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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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After being shocked with the illusory image behind w.a.n.g Wei, the room became quiet. The people pondered the Young Master’s word.

Many of them have spent countless years cultivating, yet they could not grasp such profound truth, yet an eight year old with no cultivation realized something they spend their whole life pursuing.

Many of the Elders became enlightening, their state of mind greatly improved. It is estimated they will soon make some progress in their cultivation.

The person who benefited the most was w.a.n.g Wei’s father, w.a.n.g Tian. After hearing his son’s word, he suddenly understood his next path.

Afterward, the supreme sword intent that emanated from him disappeared; he became just like an ordinary person.

The Sect Master reached the state of returning to natural.

When the Elders and Great Elders noticed the situation of the Sect Master, they all stood up and saluted:

“Congratulations Sect Master for getting one step closer to the realm of Supreme!”

That’s right, w.a.n.g Wei’s father has a Saint Realm cultivation, and now, he is one step away from the Supreme Realm.

At that time, people will have to refer to him as True Monarch, just like every other Supreme Realm powerhouse. However, that’s still for the future.

After hearing these congratulations, Sect Master w.a.n.g laughed heartily and waved at them to be excused.

“Hahaha, fellow elders, you do not have to be polite. One day, all of you will have the same chance as me.”

The elders nodded politely and wryly. They knew that the Sect Master was just being polite. How many people are stuck in the realm of Saint for the rest of their lives? Not everyone has the qualification to attack the Supreme Realm.

Especially because of what happened in their generation.

There may be a Glorious Time coming in this generation’s Heaven Will, but, they were the ones who paid the price to create such an era.

They all sighed, and removed the negative thoughts out of their mind.

w.a.n.g Wei also noticed the change in his father and he was quite happy for him.

Soon after, Sect Master looked at his son with satisfaction and said:

“Good son, good son, good son, Wei’er, since you can notice the importance of Dao Heart, what are you going to do about it?”

Sect Master w.a.n.g knew that his young son had a very detailed and methodical mind. Since he brought it up, he must have some sort of plan.

Hearing his father’s words, w.a.n.g Wei was excited and quickly took a bunch of drawing from a ring on his finger.

This was a s.p.a.ce Ring with a large inter-dimensional s.p.a.ce inside that he could put things in it. This ring was a birthday gift he received when he was five. This ring was special because it did not require any energy to open it, just thought.

w.a.n.g Wei walked to his father and elders and presented them with a drawing. The purpose of the drawing was to create a paG.o.da with many layers.

In each layer, there would be a powerful illusion designed to polish a person’s Dao Heart.

After seeing the design and hearing w.a.n.g Wei’s explanation, the upper level of the Dao Opening Sect were shocked at the ingenious idea behind this design.

Then they began to ponder the possibility and resources needed to build such powerful magical artifacts.

“Our Refining Hall should be able to build such an artifact with the help of the Formation Hall. However, we would need someone who cultivated the Dao of Illusion to a very high level to bring out the maximum potential of such a weapon.”

“How about contacting the Eternal Dream Sect in the Southern Vermilion Continent. They always had a good relation with our Dao Opening Sect.”

“No, the Eternal Dream Sect focused more on Dream Dao. Illusions are just a minor path for them.”

“Furthermore, it is best to keep such a thing private for a while, lest our enemies used despicable means to hinder us. Although we are not afraid, it is better to be low-key before finis.h.i.+ng refining the paG.o.da.”

Suddenly, w.a.n.g Wei intervened and said:

“It is better to invite the matriarch of the Fox Demon Clan. She is a True Monarch that reached the peak on the Dao of Illusion. Although she is powerful, the fox demon clan only have her to rely on and they are not doing too well in the Demon Clan. As long as we promised her to protect her clan, she will gladly help us.”

Hearing w.a.n.g Wei’ suggestion, the elders felt that this proposition had a great probability of being realized.

They were not surprised with w.a.n.g Wei’s word. Throughout the years, the elders had long realized that their Sect Young Master was far matured for his age and was a man of great wisdom.

Suddenly, someone moved and attracted the attention of everyone else. It was the Great Elder of The Punis.h.i.+ng Hall. As the name suggested, she was in charge of punis.h.i.+ng the disciples of Dao Opening Sect that broke the rule.

She was a beautiful woman with great power–given the fact that she was essentially the law enforcer of the sect. She was also a person with a detailed and meticulous mind.

There are rumors circulating in the sect that she was romantically entangled with the Sect Master when they were young. However, no one dared to talk about these gossips in public due to fear of her power.

The Punis.h.i.+ng Hall Great Elder said:

“We should probably notify the Supreme Elders. After all, if we succeed in making this Polis.h.i.+ng Dao Heart PaG.o.da, all of the members of the sect will benefit from it.”

After hearing Great Elder Yan Mei’s word, they immediately realized something. Yes, after making this magical treasure, it would become a treasure that further increases the foundation of the Dao Opening Sect.

All the disciples–whether outer, inner, and core disciples–could use the paG.o.da to establish their own firm Dao Heart.

From now on, the Dao Opening Sect will be able to cultivate Heaven Chosen with very powerful Dao Heart. Even if they could not compete for the Heaven Will, as long they could a.s.sist the young master on his journey.

Heck, even the people in this room will greatly benefit if the PaG.o.da reaches a certain level as a magical artifact.

Afterward, all the people directly looked at Sect Master. w.a.n.g Tian, who immediately afterward spread his Divine Sense a few miles away and started communicating with his father.

Soon, he excitedly said: ” The Supreme Elders are leaving the Cottage. They will personally oversee the refining of the PaG.o.da.”

Hearing this, all the great elders and elders were excited. Their Dao Opening Sect is about to make great moves that will shock the entire world.

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