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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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w.a.n.g Wei waved to w.a.n.g Ju to leave and start to put his plans into action with the help of the Elders, while he had other things to prepare beforehand.

Acquiring a Special Physique is not an easy thing. Just knowing that people with special physique have Fragments of Laws into their body will not magically turn someone into a person with special physique.

How to turn this knowledge into practical action? Can you just place a fragment of law into someone else’s body?

No, the power of Law is unimaginably powerful. Even a fragment of it is enough to blast any cultivator below the Void Shattered Realm into smithereens, let alone a mortal.

In order to enjoy all the benefits of people with unique physiques, w.a.n.g Wei believed that the transition should be done before he starts to cultivate. As such, he did not have a lot of time to prepare.

Now, many other problems appear.

How do you allow a mortal to survive the baptis.e.m.e.nt of the Law without being completely annihilated? How to allow the Fragment of Law to be beneficial to the users instead of being harmful? How to ensure that the Fragment of Law will not directly destroy the person’ soul, but evolve to make it more powerful?

w.a.n.g Wei came up with a variety of methods–including the use of pills, formations, and other auxiliary items– but the core of which is a cultivation technique that his father and grandfather took years to help him create.

This technique is called by him as the [Ten Thousands Things Adapt To One Sutra].

This technique or Dao Art was inspired by the concept of evolution from his last life.

Evolution can be simplified into the idea that among a group of individuals, they have certain traits that allow them to survive or adapt to a drastic change in the external environment.

The surviving individuals then reproduce and pa.s.s on the trait that allowed them to survive the change in environment to the next generation.

This process is slow and could take from thousands to millions of years.

The idea that w.a.n.g Wei had when creating this cultivation technique was to take the concept of “adaptation” in natural evolution and turn it from a pa.s.sive evolution to an active evolution.

What that means is that by cultivating the [Ten Thousands Things Adapt To One Sutra], w.a.n.g Wei will endow his body with the ability to adapt to extreme circ.u.mstance–such as fragments of laws imbedded in his body–then survive and evolve into a better or higher state of life.

This process will not take as long as natural evolution; as matter of fact, the process will be almost instantaneous. Of course, as a price, an enormous amount of energy will be needed.

Luckily for w.a.n.g Wei, this world does not lack energy as it is filled with boundless spiritual energy all over Heaven and Earth or in the form of minerals such as spirit stone or source.

Additionally, spiritual qi is actually a wonderful type of energy that allows people to evolve into higher beings with powerful strength and unlimited life span. It is the best catalyst for w.a.n.g Wei’s technique.

Although the prospect of the [Ten Thousands Things Adapt To One Sutra] seems quite appealing, the process is in fact quite arduous and tortuous.

In order to cultivate this technique, w.a.n.g Wei will have to place himself in countless kinds of harsh environments and force his mortal body to adapt and survive these environments before he could take on the Power of Law–no, a fragment of it.

First, w.a.n.g Wei will be placed in both high and low temperature, then he has to cultivate the [Ten Thousands Things Adapt To One Sutra] to the point where his body can generate heat on his own and control it to survive.

His body has to be able to generate enough heat to keep him warm in extreme cold, and lower the temperature during extreme heat. Furthermore, his body has to adapt to be able to generate enough moisture to keep him hydrated during extreme heat.

Another step in cultivating the [Ten Thousands Things Adapt To One Sutra] is that w.a.n.g Wei has to place himself in a vacuum environment similar to s.p.a.ce from his past life without any oxygen to breath.

During this process, w.a.n.g Wei’s body has to evolve to be able to breathe internally without outside interference, and to be able to use other kinds of energy in the environment to produce enough glucose for the body to function properly.

After that w.a.n.g Wei has to ingest all kinds of different poison, then allow his body to evolve to be able to a.n.a.lyze any poison and develop the necessary antibodies for them. In fact, every cultivator will have these qualities as long as they reach a certain cultivation level. What w.a.n.g Wei has to do is to acquire them beforehand, before he starts to cultivate.

When all of these conditions are met, then w.a.n.g Wei will be ready to integrate some fragments of law into his body, then evolve into someone with special physique.

This process will take some time–at least 4 to 5 years– and numerous precious resources are needed to ensure the safety of w.a.n.g Wei.

Of course, w.a.n.g Wei will not be alone during these suffering times. Li Jun will also cultivate the [Ten Thousands Things Adapt To One Sutra] in order to try to get a special physique too.

w.a.n.g Wei needs a powerful general that he trusts during his fight for the Emperor Throne. And he chose Li Jun after much consideration.

Him and Li Jun grew up together and had established a high level of intimacy; they treated each other as brothers. Furthermore, w.a.n.g Wei can be considered the only person in the sect that treated Li Jun better and acknowledged him as a person–of course, except Li Jun’s mother.

It did take w.a.n.g Wei a while to convince the Elders to properly train Li Jun as the amount of resources needed to cultivate this technique will be quite large and precious, but in the end, at the insistence of w.a.n.g Wei, they finally agreed.

Furthermore, the accomplishments of Li Jun the past few years during the PaG.o.da Trial proved that he is worthy of being properly cultivated by the Sect.

While w.a.n.g Wei and Li Jun were preparing to start cultivating the [Ten Thousands Things Adapt To One Sutra], a meeting took place in another Domain in the Qilin Central Continent.

This Domain–which is approximately the size of two Earth togethers– was the location of the capital of the Great Zhou Imperial Dynasty. This Domain is an enormous city exactly like the Emperor Enlightening Academy.

However, unlike the city of the Emperor Enlightening Academy that is clearly divided based on each student, this city seemed to be one ent.i.ty– with a magnificent palace in the center.

There live the Sovereign and all the members of the royal family, including Ji Song with the Heavy Axe Physique.

In the Myriad Emperor Plane, no one dares to bear the t.i.tle of “Emperor” except for cultivators who have borne the Heaven Mandate and proved the Dao.

Even if someone rules millions of li of land, and has power over billions of citizens and can determine their life and death, that person still cannot have the t.i.tle of “Emperor”.

He or she can be called King, Rulers, Monarch, or Sovereign, but never Emperor.

This is a t.i.tle reserved to the most Supreme Beings of this plane, the most n.o.blest of existence that stand at the Peak of the food Chain.

Back to the topic.

Somewhere in the palace, the Sovereign of the Great Zhou Imperial Dynasty, held a meeting with all of his officials.

The Sovereign named Ji Wen was a majestic middle-age man wearing an embroidery robe filled with 3 multicolored Dragon–each representing a Great Emperor of the Great Zhou Imperial Dynasty. He had a magnificent crown on his bun-like hair.

Sovereign Ji Wen asked with an authoritative voice: “Is the news true? Is it confirmed? Is there really a copy of the [Ancient Desolate Bodyrefining Scripture] in the Spirit Road Trial?”

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