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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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Inside the Royal Palace, many ministers of the Great Zhou Imperial Dynasty started discussing the information that their Spy Agency just received.

After hearing the question asked by His Majesty Ji Wen, the room immediately became quiet. Everyone started to think about the issue and the proper response to the situation at hand.

A few minutes afterward, a high level minister–indicated by the fact that he stood in the front row of all the people present–took a step forward and answered:

“Your majesty, given the source of the information, the news is likely true. We should take immediate action to try to take possession of the [Ancient Desolate Bodyrefining Scripture].”

While this minister was talking, his head was looking at a person a few feet from him. This person was the head of the Dynasty’s Brocade Guard–which was in charge of intelligence gathering both internally and externally.

After hearing his minister’s word, Sovereign Ji Wen looked at the head of the Brocade Guard, who nodded his head in acknowledgement of the fact that the news was in fact reliable.

Following the first person to speak up, another high grade minister also stepped up and said: “I agree with this statement Your Majesty. The [Ancient Desolate Bodyrefining Scripture] is of great importance to Crown Prince Ji Song’s rise to becoming a Great Emperor. Although our Great Zhou Imperial Dynasty has 3 Great Emperor Level Cultivating Scriptures, none fit the Crown prince as perfectly as the [Ancient Desolate Bodyrefining Scripture]. If there is a slight chance of acquiring it, we must not let it go.”

Following this minister’ statement, many people spoke in agreement with him. This generation, their Empire has the opportunity to groom a fourth Great Emperor, no matter the cost, they have to try it.

Sovereign Ji Wen started thinking about the words of his ministers, and deep down, he also agreed to do anything possible to acquire that scripture as it would be a tremendous help to his son during his fight for the Emperor Throne.

However, as a ruler and Saint Realm powerhouse, his vision was much broader than most of his ministers. As such, he did not immediately agree with them.

Instead, he asked someone’s opinion, someone he has trusted and relied on for countless years during his reign.

Sovereign Ji Wen looked at the person standing closest to him and asked: “Prime Minister Zhao Yan, what do you think about this topic?”

Upon hearing his name being called, Prime Minister Zhao Yan–who had his eyes closed for most of the meeting–suddenly opened his eyes and answered in a calm manner:

“Your majesty, this lowly minister does not think that things are that simple.”

“Oh, what makes you say that. Speak freely”, answered Sovereign Ji Wen.

As such, Prime Minister Zhao Yan continued: “First of all, why did all of sudden news of such powerful scripture come out? Is our Zhou Dynasty the only faction that has received the news, or are there any other people?”

Upon hearing these questions, the face of the Leader of the Brocade Guard changed immediately and became gloomy. He answered in a harsh tone: “From the information we received, I believed that only our Zhou Dynasty had received this news.”

When the people in the room heard his answers, their faces also changed and became more solemn.

It seems that things are not that simple.

Prime Minister Zhao Yan continued to ask: “If that is the case, then there are more problems to solve. For example, who released the news and for what purpose?”

“Based on the fact that the information we received directly involved the [Ancient Desolate Bodyrefining Scripture], we can a.s.sume that their target is undoubtedly the Crown Prince, but what is their purpose? If the Dao Opening Sect released the news themselves, what motive did they have?”

Another minister pondered for a moment and answered: “Maybe they want to lure the Crown Prince into the Spirit Road Trial and kill him to eliminate a future compet.i.tor.”

Many people have similar thoughts. This is the most likely reason they can figure out. However, the Prime Minister disagreed with the other people.

As such, he replied: ” I do not think that things are that simple. The Spirit Road Trial is under the jurisdiction of Heavenly Dao itself, as such it is not easy for an outsider to interfere.”

“With the background of our Great Zhou Imperial Dynasty, it is easy to have countless backhands to ensure the safety of the Crown Prince. Additionally, there is an unspoken agreement between the Emperor Lineage of the World not to secretly each other’s Heaven Chosen and allow them to freely compete with each other.”

“If the Dao Opening Sect dare to secretly kill the Crown Prince, we can easily do the same thing to their Young Sect Master.”

The room became silent after the Prime Minister’ speech. The people in the room knew that Prime Minister Zhao Yan was right, but they still felt a little unwilling to pa.s.s such a chance to acquire a powerful cultivation technique as the [Ancient Desolate Bodyrefining Scripture].

As such, another minister asked: “So, are we just leaving things like this and not do anything?”

“Of course not,” answered the Prime Minister. “What we have to do is remain calm and take things slowly. We can slowly investigate the source of the news and the purpose of the Dao Opening Sect.”

“Furthermore, in 1-2 years, right before the start of the Spirit Road Trial, we can send a team of delegates to officially visit the Dao Opening Sect. When they arrive there, we can snoop some more news”.

Upon hearing the Prime Minister’s plan, the eyes of the other officials lit up like stars in the Winter’s night. Then, they started discussing and fine tuning the plan. To them cultivators, 1-2 years is nothing but a short nap. They can be patient and plan better.

Meanwhile, in the Dao Opening Sect, w.a.n.g Wei and Li Jun had just started their difficult cultivation in the Extreme Cold and Heat Environment.

w.a.n.g Wei had just finished today’s session and was drinking tonic that prevents dark injuries in his body. This tonic was made of at least a 1000 years old ginseng. If it was not for the fact that his body is too weak to bear the medicinal properties, the age of this ginseng would be much higher.

It was during these moments that w.a.n.g Wei realized the importance of status and how lucky he was to be born in such a powerful sect.

While w.a.n.g Wei was enjoying this rare peace of quiet, w.a.n.g Ju walked in to report to him. Without being polite with her, he directly asked: “What is it?”

w.a.n.g Ju bowed politely and answered: “Young Master, according to the information we received, there has been no further movement from the Great Zhou Imperial Dynasty. Do you think that they have noticed something? Did our bait fail?”

w.a.n.g Wei was not surprised or panicked by this news. Instead, he asked calmly: “w.a.n.g Ju, do you know what a ‘good bait’ is?”

“A good bait?” asked her in confusion.

w.a.n.g Wei smiled cunningly and continued: “A good bait is not just something that your target wants or desires. No, a good bait is something that your target knows is a bait, but still desperately go after it. No matter the process, the end result will always be a hooked fish.”

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