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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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After Li Jun projected the map of the entire world, he waved his hand to zoom on the Eastern Borders where the Great Xia Dynasty is located. Then, he started to explain his deployment tactic.

“Our first goal of attack is going to be the territory of the Black Moon Sect. As the territory does not have an actual army protecting it, I plan to take an elite group of soldiers to directly attack their sect’s mountain. Then, it will be easy for us to occupy their territory.”

After that, Li Jun controlled the map to show the territories of the Iron Fist Fist Kingdom, and he said:

“When it comes to this kingdom, the plan is to invite the king of this kingdom to a one-on-one duel. The winner will be granted access to the other’s territory. Given the madness of the Iron Fist King, there is a high chance that he will accept our invitation.”

“As for the Barbarian Wolf Kingdom, we will attack from their northern border through boats. Then move south until we reach their capital.”

w.a.n.g Wei nodded after hearing the plan as he had the utmost trust in LI Jun, but he still had to ask, “What if the Iron Fist King refused your invitation?”

Li Jun smiled and answered, “Then, we will use a three attack to conquer them. As you can see the Iron Fist Kingdom is sandwiched between four nations.”

“Northward is the Barbarian Wolf Kingdom, Southward is the Black Moon Sect’s territory, and Eastward is our Great Xia Dynasty.”

“If he refuses our invitation, I will just wait until our legions conquer both the Black Moon Sect and the Barbarian Wolf Kingdom, then we will attack them from all three sides.”

All the ministers in the room nodded in agreement to the Grand Commandant’s plan. Suddenly, w.a.n.g Wei said, ” If the Iron Fist King accepts the invitation, after his defeat, do not immediately kill him and ask him if he wants to surrender to me.”

Li Jun was a little surprised by the request, then he understood the reason. The Iron Fist King is actually a very charismatic person. As a king, he persuaded his entire kingdom to be as mad as him and indulge in the act of war as a form of pleasure.

Although the Iron Fist King is actually a terrible ruler, he would make a terrifying general if leading an army of his own. Especially if he is provided with the resources of the Dao Opening Sect.

Li Jun became excited after thinking about this possibility. At first, he was going to let one of his Number Generals to fight the Iron Fist King because they had already broken through the Divine Altar Realm, but now, he changed his mind.

Li Jun then nodded in excitement, then finished his military briefing. Soon afterward, the official court meeting was over and everyone left–with the exception of Empress Dong Lifen.

w.a.n.g Wei did not waste time and took out the Conferred G.o.d List and the Imperial Seal, placing the seal over the Empress t.i.tle, thus handing over the control of the dynasty’s Qi Luck Dragon to Dong Lifen.

Under the help of w.a.n.g Wei, Dong Lifen’s orange Qi Dragon blended with the dynasty’s luck and started studying it.

In fact, w.a.n.g Wei was not surprised that Dong Lifen had an orange Dragon for luck given her talent. As a matter of fact, if she was born in the Myriad Emperor World, her luck would have probably rival his and all the other Heaven Chosen fit to fight for the Heaven Mandate.

w.a.n.g Wei guessed that if Dong Lifen returned to the Myriad Emperor World with him, the Eternal Dream Sect will offer the Dao Opening Sect a bunch of rare resources in order to acquire her.

That’s how valuable her Dream Manifestation Soul talent was.

While Dong Lifen was engrossed by the power of luck, a grey light flashed through w.a.n.g Wei’s eyes, then his soul secretly connected with Dong Lifen. Then, he started to experience how she connected, controlled, and understood the Dynasty’s Luck.

Dong Lifen suddenly felt something weird, however, after checking and not finding anything, she left the doubt in the back of her mind.

She finally found a way to establish a Dao Foundation, she did not want to waste time on meaningless things.

After a few hours of studying, Dong Lifen’ spirit was worn out and w.a.n.g Wei removed her connection to the dynasty’s luck.

With a smile on her face, the Empress bowed to w.a.n.g Wei, then returned to her palace with a smile on her face.

Meanwhile, w.a.n.g Wei closed his eyes on the throne for a few hours after Don Lifen left. When he opened his eyes, he checked his own Qi Dragon.

The dragon was still black, however, under its neck, a few scales had turned back to purple. w.a.n.g Wei had a wide smile on his face.

It seemed that his plan was working better than he imagined. Of course, most of the credits should be given to how talented Dong Lifen actually is.

Meanwhile, Li Jun only took a few horse to travel from the capital all the way to the borders.

After arriving, he met with General 3, who was waiting for him. He directly asked, “Is everything ready for deployment?”

“Yes, Grand Commandant.”

Li Jun nodded, then headed outside the barracks. There, he saw a gigantic wooden phoenix construct waiting for him. This was a Soaring Phoenix Construct especially built for the military.

Many soldiers carried their armors and weapons, then boarded inside the puppet construct. After all the soldiers boarded, Li Jun then entered.

Soon afterward, one of the soldiers located in the beak of the phoenix bit his tongue to drop his blood on a formation, then he poured his origin qi in another place, then countless runes and patterns enveloped the construct.

Unlike constructs used for civilians that operate on origin stone for energy to function, the ones in the military used origin qi instead.

After the soldier finished pouring his origin qi, the phoenix construct flapped its wings and flew into the air. After checking that everything was working normally, Li Jun yelled, “Activate the Invisible Array.”

After hearing the order, the soldier located at the beak also poured his origin qi into another formation.

Following which, countless divine runes further appeared all over the Soaring Phoenix Construct, then it disappeared from the air. No, to be precise, it became invisible to the naked eyes.

Then the Soaring Phoenix Construct rushed in a certain direction.

In fact, it was not just Li Jun that was ordered to be dispatched.

A legion composed of General 2, 4 and 5 took many boats heading to the northern side of the Barbarian Wolf Kingdom. Their mission was to use the fastest speed possible to conquer this kingdom.

Meanwhile, after traveling for a few hours, the construct reached the mountain where the Black Moon Sect was located. Li Jun then ordered his man to surround the entire sect, not leaving any opening for people to escape.

Then, Li Jun mobilized his origin qi and shouted, “The people of the Black Moon Sect, you are surrounded by the elite army of the Great Xia Dynasty. If you lay down your weapons, and allow your cultivation to be sealed, then you will be spared and treated as normal citizens of the dynasty.”

“If you resist, then your sect will be annihilated without hesitation. I can swear in the name of His Majesty the Wise Sage, w.a.n.g Wei.”

Li Jun’s voice travelled throughout the entire mountain range, scaring all the disciples and elders of the sect.

In fact, Li Jun wanted to directly attract and use force to make these people surrender. However, he could feel that this mountain was separated by a formation that would activate as soon as intruders reached a certain range.

However, he was not to hurry as he had already prepared for such a scenario.

Meanwhile, the people of the Black Moon Sect were freaking out after hearing Li Jun’s voice. As such, a meeting of the sect’s upper echelon took place.

The Sect Lord and Elders were discussing whether to fight with their lives or just surrender like the people of the Great Xia demanded.

One elder directly asked, “How did the Great Xia Dynasty’s army arrive in our territory without us even noticing them?”

“It must be one of the flying constructs that they have invented in the past two years!”

“It is such a waste to use such powerful origin artifacts for ordinary mortals.”

“Well, it seems that these constructs can also be used for the army. If only our spies could have gotten the manuals for these constructs, our Black Moon Sect would soon become one of the most powerful sects in the world.”

“All of you are focusing on the wrong thing! What should we do now? Should we fight back, or surrender?”

“If we surrender, can anyone guarantee that the people of the Great Xia Dynasty will keep their promise?” asked one elder.

Immediately afterward, the room became quiet, until someone else’s responded:

“Given the information we have gathered on the Wise Sage Emperor, he will most likely keep his words.”

“In that case, let’s just surrender.”

“I agree.”

“Me too.”

Then, the majority of the elders decided to surrender. However, the Sect Lord was not willing to give up so easily.

“There is still hope for us, so there is no need to surrender so soon.”

All the elders then looked at the sect lord with a puzzled look on their faces. They did not know where the so-called hope came from. They did not believe for one second that their sect’s formation would be able to stop the people of Great Xia.

“We can wake up the Ancestor,” responded the Sect Lord to the surprise of everyone in the room. To their knowledge, the Ancestor has long pa.s.sed away.

However, it seemed that things were not as simple as they were led to believe. Immediately afterwards, an intense excitement flashed from these elder’s eyes.

Maybe, there is still hope for their Black Moon Sect.

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