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A few minutes after Li Jun’s warning, the sect’s array was activated by someone in the inside, following which, a woman flew from the depth of the sect. In just a few seconds, he appeared above the elite army of the Great Xia Dynasty.

However, Li Jun was not that surprised by the fact that a Supernatural Realm cultivator existed among the Black Moon Sect.

As soon as he saw someone flying over his head, he gave an order to his men. Then, each of the 10,000 elite soldiers that he brought with him moved in different directions.

They all mobilized both their blood qi and origin qi, the countless runes and patterns flew from them and connected together. An array was then instantly formed by all the soldiers.

Immediately afterwards, the Ancestor of the Black Moon Sect discovered to her horror that she lost the ability to fly, and fell to the ground. Luckily for her, she was quite powerful and landed safely.

Seeing the situation she was in, the Black Moon Ancestor immediately waved her hand and an ancient lamp appeared in front of her that had a two-colored fire burning on top of it.

As for Li Jun, he smiled after seeing that the formation worked. The Great Xia Dynasty has used numerous resources in order to create this formation that prevents Supernatural Realm cultivators from flying.

Now, it was finally placed into use by the military. After grounding the enemy, Li Jun took his spear and readied himself for battle.

Meanwhile, back in the Barbarian Wolf Kingdom, General 2, 4 and 5 had already landed after traveling a few hours by boat. After taking time for the soldiers to rest, they headed to the nearest city and attacked.

General 2 took out 5 constructs from a s.p.a.ce ring gifted to him by the Grand Commandant just for this invasion: these constructs were Soaring Phoenix Constructs.

Under the guidance of all three Generals, each phoenix construct was occupied by more than 20,000 soldiers. After entering invisible mode, the Soaring Phoenix Constructs flew to the closest city.

After arriving at the city, the army waited for night to arrive. Then, under the order of General 2, a special team of soldiers jumped down from one of the constructs.

This team was wearing a very special armor that allows them to blend into Heaven and Earth and remain invisible. After landing inside the city, the special team of soldiers divided themselves into two groups.

One group headed to the city’s wall, while the other headed straight for the City Lord’s Mansion. As the Fate’s Shadow under Grand Censorate w.a.n.g Ju had already acquired a map of all the major cities in the Barbarian Wolf Kingdom, this special team had detailed information about the entire city.

After one group reached the city walls, they attacked and killed all the guards there. Then, they opened the door for the rest of General 2’s army.

As for the other group, they also infiltrated the City Lord’s Mansion and started killing all the guards.

City Lord Qiu Jing woke up to the sound of screaming. Without waiting for him to properly dress himself, he rushed to his study room while ignoring his wife.

Immediately, he tried to activate a hidden formation that would allow him to communicate to the capital and asked for help. Unfortunately for him, there seemed to be something blocking his use of the Flying Pigeon Hex.

Qiu Jing sighed after seeing this, then he sat on a chair waiting for something.

After a few minutes, the noise outside of his Mansion stopped, then he saw a young man leading a group of soldiers wearing deep dark armors. These armors seemed to be the same as the darkness, making it hard for the City Lord to distinguish whether there were even other people beyond the young man.

General 4 looked at City Lord Qiu Jing and waved for one of his men to capture him and his family. Afterwards, he sat on the chair and waited for his companions to finish their jobs.

And Just like that, in just a few hours, this entire city was occupied as swiftly as possible.

After the Great Xia Army entered the city, they arrested all the available soldiers capable of fighting and imprisoned them, then they took over the entire city.

General 2 ordered that a few soldiers remain in the city in order to wait for the people from the Great Xia Dynasty.

There were countless scholars and government officials located in the boat that were on their way to come govern the city they had occupied.

After that, all three generals boarded their Soaring Phoenix Construct and headed for the next city to conquer. For this legion, the night will be very long.

As a matter of fact, the reason that this conquest seemed so easy was due to the fact that w.a.n.g Wei essentially modernized war in his dynasty.

He used refining and formations to create modern inventions such as cars, trains, and planes–although they had different names.

Then, he applied these things to the military. With the Soaring Phoenix Construct–or plane– his army can travel anywhere as fast as possible.

After that, he took inspiration from the special ops and created armors that have the ability to enter stealth mode. Then, he trained a group of elite soldiers in the art of infiltration.

That way, his army can be fast and efficient when taking down cities, and they can sacrifice less lives.

In fact, w.a.n.g Wei wanted to actually invent guns as well. And he did not need to use gunpowder to do so. All he needed to do was install an array in a gun shaped barrel that can shoot projectiles.

These guns would then use blood or origin qi as energy to activate. Unfortunately, he failed. No, to be precise, he was prevented.

When he was going to put his plan into action, w.a.n.g Wei suddenly felt an intense rejection from the world; he felt an intense will wanting to eject him out of this world.

As such, he knew that Heavenly Dao was warning him not to so intensely change the way that war was waged in this world.

Although w.a.n.g Wei was not very happy that someone prevented him from doing the things he liked, he still bore with it as he was not yet powerful enough to ignore Heavenly Dao.

What’s more, if he was exiled out of this world, he would be the one to lose greatly in the end. As such, he forbore for now.

While General 2 led his legion to conquer many cities in the Barbarian Wolf Kingdom, his boss, Li Jun, had just finished a fierce battle.

Li Jun looked at the woman on the ground that had a hole in her throat with a calm face. Afterwards, he checked his own injury.

His armor was mostly burned along with a few patches of his skin. Otherwise, he was perfectly fine.

“This person was way weaker than the one’s big brother fought two years ago at the capital,” muttered Li Jun.

However, despite his victory, he was not too prideful. He knew that the reason that the fight went so easy was due to the fact that the Dynasty’s array prevented his opponent from using her advantage of flying in the air.

Of course Li Jun will not sell himself short. He was confident that if he had the ability to fly, he could easily challenge cultivators in the Supernatural Realm. And if he used all of his cards, he can still fight ordinary cultivators in the Divine Body Realm.

After pondering for a while, Li Jun raised his head and looked at the man that walked out of the Black Moon Sect’s guardian formation.

“You must be Sect Lord Ren Liu,” asked Li Jun with a smile on his face.

Meanwhile, Sect Lord Ren Liu looked at the surrounding environment that was completely destroyed by these two people’s fight.

There were burned marks everywhere. Many holes could be seen all over the ground caused by spear piercing. A terrible slaughter intent was still lingering around, making him–who was in the Divine Altar Realm–very uncomfortable.

Ren Liu sighed and cupped his hand to Li Jun and bowed, “Slaughter G.o.d Li Jun, I would like to represent the Black Moon Sect and surrender to the Great Xia Dynasty!”

However Li Jun just looked at him with a ferocious smile on his face.

“Do you think that your sect can surrender so easily after sending such a powerful cultivator to attack us?”

Sect lord Ren Liu did not immediately answer, then after a few seconds of silence, he opened his mouth and said:

“Your Excellency, our sect…”

“Do not mention to me the guardian array of your sect. You should be aware that it is only a matter of time before our army breaks it.”

After sighing for a second time, Sect Lord Ren Liu asked, “What do you want me to do in order to spare my Black Moon Sect?”

“Simple,” replied Li Jun with a clam look on his face. “Open the formation, then kill yourself.”

After hearing this, Sect Master Ren Liu was extremely calm. Then, he took out a token, injected his origin qi inside, thus deactivating the guardian array of the sect.

Immediately afterwards, he took out a sword from his s.p.a.ce ring and inserted it straight into his heart, vomiting a big mouthful of blood.

He did not pause or hesitate in his actions. Following which Sect Lord Ren Liu fell to the ground with his eyes closed.

Meanwhile, Li Jun watched all of this with a calm look on his face, then he ordered:

“Someone go bury the Sect Lord properly, then enter the Black Moon Sect. All of you need to do is seal the cultivation of the people inside.”

“If someone resists…Just knock them down unconscious.”

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