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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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w.a.n.g Wei spent a few minutes contemplating his new power as a Young Emperor. He became excited as he knew that he had another powerful card up his sleeve during his future cultivation path.

w.a.n.g Wei knew that the more hidden means he has and the more diversified his hidden cards are, the better chance he has at surviving different situations. The cultivating world is weird and complex, a person can never say they are adept to survive all its intricacies. w.a.n.g Wei did not want to be like the fellow transmigrators from his past life that mostly relied on luck to survive most situations.

While w.a.n.g Wei was distracted by his newfound power, a sudden sharp pain woke him up, reminding him of the terrible shape that his body was currently in. Without hesitation, w.a.n.g Wei took out a blood red pill and swallowed it.

This Blood Regeneration Pill was a Low level Profound Tier Pill used by Bodyrefining and Divine Sea Realm cultivators to heal.

w.a.n.g Wei frowned as he noticed the low efficiency of this pill. “This probably was the lowest grade pill that he had ever taken in his life,” thought w.a.n.g Wei. However, he has no choice now since this was the highest level of pill allowed to bring from the outside.

According to this speed, it will take him at least two month to recover all of his injuries, which was too slow. In his current state, if he encounters another enemy, he will be in grave danger.

w.a.n.g Wei then made a splint with the scattered wood in the forest for his broken right arm, then took another Blood Regeneration Pill.

He walked over to Ji Song’ side, took out three jade talismans. The first one was a sleeping talisman, which placed the crown prince in a deep coma and prevented him from waking up.

w.a.n.g Wei placed the second one on Ji Song’s forehead or the Niwan Aperture–which the resting place of the soul–while the third talisman was placed above his heart. Then, w.a.n.g Wei took out a few Origin Sources as energy to activate them.

The second talisman began to scan every part of Ji Song’ soul, while the third one scanned all of his body’s blood, skin, muscle, and blood marrow. Due to the fact that the crown prince has not started cultivating yet and has not opened his Niwan Aperture, his scanning process was more brutal than Han Li’s.

w.a.n.g Wei watched as Ji Song started seizing on the floor, then blood flowed out of every gap on his body: whether it was his eyes, nose, or ears, they were dripping with blood.

His body started cramping and twisting in strange ways, then Ji Song began to scream in agony. However, the first talisman still kept him unconscious. Whether this was a good thing for him or not, maybe only he knew.

w.a.n.g Wei watched all of this without much reaction, then muttered. “The Path of Emperor is a cruel one. If one day you are able to sit up in that Supreme Throne, then my fate will be at the mercy of your compa.s.sion. So, I must be the final winner, no matter what.”

After a few minutes, the talisman located above his heart started to draw a crimson-red drop of blood from Ji Song’s body: it was his source blood.

This drop of blood contains Fragments of the Law of Power. After the first drop was taken out, soon, more were taken from Ji Song’s body. However, after the fifth drop, when the sixth one was about to take, a sudden fluctuation came deep from the crown prince’s body, then he disappeared.

“Void Breaking Talisman?” muttered w.a.n.g Wei. He was not surprised by Ji Song’s disappearance as he knew that the crown prince most likely had life saving means implanted on him.

What caught his attention was the method used. Most powerful factions will use a secret technique that transport their candidates to a secret and secure location, then heal them.

However, the Great Zhou Imperial Dynasty used a Void Breaking Talisman that allows Ji Song to forcibly break out of the Spirit Road Trial. You should know that the trial takes place in a separate realm or s.p.a.ce created by Heavenly Dao itself.

To be able to use force to break out of such a secret realm proves how powerful the Breaking Void Talisman is, also, how precious it is. The Great Zhou Imperial Dynasty truly placed a lot of care on their crown prince.

w.a.n.g Wei took a jade bottle to carefully store the five drops of source blood, then placed the bottle and the remaining two talismans in his s.p.a.ce ring. Following which, he took another communicating talisman and called someone.

“Hey, Li Jun, where are you now?”

“Big brother w.a.n.g Wei, you finally communicated with me again after more than 2 months. Currently, I’m still in the Central Domain.”

“That’s not too far. I’m currently severely injured, I need you to come pick me up.”

Li Jun on the other side of the communication talisman had an incredible look on his face. He had gathered information on his big brother and he knew how powerful he was as the Hunter, yet he said he was severely injured. Who could do such a thing?

Suddenly, Li Jun thought of something, then immediately asked. “Big brother, did you get the information and material you needed?”

“Yes, I just finished.”

“Good, good, good. Then our plan is one step closer. Don’t worry big brother, I’ll be here in seven days, no, make that three days.”

“I’ll be waiting then.”

While w.a.n.g Wei was waiting for Li Jun’s arrival, a great storm was taking place outside in Falling Leaves City.

Somewhere in an Inn, First Prince Ji Su, Retired Prince Ji Xiang, and the head of the Imperial Guard, Zhou Fan, were eating and talking in a private room.

Suddenly, the void fluctuated and a person instantly appeared in the room. Ji Xiang was the first to notice the change in the environment and screamed. “Who is so bold?”

However, he soon discovered that it was his bleeding nephew that appeared here with the Breaking Void Talisman provided to him. He rushed over to check his condition. Immediately afterward, Ji Su and Zhou Fan noticed something and followed.

Retired Prince Ji Xiang scanned Ji Song’s body with his powerful divine sense, frowned with a cold look in his eyes, then threw a pill in his mouth to stabilize his injuries.

Ji Su rushed over and knelt in front of his Ji Song. “What happened to my little brother? How come he is so gravely injured?”

Ji Xiang answered in a cold and murderous tone. “His soul has been forcibly scanned and searched, and more than five drops of source blood have been taken from him.”

“Great-uncle, what does that mean? What is going to happen to my brother?”

“It means that Song’er is basically crippled. Not to mention the Heavy Axe Physique, even cultivating will be extremely difficult for him from now on.”

Both Ji Su and Zhou Fan became furious, they could not imagine how the crown prince would be so heavily injured while taking part in the Spirit Road Trial. According to his current situation, his future seems to be bleak as his Path of Emperor was permanently cut off.

Ji Xiang started to think while he looked at the pale and feeble complexion of his nephew with a look of pity, then he seemed to have made a certain decision.

He waved his hand to wrap Ji Song with his power, then with a swish sound disappeared from the room. The only thing left of him that could prove his previous existence in the room was his last word.

“I will bring Song’er back to see his Majesty.”

Ji Xiang forcibly broke the void easily. The s.p.a.ce around him bent according to his will. In just a few minutes, he already crossed countless Domains–in which the smallest was the size of planet Earth– and arrived in the capital city of the Great Zhou Imperial Dynasty.

As soon as Ji Xiang teleported to the city, countless formations were immediately activated and surrounded him. Thousands upon thousands of runes formed an array pattern that surrounded both Ji Xiang and the whole city.

Sovereign Ji Wen was the first to notice the change. He roared “Who?” loud enough that the entire capital city could hear him.

Ji Xiang–who immediately realized his fault–used his token talisman to notify the city formation of his ident.i.ty. Then, he entered the palace and notified Sovereign Ji Wen of the crown prince’ situation.

Looking at the current situation of his son, Sovereign Ji Wen had a terrifying murderous aura around him.

The murderous aura soon enveloped the entire palace. Then, the Qi Luck Dragon of the Great Zhou Imperial Dynasty seemed to have felt the murderous aura of its ruler, it suddenly roared into the Heaven.

Following which, Ji Wen’s killing intent was fused with the Luck of the entire Dynasty. All of the billions of citizens of the Great Zhou Dynasty scattered throughout countless Domains suddenly felt an intense murderous aura covering them. They felt an immense pressure covering them, so they immediately knelt down in wors.h.i.+p and fear.

They immediately knew that their Sovereign was furious and someone was about to usher the wrath of the Great Zhou Imperial Dynasty.

Of course, not everyone knelt down. There are many cultivators that are not Great Zhou citizens living in their domain. As arrogant as they are, how could they easily bow to another cultivator? As such, they had to resist the pressure with their own cultivation.

Meanwhile, in the Great Zhou Imperial Dynasty’s royal palace, Sovereign Ji Wen suddenly asked. “Was it the Dao Opening Sect?”

“It is most likely them, your Majesty,” replied Retired Prince Ji Xiang.

“Do they f.u.c.king want an Emperor Dao War? If that is what they want, I will gladly give it to them!!”

Ji Xiang’s face immediately became ugly and hastily said. “Your majesty needs to calm down. This is not the time to act rashly and out of emotion. Furthermore, there is still hope for the crown prince.”

JI Wen calmed down and became excited when he heard these words. “Uncle, are you sure about this? What do I need to do to help Song’er?”

Ji Xiang looked at his great-nephew, and smiled gently. “I will use a secret technique to sacrifice all my cultivation in order to repair Song’er foundation. In that way, not only will Song’er be healed, but his foundation will dramatically strengthen. It is possible for him to have one of the most powerful Heavy Axe Physique in history.”

Sovereign Ji Wen’s face immediately changed and became gloomy. “Uncle, if you do this, you will also die afterward.”

“Haha. It’s alright. This old man has lived for a long time. It is about time to leave the future for the next generation.”

Sovereign looked at Ji Xiang with complicated eyes. On one hand, he wished he could save his son, while on the other, he did not want his Great Zhou to lose a powerful True Monarch.

In the end, he sighed and finally said. “I’ll be counting on you then.”

A few breaths after this, Ji Xiang disappeared with the unconscious Ji Song, preparing to do the last good deed in his life for the Dynasty.

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