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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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Sovereign Ji Wen was sitting on his throne with a gloomy look on his face, contemplating his next plan of action when someone notified him of the arrival of the Prime Minister.

With just one look, Zhao Yan could tell that his highness was not in a good state. As such, he immediately inquired about what exactly happened. When he heard the whole story about Crown Prince Ji Song’s fate, he too was shocked and perplexed.

As such, he asked. “So, what do you plan to do now, your majesty?”

“I can tell you Zhao Yan, the idea of an Emperor Dao War is currently reverberating in my mind right now.”

Upon hearing this, the prime minister’s heart started accelerating, his palm became sweaty and his mouth seemed to be dry as if he was thirsty. As a powerful cultivator, how can he be thirsty?

Despite all of his internal change, his face remains calm and his mind still sensible. He sighed, then replied. “I understand the anger you feel right now, your majesty, but you must calm down and think things through rationally.”

“Zhao Yan, I know that an Emperor Dao War will involve our Great Zhou Imperial Dynasty fighting to the death with the Dao Opening Sect until one of our Lineage is completely destroyed. However, when I think about what they did to Song’er, I just can’t calm down.”

Prime minister Zhao Yan took a deep breath to recollect himself, then continued. “An Emperor Dao War would involve countless resources such as pills, weapons, and talismans. Then, all the cultivators whose lifespan was coming to an end and sealed themselves would awaken from their slumber. After which, even Emperor Artifacts will be involved in the war.”

“More importantly, even the sleeping Immortal Venerables will have to be awakened. An Emperor Dao War could eventually drag the entire Myriad Emperor Plane into war and countless slaughter.”

Prime minister Zhao Yan started walking back and forth while thinking. “Your majesty, the Dao Opening Sect is one of the oldest sects in the world. You can imagine how many powerhouses are secretly sealed in there, how deep are their foundations. Although the Emperor Enlightening Academy claimed to have a deeper foundation than them, we all know that it is actually not true.”

Sovereign Ji Wen clenched his hand so hard that his throne–which is made of Supreme tier material–started to deform a little. ” I know all of this, Zhao Yan. I’m just a little unwilling.”

The prime minister sighed, then continued. “Your majesty, based on recent events, we can tell that the Dao Opening Sect is willing to go to extreme lengths for this generation’s Heaven Mandate Battle. A few months ago, they even woke up one of their Immortal Venerable and almost destroyed the Heaven Mystery Pavilion.”

“From the information that we gathered, they wanted something from the Pavilion so badly that they were even willing to break the [Immortal-Avenue Pact] and involve the Immortal Realm powerhouse in the world.”

Sovereign Ji wen also sighed as he understood the prime minister’s meaning. The Dao Opening Sect can easily break the [Immortal-Avenue Pact], they will also not hesitate to start an Emperor Dao War. And with the deep and unfathomable foundation, they will most likely be the final winner. Although unwilling, Sovereign Ji Wen knew that he had to swallow this bad breath.

While Sovereign Ji Wen was lamenting his helplessness as a ruler, First Prince Ji Su and Imperial Guard Leader Zhou Fan walked into the Hall.

Immediately after entering the Hall, Zhou Fan knelt on one knee and said, “Your majesty, as long as you order, I will lead our army in a crusade against the d.a.m.n Dao Opening Sect.” After saying this, he gave a slight look toward Ji Su.

Noticing the strange behavior of Zhou Fan, Ji Wen could already guess what happened. He looked at his oldest son and said, “Su’er, you did the right thing not to let Zhou Fan attack the Dao Opening Sect in Falling Leaves City. Now, it is not time for war.”

Ji Wen then looked at the unwilling Imperial Guard Leader and said. “You do not need to be angry. Crown Prince Ji Song will be fine.”

After saying this, Sovereign Ji Wen dismissed everyone else without much explanation and headed deep in the Royal Family Tomb to wait for his son’s return after experiencing Nirvana.

Meanwhile, in the Spirit Road Trial, three days went by smoothly.

w.a.n.g Wei, who was waiting, heard the sound of animals galloping. When he exited his little wooden house, he saw Li Jun and a bunch of people riding a bunch of weird four-legged animals. These animals seemed to be the combination of horses and bulls. They had legs like horses, two horns, and a robust body.

w.a.n.g Wei frowned when he saw all of these people. He then used the communication talisman to warn Li Jun to stop at a certain distance so that they are not harmed by all the traps laid around the base camp, then told him how to navigate through the traps safely.

After successfully stopping at an appropriate distance and finally personally meeting with w.a.n.g Wei, Ji Jun rushed over and asked. “Big brother, how are you doing now?”

“I’m fine. Well, I’ll live. Why did you bring so many subordinates?”

Li Jun seemed to be aware of something, then answered promptly. “You do not need to worry big brother. I have experienced life and death with these people. Additionally, I have used what you have taught me and used benefits to tie us together as a group. I promised them that they can all enter our sect after the trial.”

“Well, that’s good,” w.a.n.g Wei patted his shoulder, then continued. “Do you have any healing pills from any secret realms?”

Li Jun then searched his s.p.a.ce ring and took out a few pills. “I have a few Low-grade Earth Tier Bone Connecting Pills. All the other ones are too powerful for us to take.”

“Well, this should do. With this pill, I can heal my injuries in just half a month.”

After this, w.a.n.g Wei began to properly heal under the protection of Li Jun and his subordinate, while chatting with him of his experience the past 8 months.

w.a.n.g Wei knew that Li Jun was transported in the Central Domain and had his own subordinate. Unlike him who became a solo player, Li Jun decided to build a reliable team. However, he did not know the exact experience of his little brother.

In fact Li Jun’s experience was actually quite simple and straightforward. After entering the Spirit Road Trial, he fought a bunch of partic.i.p.ants, however instead of killing them, he asked them to surrender to him. He accepted those who did and killed the ones that refused.

After teaching his subordinate proper team work, he started to spread his prestige throughout the Central Domain. Then, in the second half of the trial, he occupied one of the newly opened cities. As a city lord, Li Jun organized trade of various items such as food, weapons, pills, and even cultivating techniques. Although the partic.i.p.ants cannot cultivate during the trial, many of them who are of low background used this opportunity to find better cultivation methods for the future.

In general, Li Jun’ stay in the trial was actually quite moist. Of course he did not do all of these for nor reason. Li Jun knew that the sect was training him to be a powerful general that could pave the way for w.a.n.g Wei’s Path of Emperor.

In order to be prepared for the future, he started training troops and also learned how to be a good leader or commander.

Li Jun knew that his big brother was extremely talented and wise. As such, as he grows more powerful, many people will want to follow him and be the vanguard to his army. If he is not able to keep up with his big brother’ step, although he knew that he would not be replaced on account of their brotherhood, his position will become quite awkward.

Furthermore, his big brother might not say anything about him if he cannot keep up, but the sect will have no such scruples. The motto of the Dao Opening Sect has always been that they do not raise waste.

Soon, seven days pa.s.sed. w.a.n.g Wei had removed the stint on his arm and was doing some light exercise with his hand.

In just a few days, his broken arm had already healed, and his ribs were already grown and reconnected. The only trouble left was his injured spine, which will take some time to heal.

While w.a.n.g Wei was doing a punching routine, Li Jun ran towards him with some information.

“Big brother, do you remember the guy you told me to look out for?”

w.a.n.g Wei was briefly confused before he realized that Li Jun was talking about the kid he met in Falling Leaves City that made his Qi Dragon act weird. w.a.n.g Wei then motioned him to continue.

“Well we found him in the Eastern Domain through the tracking talisman you placed on him. After which, just like you asked, we secretly tracked him. Just now, I received the information that this kid was lucky enough to enter a secret realm.”

w.a.n.g Wei’s eyes immediately lit up. The lucky encounter of that kid is probably the reason that his Luck Dragon was acting so weird. ‘He must have gotten something that is very useful to me,’ thought w.a.n.g Wei.

“Where is he now?”

“My subordinates have subdued him and are bringing him here. They should arrive in just a few days.”

“Good, good.” muttered w.a.n.g Wei. He was truly looking forward to what kind of opportunity this kid will bring with him. As a person with a n.o.ble background, there are a few things that can bring him a true sense of excitement.

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