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Chapter 544: Sky Palace

(T/N: Sky Palace Divine Race is the literal translation of the raw, but the author is using it as a location name instead of a type of race. I don’t know why but I will just start referring to it as the Sky Palace from now on.)

“Our Dragon race might be destroyed soon…”

Those words were very serious.

When Little Xie said that, his eyes turned gloomy and his whole persona seemed to have fallen in pain.

Qin Changtian was startled by that and asked: “What about my imperial father?”

Little Xie became silent and didn’t respond.

Qin Changtian’s eyes started swelling up with tears. He suddenly rushed towards the entrance to the Sky Palace.

“Your Highness!”

Little Xie quickly chased after him in shock.

Luo Tian didn’t expect the Sky Palace would be so chaotic.

Dragon race!

One can say they are the strongest creatures in the Tianxuan Continent, so how can the Patriarch of the Dragon race die?

“d.a.m.n it!”

“No wonder it’s an SSS-rank quest! By stepping through the doorway, it may be similar to me stepping through the gates of h.e.l.l.” Luo Tian’s heart tightened. When he saw those two go through the stone door, he didn’t hesitate any longer. “Not to mention the gates of h.e.l.l, I’ll still have to go through if it’s the depths of h.e.l.l!”

“Eggy, this big brother is putting his life on the line for you.”

“If you don’t treat this big brother well after you hatch, this big brother will definitely kick you as far away as possible.”

The dragon egg faintly shook.

It was as if it was trying to be cute and suck up to Luo Tian.

Luo Tian rolled his eyes and quickly chased after them. “Wait for me!”

Once Luo Tian took a step into the area of the Sky Palace, the system instantly gave off an alert tone.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for completing the first part of the SSS-rank quest – Reach the Sky Palace location. You have gained 1,000,000 experience points, 100,000 profound energy…”


“The second part of the quest – Help the Dragon race solve their crisis.”

“Quest rewards will be 5,000,000 experience points and 500,000 profound energy.”

The second part of the quest was triggered!

Looking at the quest rewards, one could easily tell how hard the quest was going to be. Back then, an S-rank quest would give a million experience points. But the system threw out a 5 million experience points reward just like that, so the quest this time will definitely be very difficult. Luo Tian heavily exhaled before turning to head inside.


The Sky Palace is regarded as the most mysterious and strongest place of the entire Tianxuan Continent.

A place where the strongest creatures resided.

They were considered the rulers and the G.o.ds of the Tianxuan Continent. After the fall of the t.i.tan race, they were the race that rose up and dominated the whole continent. Ten thousand years ago, all the races were embroiled in a war. The Dragon race also partic.i.p.ated in the war but for an unknown reason, they withdrew from it and quickly hid themselves.

It was at this time…

Those with innate bloodlines exploded forth.

For a brief time…

The innate bloodlines of countless experts were awakened. In a short few years, humans managed to break through to the Profound Emperor, Profound G.o.d, and even the most supreme stage, the Profound G.o.d Sovereign realm. The strength of the Human race increased greatly and occupied most of the territories of the continent. Even parts of the sea were conquered by them.

The key to their breakthroughs was hidden inside their bloodline.

The Dragon race suddenly hid themselves because of the innate bloodlines.

What humans didn’t know…

It was the Dragon race that inadvertently triggered the ancient bloodlines of the Tianxuan Continent. This caused the martial path fever to sweep through the entire continent. The Dragon race was aware of the crisis in advance and understood if they didn’t hide themselves, they would definitely be hunted down. Their blood was one of the most powerful bloodlines on the continent! Thus, the Dragon Emperor used the power of their entire race to create the strongest barrier possible within the Tianxuan Continent.

They resided inside the Tianxuan Continent, but at the same time were above it.

Back then…

Apart from the Dragon race protecting themselves, there was also the Angel race.

The powerful barrier created was shared between these two races.

Except, they never imagined the changes that would take place these ten thousand years. The Sky Palace was no longer as harmonious as it was in the beginning.

Wars escalated.

And there were constant disputes over everything!

The origin of these wars was all caused by a Dragon clan getting together with an Angel clan – the Eight-winged Golden Dragon!

The strongest battle power!

The strongest physiques!

They became the strongest warriors amongst the two races.

However, no one imagined they would become the most terrifying existence. The two strongest forces in the continent gave birth to a war maniac! Their personalities were extremely brutal and they only cultivated dark energy. Apart from having the Dark Angels as their subordinates, they also had the Dark Dragon clan.

The Dark Angels had a Nether King.

And the Dark Dragon clan had a Black Dragon King.

Those two were once the strongest warriors of their clans. They were unparalleled in their ferocity and were absolute supreme experts.

The second part of Luo Tian’s SSS-rank quest – Help The Dragon Race Solve Their Crisis – was precisely to kill those two super-strong bosses.


Luo Tian looked at the new world before him and his gaze turned gloomy.

There was smoke everywhere and the earth was charred black. The sky was blood-red and the nearby forest was still burning. The town they were in was like a dead town without any aura of the living. Everything appeared to be enshrouded in the darkness of death.

“How, how, how did it turn out like this?”

“Everything was fine when I went out. How can a short one month turn everything into this?” Little Xie stared at everything in a dumbfounded manner. He was clenching his fists and feeling extreme pain in his heart.

It was the same with Qin Changtian. “This is supposed to be the Heavenly Sun Town. How come everything’s gone? How come…?”


There were no signs of life.

This place didn’t just experience a war, they practically experienced a catastrophe of complete annihilation!

Luo Tian walked up to those two and gently patted their shoulders. “Everything will get better.”

At this time…

Luo Tian was more anxious than those two. A place that looked like this did not look like some heavenly palace as described in legends. “Where am I supposed to find the Sky Dragon’s Bead now? Where should I go to complete my quest? d.a.m.n it, this place is a complete mess!”

“The strongest creatures in the Tianxuan Continent have been ravaged to this degree. My quest…”

“This is way too sick!”

Luo Tian’s heart sank and said out loud: “Now is not the time to feel pain. Isn’t it just a war? No one can be sure what the results will be until the last second. You two should raise your spirits. What we need to do is to find the Dragon race’s fortified stronghold and then figure out the situation.”


“What big brother Luo Tian said is right. We cannot give up until the last second,” said Qin Changtian in a firm manner.

Little Xie discerned the direction and looked over at a large mountain. “When I came out, my father had stationed some troops on Dragon Mountain. I’m not sure if they’re still around though.”

“We’ll know if we go there.”

Luo Tian and company quickly made their way there.

Throughout their journey…

There were charred dragon corpses, all kinds of dismembered limbs, and blood flowed like a river. Standing on top of the corpses were some large black birds pecking at the rotten meat of the bodies.

When Devil Monarch Skysoul attacked Heavenly Sword City, Luo Tian had experienced a major war first hand. But when compared to this place, Devil Monarch Skysoul was pretty much a cute little doll. The war grounds of this place were absolutely cruel and brutal beyond words!

Luo Tian’s mind turned gloomy as he commented to himself: “So cruel…”

A little more than two hours later.

The three of them arrived at the foot of Dragon Mountain. It was completely quiet and didn’t look like soldiers were stationed here.

“Did the troops withdraw voluntarily?”

“Or were they beaten back by the Black Dragon King?”


Luo Tian was alarmed and instantly pushed Qin Changtian and Little Xie behind him. He then shouted: “Watch out! There’s an ambus.h.!.+”

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