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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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Few months have pa.s.sed since w.a.n.g Wei had a meeting with the Upper management of the sect.

Soon after the meeting, the Supreme Elders–which all had the cultivation level of Supreme Realm–quietly left their place of retreat.

This was actually world shaking news. In the last generation, for some reason, the Path of Supreme was entirely cut off.

No matter how powerful or heaven defying a Heaven Chosen was in the last generation, no one could enter the realm of Supreme. This was the reason that w.a.n.g Wei’s father was still in the realm of Saint.

As for w.a.n.g Wei’s generation, many of the Heaven Chosen have just been born and have not even started cultivating yet. And if they have, they are in a low level realm.

In fact, many of them have not even proven to the world they can gain the t.i.tle of “Heaven Chosen”. The reason people already called them that is because once they were born, many Heaven Phenomena appeared–just like w.a.n.g Wei.

Furthermore, many people born with a special physique appear at the same time all over the world. Especially people with special bodies in the 3000 Heaven Physique List. This was a list certified by Heavenly Dao itself.

What’s even more shocking is that two of the top 3 Physique already appeared. Throughout the history of the Myriad Emperor Plane, the appearance of one of the Top 3 physiques was rare enough, let alone two appearing at the same time.

As a precedent, once that happens, it can only mean one thing: the three top physiques will be born at the same time and a Glorious Time will be born.

The fight for Heaven Will will be a fierce one; Heaven Chosen will be everywhere like dogs. As such, the Emperor created in this era will be a very powerful one.

Coming Back to the topic.

The appearance of the Supreme Elders brought a shock to the world since they technically have not seen a Supreme Realm for close to two generations.

Although the Supreme Elders tried to be as low-key as possible, when the Dao Opening Sect started searching for some rare and precious materials, the powerful groups of the world sent their spy agencies to acquire news.

These sects did not find specifically what the Dao Opening sect was doing, but they still got some news. Furthermore, when the Supreme Realm powerhouse of the Fox Demon clan moved the whole clan to a domain that belonged to the Dao Opening Sect, the whole world knew that something big was happening.

After a few months of work, the Polis.h.i.+ng Dao Heart PaG.o.da was successfully refined. The only reason it took such a short time was due to the fact that many Supreme Realm powerhouses worked together as a team.

And it turned into a Quasi-Emperor Artifact.

w.a.n.g Wei learned from the library that weapons in this world were divided into seven ranks: Profound, Earth, Heaven, Saint, Supreme, Quasi-emperor, and Emperor.

In fact, there is another rank called Immortal weapons. According to the information in the library, Immortal weapons are more powerful than Quasi-Emperor, but far inferior to Emperor weapons.

After seeing this, w.a.n.g Wei went and asked his father about Immortal Weapons, but his father quickly shushed him and told him never to talk about these unless he reached a certain level.

From what w.a.n.g Wei observed the past few years, anything related to Immortal seemed to be a taboo or some sort of open secret that you have to reach a certain level of cultivation and status to know.

In the end, w.a.n.g Wei had to sighe that the waters in this world were indeed deep.

The reason that the Polis.h.i.+ng Dao Heart PaG.o.da reached the level of Quasi-Emperor instead of the Supreme Tier has to do with w.a.n.g Wei.

At an early age, w.a.n.g Wei discovered that illusion had little to no effect on him because of his mysterious soul. So, to make sure that the PaG.o.da had an effect on him, when it was being refined, he released a small part of his soul in it.

Thus, after pa.s.sing the Heavenly Tribulation, The PaG.o.da reached the level of Quasi-Emperor–which surprised many people.

Today was the day that the PaG.o.da opened.

w.a.n.g Wei stood in front of it with an excited face. There was a little fat boy standing half a step behind him. This boy’s name was Li Jun. He was w.a.n.g Wei’s only true brother in the Dao Opening sect.

Li Jun’s life in the Dao Opening sect was somewhat of a tragedy. The Polis.h.i.+ng Dao Heart PaG.o.da was his only chance to change his future. So, he stood there with a look of determination on his little chubby face.

Soon, the paG.o.da started working, w.a.n.g Wei, Li Jun, and many core disciples entered and started their journey. As for the inner and outer disciples, they have to wait for their turn.

In the First Layer of the PaG.o.da, w.a.n.g Wei found himself in a vast and endless desert. His body looks and feels ordinary. You know, despite the fact that w.a.n.g Wei is eight years old, his original body was as strong as an Olympian athlete in his previous life due to all Heaven and Earth Treasure he consumed daily.

Even the milk w.a.n.g Wei drinks everyday is from a powerful beast with high cultivation. All of these is to lay a solid foundation for his future cultivation. Only Emperor level forces can afford the resources to train true Heaven Chosen like w.a.n.g Wei.

However, in this PaG.o.da, w.a.n.g Wei’s body is quite ordinary, and even a little malnourished. But he did not care, he knew this was part of the test. He packed the little food and water he was given.

After inspecting his body, w.a.n.g Wei began to walk in a direction.

He walked for twelve hours straight. Soon, he became thirsty and hungry. He took a bite of his bread, drank a little water, and continued his journey.

Three days pa.s.sed, and w.a.n.g Wei continued walking without direction. His clothes were tattered, his shoes were already burned by the heat of the desert sands and his feet were full of blisters.

His body was full of both burn marks from the overbearing heat of the sun and frost bite from the cold wind of the desert night when the temperature dropped below freezing point.

For some reason, the amount of food he had never increases or decreases: just the right amount to keep him alive, nothing more and nothing less.

At this point in time, w.a.n.g Wei became quite delirious. There was a voice in his head constantly telling him to give up. It was telling him that he was the future Sacred Son of the Dao Opening Sect, that he was born n.o.ble. He did not have to go through such pain and suffering.

Many times he wanted to listen to that voice, many times he wanted to quit or even kill himself to end this misery.

But every time, he would think of his mother, father, and grandfather. He would think of the expectation that the sect had of him. He would think about his goals of one day bearing Heaven Will and proclaiming himself Emperor.

He gritted his teeth and continued.

Soon, seven days pa.s.sed.

w.a.n.g Wei’s body was slowly falling apart. He was so skinny that his clothes became loose on him. Underneath his s.h.i.+rt, you could not even distinguish between his skin and his ribs. His arms were so thin that you could use it as a ruler.

The skin underneath his foot has been burned off–you could only see his muscle oozing out blood with every step, leaving a trail of blood, hards.h.i.+p and misfortune.

w.a.n.g Wei’s body was simply not functional anymore. He was moving simply by his cheer will and determination.

Despite all this, he continued his walk forward. Not even death itself could stop him.

Meanwhile, outside of the PaG.o.da, the elders and disciples were shocked. There was a formation that showed what was happening inside the paG.o.da for the rest of the people to watch.

The result of many of the disciples were quite abysmal. Few were able to last more than a couple of hours. The best result so far was the Rank 1st Contemporary Sacred Son, which lasted three days.

Two people lasted the longest (7 days): one of them was of course w.a.n.g Wei, the other, surprisingly, was Li Jun.

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