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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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The Great Zhou Army was relentless in their conquest of Great Wu–especially their Monarch, Ji Song.

He was standing in front of the Great Wu army with just leather armor on his body. Without hesitation, he threw a powerful punch in the air, then a flaming meteorite rushed from him into the opposite army.

The meteorite burned everything and everyone in its path. The Great Wu soldiers soon discovered that some of their companions were burned to the point that their flesh had melted with the armor they were wearing, making it impossible to distinguish the difference between one another.

After the first attack, Ji Song did not stop. He continued to punch in the air, creating more meteorites in the air. After this attack was over, he opened his mouth and spewed out hot lava, scorching the remaining soldiers.

With him along, he took out an army of more than 300,000 men. This time around, Ji Song did not leave anyone alive. After finis.h.i.+ng his conquest, he motioned for his soldiers–who looked at him with both fear and reverence–to clean up the aftermath of the battle before heading to his next destination.

Just like that, Ji Song slaughtered his way all the way through to the Great Wu Dynasty’s Capital. Unfortunately, once he arrived there, he ran into a little trouble.

Sun Wen used the remaining Qi Luck of the dynasty to activate a powerful formation to protect the last remaining territory, effectively preventing the downfall of his Great Wu Dynasty.

Ji Song looked at the countless runes surrounding the entire city with a frown in his face, then, he started attacking it.

Numerous flaming meteorites and lava landed on the protection dome, unfortunately, besides shaking a little, the array was not damaged even the least bit. Ji Song frowned before deciding to use more powerful attacks. He refused to believe that he could not break through this formation.

However, his big brother stopped him before he continued. Then, Ji Su reminded him that he could also use his dynasty’s Qi Luck to fight against this formation.

It was then that Ji Song realized how stupid his behavior was. So, he took out his Conferred G.o.d List and Imperial Seal to mobilize the Qi Dragon of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

A Golden Dragon suddenly appeared on top of the Great Wu Dynasty’s Capital. This dragon had the words “Wu” inscribed on its forehead.

After appearing, the Dragon roared to the Heaven to demonstrate its superiority, then it rushed to the flood dragon of the Great Wu Dynasty, and started to devastate it in a one on one battle.

Ji Song watched this battle with a smile on his face. He could feel that his dynasty’s luck would be the final winner, however, this process would take a little while as the flood dragon had the power of formation to support it for a while. However, Ji Song was patient enough to wait for the outcome.

Meanwhile, in the Fang Divine Dynasty, Fang Lijuan was in a border city overseeing the battle against the Great Xia army. In just a short few weeks, she already lost another quarter of her territory again.

Given the fact that her bloodline backlash has not completely healed, her strength was dramatically reduced. Of course, in her current situation, it didn’t really matter whether she had any strength.

The majority of her officials and generals were a.s.sa.s.sinated, leaving not only the dynasty, but the army in shambles. Even if she had the ability to stop Li Jun, her army was currently not in shape to fight against the Great Xia given the fact that the chain of command was essentially crippled.

On top of that, the reinforcement she received from Huang Min quickly left back to their own territory as they were needed there.

At this point in time, Fang Lijuan had to acknowledge that she has failed greatly in this trial and it is only a matter of time before her dynasty is destroyed and she will be forced to leave the Warring Kingdom World.

While Fang Lijuan was thinking about her next step of action, her Minister of War–who managed to survive the a.s.sa.s.sination from the Fate Shadow Guards intact–entered the military barracks to report something.

“G.o.ddess Empress, one of our scouts discovered a severely injured person close to our military barracks,” said the Minister of War.

“Did someone from the Great Xia manage to bypa.s.s our blockade?”

“That’s not it.”

“Oh, did you capture a member of the Fate Shadow Guard?”

“That’s not it either.”

“So, why are you bothering this G.o.ddess with a random injured person?” asked Fang Lijuan with a puzzled look on her face.

“According to the information received, this person just suddenly appeared near our barracks, without any sign or movement.”

“Oh,” responded Fang Lijuan, a little intrigued. If this person has such magical means, maybe she could use it to turn the tide of this war. “Do you know who this person is?”

“We have identified the person as the Leader of the Savior Coalition, Long Aotian.”

Fang Lijuan frowned after hearing this, not expecting this outcome. How could a native have such magical means. However, she still decided to see him.

Soon, a person lying on a wooden bed was carried in front of Fang Lijuan. He has countless scars all over his body. Some were so deep that you could easily see his bones or internal organs.

Fang Lijuan checked before realizing that this person’s breath was so small that he could die at any point. So, she waved her hand to say, “He is useless to us, so just put him out of his misery.”

The Minister of War nodded and started to move the bed outside in order to execute the order.

“Wait,” suddenly said Fang Lijuan. “Wasn’t he one of the people who entered the Secret Realm?”

“I believe so,” responded the Minister of War after pondering for a few seconds. She had received detailed news of Long Aotian’s action due to the fact that he was the only king to enter the Secret Realm personally.

“So, how did he survive the explosion?” asked Fang Lijuan. A question that also baffled the Minister of War.

After pondering for a while, Fang Lijuan continued:

“Seal his cultivation and give him a pill that is strong enough for him to wake up, but not enough for him to completely heal. Also, send me all the information we have collected on this Long Aotian.”

.. .

A few minutes later, Fang Lijuan was reading all the information her dynasty had about Long Aotian. From his origin in a small family, to his sudden rise in cultivation, to his encounter with the princess of a fallen Dynasty, and his fight for hegemony with all the Heaven Chosens–especially Huang Min..

She was instantly shocked by how ridiculous some of the things that happened to Long Aotian were. For a brief moment, she thought that their spy agency had made a mistake and handed her a story about a mythical character written by scholars to entertain the ma.s.ses.

Suddenly, Fang Lijuan remembered a piece of information she had read long ago in her Family’s Archive, so she muttered, “Son of Destiny?”

This Long Aotian met all the requirements of the Son of Destiny that her clan recorded about. Thinking about this, a bold plan suddenly emerged in her mind.

If she can succeed, then her trial will not fail. On the contrary, the benefit she would receive might even bring her a few surprises.

.. .

Great Wu Dynasty, Imperial Palace:

Sun Wen was sitting in his Dragon Throne with a look of despair. The entire room was destroyed due to his anger. At this point of time, he knew that he had failed.

Unlike other Heaven Chosen that would be given a second chance even if they failed this trial, Sun Wen knew that he was not one of them. He had many other brothers and sisters, so he was lucky to be able to be the one chosen to attend this trial.

With this failure, his status in the Great Wu Imperial Dynasty would be in great danger and his cunning siblings would not hesitate to remove him from his status of Crown Prince.

Additionally, he also knew that the Great Wu Imperial Dynasty were not so keen to partic.i.p.ate in this generation’s Heaven Will Battle as they knew that a truly powerful Great Emperor will be born in this Glorious Age.

Due to the fact that they are used to using their wisdom to fight, the Great Wu Imperial Dynasty knew that this era full of heaven defying and powerful geniuses was not in favor of their style of doing things.

Even so, they try to use this trial to see if there is still a slime chance for them. However, now, it seemed that they were right. With this failure, Sun Wen knew that his Path of Emperor was over.

“Why don’t you have a last battle with Ji Song? Even if you lose, you have to lose with pride and glory,” suddenly said Sun Jiaolong to his big brother.

However, Sun Wen just scoffed at him before slowly standing up and looking through the window in the Throne Room. He looked at the panic people of the Capital, looked at the people who took advantage of this situation to rape, loot, and kill.

Without much change in his face, he said, “What can pride and glory do? Can they magically allow me to save this dynasty?”

The room immediately became quiet after Sun Wen said this. A sullen and desolate atmosphere enveloped the entire room.

After a few seconds, Sun Wen only heard a deep sigh before feeling something piercing his heart from the back.

He instantly threw out a mouthful of blood while holding the sharp edge of the object from the front. While staggering to keep his balance, he slowly turned his head to see his younger brother, Sun Jiaolong, with tears in his eyes stabbing him from the back with a rusty sword.

With a visible shock in his face, he stuttered, “H-h-h-how could you?”

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