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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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Sun Wen could not believe that he would be betrayed, let alone by his younger brother, Sun Jiaolong.

Their Sovereign Father has many children and many wives and concubines. As such, the compet.i.tion between the siblings is quite intense. However, one of the reasons that Sun Wen managed to rise to the top was actually because of the support of his little brother. After all, the two of them are actually from the same mother.

Most of Sun Wen’ siblings are also tactically minded, so they are weak when it comes to direct confrontation. The only exception being Sun Jiaolong, who since he was young had always advocated being strong, courageous, and fearless in battle.

So with his little brother’s support in the muscle department and his tactical ability, Sun Wen was able to get an edge or advantage over his other compet.i.tors and acquired the position of Crown Prince.

However, things did not seem as simple as Sun Wen imagined.

After Sun Jiaolong stabbed his big brother, tears started to fall from his eyes. He looked at the slowing fading lights from his big brother’s gaze and said:

“I did not want to do this. Many times I tried to suggest to you to be like a real king, one that is powerful enough to support Heaven and Earth, one that can face any adversity with strong will and fierce determination, one that only uses politics and tactics when necessary.”

“However, you never listened to me. All you can think about is how smart and cunning your plans are. Tell me, what have you schemes and plots accomplished? Where have they got you?”

Sun Wen looked incredible at his younger brother. He did not expect him to have so much emotions bottled up inside him. To Sun Wen, his little brother was a dumb guy that only knew how to use force to solve everything. And without him, he would have long been killed by his other siblings.

However, he was completely wrong. In his little brother’s eyes, he was probably just a clown and cowards without a spine. Despite figuring out this, he was still a little confused.

“W-w-w-why?” asked Sun Wen with blood falling from his facial orifices.

“For the future of the Great Wu Imperial Dynasty,” replied Sun Jiaolong with trembling hands. “With the way things are in our dynasty, it is only a matter of time before we become irrelevant in the Grand Stage. Or even worse, completely destroyed.”

“Our dynasty needs a True Great Emperor!”

Sun Wen was surprised by his little brother’s words before looking down at the rusty sword that pierced his heart. He seemed to have thought of something and said, “So, that’s how it is!” Then, he smiled before losing the last light of his light.

After Sun Wen’s death, the rusty sword in Sun Jiaolong suddenly absorbed something from Sun Wen’s body, then the rusty sword turned golden and the character for [Human] became even more clear, it seemed to contain a certain spirit.

Afterwards, countless golden spots started to enter Sun Jiaolong’s body, transforming him completely. Whether it was his strength, comprehension, talent, and soul were improved dramatically.

More importantly, his luck broke from Golden Dragon straight to peak Purple-Gold Dragon, skipping the purple luck.

The process only lasted for a few minutes before stopping. Afterwards, Sun Jiaolong looked at the sword in his hand with a complicated look on his face.

He loathed this sword as the requirement to activate it is to kill a powerful king after losing his kingdom or dynasty. On the other hand, he will rely on it for his future Emperor’s Path.

At first, Sun Jiaolong was going to kill one of the Heaven Chosens of this trial to activate the sword.

However, based on his big brother’s terrible abilities that he displayed in the past years, he soon realized that such a thing might not be possible. So, in desperation, he decided to make such a drastic decision. As for his other siblings back home, he did not have the chance to kill them due to the cultivators always protecting them.

More importantly, Sun Jiaolong knew that if he activated this sword back in the Myriad Emperor World, a powerful vision would occur throughout the entire world, thus revealing the ident.i.ty of this sword.

And with the strength of their Great Wu Imperial Dynasty, it would be very difficult for them to preserve the sword.

After reigning in his thoughts, Sun Jiaolong looked at the Protection Array that was deactivated after the King’s death. The Qi Luck Flood Dragon of the Great Wu Dynasty roared in sadness before dispersing into countless mots of lights, signaling the end of the dynasty.

Meanwhile, both Ji Song and Ji Su were shocked by the sudden change in the situation, however, they soon regained their bearings and marched with their army straight for the Imperial Palace. They thought that maybe Sun Wen had decided to surrender.

Inside the Dragon Throne Room, Sun Jiaolong took one last look at the fallen Great Wu and swore to himself that he would never allow such a thing to happen to the Great Wu Imperial Dynasty.

Afterwards, he placed the body of his big brother in his s.p.a.ce ring before crus.h.i.+ng a talisman. Immediately afterwards, a s.p.a.ce crack appeared and swallowed Sun Jiaolong and he found himself floating in the Endless Void.

There, he saw countless True Monarchs looking at him with different gazes. Some looked at him with intrigue, some with sneer and disdain, some just looked like they took pleasure in his suffering.

Of course the particular gaze was very intense, full of anger and fury: it was the Dao Protector of his big brother and his Grand-Uncle, Retired Prince Sun Quan.

“Why did you do it?” asked True Monarch Sun Quan with a gruff voice, trying to control the fury inside of him.

“Great Uncle, I have my reasons.”

“Let’s hear them then!”

“I believe that this is not the place to discuss this kind of thing,” replied Sun Jiaolong while gazing at all the other True Monarchs that seemed to be watching their conversation like it was a drama play in the brothels.

Sun Quan took a deep breath to calm himself down, before taking out a token to activate a teleportation. As this world was discovered by their Great Wu Imperial Dynasty, they have placed an array to connect it to the Myriad Emperor Place.

Meanwhile, after the two of them disappeared, the True Monarch started discussing the situation among themselves.

“I cannot believe that he actually killed his own brother.”

“Isn’t common knowledge that Royal Families are the most ruthless. Father killing son and brothers killing each other is a very common thing. Adding to that the compet.i.tion of the Heaven Will, well, anything is possible.”

“That may be true, however, they usually do these kinds of things in secret. After all, they still have to save their family’s face.”

“Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess.”

“None of that actually matters.” suddenly said some from the Divine Dao League. “Can anyone identify the sword he used?”

No one answered the question for a while before someone said, “Could it be that sword?”

“Unlikely, that sword has been lost for countless Eras.”

“In fact, many people believed that this sword never existed in the first place, or disappeared with its owner.”

“In any case, this generation of Heaven Will Battle just got more interesting with another variable added to it.”

Many people had a pensive look on their face after hearing this. To be precise, they had a frown on their faces. If this sword is what they think it is, things will become more difficult for their Heaven Chosen.

Of course, one person thought differently from the other people, and that was True Monarch Yan Chen. He had the utmost faith in his young master, and he sneered at the idea that a mere weapon could actually decide the fate of the Heaven Will.

Any person who had such an idea did not truly understand the meaning of a Glorious Age. Any time that one generation of Heaven Will was sacrificed for the next generation, it means that a fierce and brutal battle will take place in order to cultivate a very powerful Great Emperor.

According to Yan Chen’s guess based on past knowledge, there is a high chance that an Eternal Emperor will be born in this generation. As such, no matter how powerful the weapon in Sun Jiaolong’s hand is, it can only allow him the ability to stand on the same footing as Heaven Chosens like his young master or Crown Prince Ji Song.

And if Sun Jiaolong has the mindset that a weapon is enough for him to pave his way to the Dao, then that would only prove that his Dao Heart is unsteady and he has no future in the Path of the Emperor.

Meanwhile, after Sun Quan teleported back to the Myriad Emperor World, he looked deeply at Sun Jiaolong, his meaning very obvious.

To which Sun Jiaolong just took out his swords and showed both the front and back to him.

“Human Destiny Sword?” muttered Sun Quan with a great shock in his face.

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