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Chapter 545: Arcane Secrets Of The Sky Dragon’s Heart

“An ambus.h.!.+”

Eight huge auras surged out around them.

Luo Tian was caught off guard but his instinctive reaction allowed him to push Qin Changtian and Little Xie behind him. His eyes tightened and instantly activated level 7 Berserk, allowing the power of 128 times his attributes to burst out.


A dull explosion was heard.




Eight figures descended.

Little Xie immediately smiled and said: “They are the subordinates of my father – Frost Dragon Warriors.”

Immediately after…

Little Xie stood out and said: “Uncle Kai Lun.”

The eight people, correction – eight dragons, were covered in ice colored scales. They didn’t have the figures of dragons and looked very similar to normal humans. So basically, their icy looking skin and icy cold eyes were the only things different.

When they appeared, the surrounding temperature instantly plummeted.

It turned extremely cold, and even Luo Tian’s Profound Venerate 4th ranker body couldn’t help s.h.i.+vering.

Kai Lun’s eyes widened in shock. He quickly walked over with a smile and asked: “Yun Di, how come you’re back? Did you find His Highness?”

At this time…

Qin Changtian walked out from behind Luo Tian.

The surrounding people immediately kneeled down, “Paying respect to Your Highness!”

Luo Tian was secretly shocked as he never imagined Qin Changtian was the Dragon race’s young master.

Qin Changtian scratched his head and said with a smile: “I’m sorry for not telling you, big brother Luo Tian. It’s just that my ident.i.ty is a bit special…”

Luo Tian didn’t really care and replied: “It doesn’t matter, as long as you’re still the Qin Changtian I know.”

Kai Lun stood up and glanced at Luo Tian. He was very satisfied when he noticed Luo Tian used his body to protect Little Xie and Qin Changtian. He smiled in a friendly manner and said: “Thank you, human! Was it you that protected and escorted them back here?”

Before Luo Tian could respond, Qin Changtian said: “Big brother Luo Tian is very powerful. He was able to kill two Profound Saints, a Profound Emperor, and Karter by himself. If it weren’t for him, there’s no way would’ve made it back here alive.”

Little Xie nodded and said: “Uncle Kai Lun, it’s fortunate big brother Luo protected us throughout the journey, otherwise, we would’ve already died on the way back.”

Kai Lun gave an amicable smile and rummaged around before bringing out a crystal clear demon core. “This is a dragon crystal. Thank you for taking care of them all these days. This is a small token of my appreciation and we’ll consider this a gift of grat.i.tude.”

“You can leave this place now.”

The last sentence stunned Qin Changtian and Little Xie.

Luo Tian was also a bit surprised.

Qin Changtian couldn’t understand this scene and asked: “Uncle Kai Lun, big brother Luo Tian can help us. His goal in coming here is… is…”

While saying that…

Qin Changtian looked up at Luo Tian and asked: “Big brother Luo Tian, what’s your purpose in coming to the Sky Palace?”

They only know Luo Tian had a very important reason for coming to the Sky Palace. As for what it was, they didn’t know and never asked for details.

Little Xie also looked at Luo Tian.

He also wanted to know why Luo Tian had to come here.

When Luo Tian opened his mouth and was about to tell them, Qin Changtian turned around and said: “Uncle Kai Lun, big brother Luo Tian is my friend. I hope he can stay here.”

Kai Lun’s brows furrowed before replying: “Your Highness, he is a human.”

The word “human” was said with emphasis. Kai Lun looked at Luo Tian and couldn’t see through this youth. The youth had eyes like a deep and bottomless abyss, and this told him the youth was not ordinary at all.


When the eight of them exerted strength to reveal themselves, this youth instantly detected them and reacted. The aura on his body instantly rose up by several folds, showing how fast his reaction speed was. Kai Lun has never seen such fast reactions in his whole life before.

The meaning behind Kai Lun’s words was very obvious – humans cannot be trusted.

Qin Changtian seemed to not understand it and said: “I know he is a human but he is also my friend and someone that has saved my life. He is also the benefactor of my G.o.dfather from Sunset City. I want him to stay.”

Resolute and decisive.

Little Xie also added: “Uncle Kai Lun, big brother Luo is different from other humans. You should just let him stay.”

Kai Lun looked at Luo Tian and frowned. He then sent a sound transmission: “Kid, I don’t care who you are and what happened outside but you better not play any tricks here. With just your strength, you were able to kill Karter, two Profound Saints, and a Profound Emperor expert? I’m not a child like His Highness so you can’t deceive me.”

Honestly, if someone didn’t personally see it themselves, they too wouldn’t believe those words.

Kai Lun was very clear on Karter’s strength. He was also very clear on the strength of Profound Saint and Profound Emperors of the human race. Just based on Luo Tian by himself?

Absolutely impossible.

Moreover, just a glance and he could tell Luo Tian had a crippled dantian.

This was impossible on top of impossible.

Everything could possibly be a play put on by Luo Tian. A play that was meticulously arranged. Saving Qin Changtian and Little Xie were also carefully planned. Now that the Dragon race was at the brink of life and death, Kai Lun had to be extra careful in everything. Especially when it pertained to an unknown human.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and didn’t respond.

He didn’t want to explain.

It was also useless to explain. When someone didn’t trust you right from the start, explaining further would be of no use at all.

Sometimes a single act is more useful than ten thousand words.

Seeing how Luo Tian didn’t say a thing, Kai Lun felt like he had hit everything on the nail. The other Frost Dragon Warriors and he started feeling annoyed, so they stared at Luo Tian full of hostility.

Qin Changtian didn’t notice this and pulled Luo Tian’s hand. “Big brother Luo Tian, don’t mind it too much. Uncle Kai Lun is only acting this way because he’s thinking of the safety of our Dragon race.”

Luo Tian smiled and replied: “I know.”

Little Xie then asked: “Uncle Kai Lun, do you know where my father is now? We should immediately let the Dragon race know His Highness has returned and that the Dragon race has hope.”


Kai Lun nodded and said happily: “Since His Highness has returned, our Dragon race truly has hope.”


It can uplift morale and allow them to see light and the end of the tunnel.

All the Frost Dragon Warriors were excited as if the war was about to end.


Qin Changtian lowered his head like a child that had done something wrong. He softly said: “I, I, I still haven’t comprehended the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart. I’m… I’m so useless. I’ve disappointed everyone’s expectations.”

For a brief moment…

Apart from Luo Tian, everyone looked like a bucket of cold water had been poured over their head. No one was able to say a word.

Only the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart is capable of killing the Eight-winged Gold Dragon – Tai Long.

Tianxuan Continent’s main dragon bloodline was going to disappear just like that!

The only Dragon race left was going to be from the dark clans.

This was very heavy news.

Kai Lun forced a smile and said: “There’s no need to be anxious, Your Highness. We still have time… Who knows, maybe tomorrow you might just happen to comprehend the arcane secrets of it.”

At this time…

The dragon egg inside Luo Tian started rolling around.

Luo Tian asked: “Eggy, what on earth are you doing now?”

“Could it… could it be that you know the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart?”

The dragon egg started rolling about even more!

Luo Tian started smiling in excitement!

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