

The old man raised his eyebrows and looked at Han Muye and Mu Wan.

At this moment, it was as if a sharp sword light from the sky descended from the sky and stabbed at Han Muye’s head.

Han Muye took a step forward and reached out to protect Mu Wan.

The aura on his body did not change, and a deep spiritual light flashed in his eyes.

The old man’s expression changed from casual to solemn.

“I think I know who you are.”

The old man nodded and said, “Do you also study alchemy?”

Han Muye let go of Mu Wan’s arm and said calmly, “I’ve dabbled a little.”

Hearing his words, the old man waved his hand and walked upstairs.



Whether it was the young girl, the green-robed young man, or the alchemists behind, they all widened their eyes.

This senior used the word ‘please’.

In the Heavenly Mystic World, how many people were worthy of his invitation?

“Thank you.” Han Muye cupped his hands and led Mu Wan upstairs.

“Yuting, just wait for us downstairs,” Mu Wan turned around and instructed in a low voice.

Zuo Yuting’s alchemy cultivation was not suitable for watching a grandmaster refine pills.

Zuo Yuting nodded blankly.

She was already numb.

Qin Wuyuan, the third master of the Qin family, was in charge of the Alchemy House.

Qin Wuyuan was originally the direct descendant of the Qin family in the Imperial City.

The head of the Qin Family in the Imperial City, the Old Master Qin Suyang, was a rare Confucian Half-Sage, a peak Alchemy Grandmaster, and one of the three leaders of the Pill Division.

It was said that this person was very likely already a dual sage.

Qin Suyang became famous when he entered the Eastern Sea alone back then. He used his brush as a sword and killed with his calligraphy critiques. He suppressed several top experts of the Eastern Sea’s flood dragons and made them not dare to offend the Central Continent again.

The name Suyang’s Tongue Sword shook the world.

Such a top figure was treating Young Master with such respect, Zuo Yuting thought.

The young man in the green-gray robe looked at Zuo Yuting and pondered for a moment. He stepped forward and cupped his hands, “Fairy, I’m He Jin. I have something to ask you.”

On the third floor of the Qin family’s Alchemy House, when Qin Suyang walked up, all the alchemists who came to observe bowed.

This was a wide hall. On the high platform in front, a thin middle-aged man in black sat cross-legged. When he saw Qin Suyang, he stood up and bowed.

Qin Suyang waved his hand and walked to the front to sit in front of the small table.

The girl behind him walked over and subconsciously turned around.

She was Fifth Miss Qin from the Spring Tide Pavilion that day.

When she saw Han Muye and Mu Wan earlier, she thought of Han Muye’s talent when judging poetry and literature, so she introduced them to her grandfather.

However, she did not expect her grandfather to invite her.

In this world, how many people could make her grandfather invite them?

Even when it came to Minister Wen, the old master would sometimes curse at him at home.

The arrival of Han Muye and Mu Wan also made the alchemy masters and even grandmasters on the third floor reveal strange expressions.

He was too young.

If there was such a young alchemy master in the Imperial City, he would have long become famous.

Which family would not publicize such an elite disciple in a high-profile manner?

Even the black-robed middle-aged man in front of them looked at Han Muye and Mu Wan for a moment.

Han Muye didn’t care about the gazes of others. He held Mu Wan’s hand and walked to an empty spot to sit down.

The others gradually turned their gazes back.

He came here to observe the refinement of pills. Other matters were secondary.

They were all master alchemists and above. Their wills were firm and pure. Ordinary people could not compare to them.


A jade chime sounded. Grandmaster Qin Wuyuan, who was wearing a black robe, retracted his aura and a ball of flames rose from his palm.

The bronze cauldron flickered with spiritual light. It was obviously an extremely high-grade pill furnace. It wasn’t a magic treasure, but it was already spiritual.

Spiritual herbs were placed on the wooden platform one by one.

Han Muye stared at it as images flashed through his mind.

The cauldron in front of Qin Wuyuan vibrated, and a portion of spiritual herbs was thrown into it.

Throughout the entire process, no one spoke.

The cost of a fifth-grade medicinal pill and spirit medicine was close to a million spiritual rocks. It was not cheap.

If the pill was formed, it would be priceless.

Most importantly, the spiritual herbs needed for a fifth-grade pill were already precious and not common. If this spiritual herb was destroyed, who knew when the next pill refinement would be?

The pill furnace spun gently, and the flames churned.

Two hours later, the medicinal power in the cauldron had already condensed into a ball.

At this moment, Qin Wuyuan’s expression was solemn. The aura on his body was like an abyss. His hands turned into phantoms and kept slapping out.

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