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Yan Liling looked at Yu Siyu and realized that she understood the significance of the Human Emperor’s plan back then. She nodded and continued her explanation of their world’s history.

“After the Human Emperor came up with this idea, many powerful cultivators and sects agreed with him. They worked together to create the first and only unified dynasty of our world: The Great Qin Dynasty.”

“The Human Emperor was voted as the ruler of such a powerful dynasty after many negotiations among the cultivators of the world.”

“With the power of luck of the entire human race, the Human Emperor was able to fight head on with the Golden Ape Great Emperor despite being in the Supreme Realm. Or at the very least, he could keep him from interfering in ordinary people’s battle.”

“This Human Emperor sounded like a great cultivator. So what happened with the war between the two races?” asked Yu Siyu with intrigued.

“Without the Golden Ape Emperor’s intervention, the human army fought a harsh and terrible war with the Demon Race. After countless millennia, the human race was victorious.”

“The territory of the human race covered the entire Myriad Emperor World; all five continents were then conquered. This was an unprecedented feat never done before, even to this day.”

This time Yu Siyu nodded calmly. However, she was not that impressed given the fact that their entire world was conquered many times by powerful dynasties. Although these dynasties did not last long, they still accomplished a great deed that left their names engraved in the annals of history.

Yan Liling noticed Yu Siyu’s lack of awe at such an amazing feat and could guess the reason.

“It seems you do not understand the meaning of such a thing, so let me further explain. Do you think that your world is big?”

Yu Siyu then nodded. She knew how big her world was. With her previous cultivation level, it would take her years to travel all over it. Even with her current realm, she would have to spend months traveling non-stop at full speed to be able to travel throughout the entire world.

After saying her nods her head, Yan Liling then continued:

“Well, I can honestly tell you that your entire world is probably the size of about 5-10 Domains in our world. And each of the 5 continents have 3000 Domains.”

“And some Domains are actually huge in size. For example, the Heavenspan Domain that our Dao Opening Sect is located in is probably a few times larger than this world.”

Yu Siyu looked at Yan Liling with her mouth wide open. She could not fathom how vast their world actually was. Not to mention the fact their world was actually one of the many Heaven Will World existing in the Endless Void.

Yu Siyu sighed and realized how insignificant she was in the grand scheme of the universe.

She sighed and realized that only by following and cultivating her own Dao or Path that she can find inner peace and fulfillment in her life.

After coming to this realization, Yu Siyu’ state of mind was sublimated, her foundation was stabilized and her cultivation that had just breakthrough was further loosened.

Both Li Jun and Yan Liling noticed this change and were not surprised. Sometimes, low vision can be an obstacle for cultivators in their path of pursuing the Dao.

Of course, they also secretly praised Yu Siyu. Not all cultivators can accept it when their world views are shattered and rebuilt. Just the fact that she was able to accept such things so quickly and rebuild her views so quickly proceeded that she is a person with extraordinary willpower.

Li Jun cupped his hands together and said, “Congratulations Fellow Daoist Yu Siyu for being able to break through the shackles of the state of mind.”

Then Yan Liling did the same thing as well.

Yu Siyu happily accepted their blessing with a smile on her face. After taking a brief moment to calm down, she continued to ask about the Human Emperor.

“After the Great Qin Dynasty conquered the world, the Human Emperor had enough luck to be able to fight equally against the Golden Ape Emperor–instead of just barely defending.”

“However, immediately afterwards, the cultivators of that time faced a problem. Despite the fact the Human Emperor was equal to a Great Emperor in battle strength, he was still a Supreme Realm cultivator.”

“After a few millions of years, his lifespan would eventually come to an end. Meanwhile, the Golden Ape Great Emperor was actually immortal, he could wait for the death of the Human Emperor before counter-attacking against the human race.”

“Additionally, internal disputes started to happen inside the Great Qin Dynasty. The only reason that the cultivators banded together was to fight against the Golden Ape Emperor. As such, they refused for him to choose a successor from his children to inherit the throne.”

“Not to mention the fact that it was debatable whether one of his descendants could bear the power of such tremendous amounts of luck. However, even if one could, what about their character?”

“The reason that the Human Emperor was chosen as the ruler of the Great Qin Dynasty was due to his strength, charisma, and n.o.ble character.”

“Nonetheless, the other cultivators feared that the Human Emperor’s descendants would be corrupted by power and became a tyrant that abused said power.”

“At that time, some people suggested choosing the next Emperor based on other powerful cultivators in the world. However, no candidate could actually be chosen.”

“Before the war with the Demon race, many of the sects and factions had enmity with each other, so they refused to let their enemies or compet.i.tors become more powerful than them.”

Yan Liling then took a sip of tea to moisturize her throat. Then, she looked at Li Jun who seemed to be distracted thinking about something.

“During that time, the Great Qin Dynasty came close to destruction due to internal politics. However, the Human Emperor came up with another brilliant solution to the problem.”

“He noticed that Heavenly Dao disliked the Golden Ape Emperor. Many of his methods were harmful to the world. As such, he suffered from countless Divine Punishment. However, the Golden Ape Emperor was too strong and simply ignored the punishment.”

“Based on this fact, the Human Emperor decided to use the entire human’s Qi luck as a medium to sacrifice to Heavenly Dao to create a Heaven Will. This was a crazy idea as all the cultivators in the world were aware of the fact that only one Heaven Will will appear in one generation, and the Golden Ape Emperor had already acquired it.”

“To everyone’ surprise, this method actually worked. A second Heaven Will appeared in one generation.”

“Soon afterward, the Human Emperor proved the Dao and became a Great Emperor. In fact, even the t.i.tle of Human Emperor was granted to him by Heavenly Dao itself.”

Both Yan Liling and Yu Siyu sighed. Hearing this story felt like listening to a mythical story written solely for the purpose of entertainment. The Human Emperor sounded like the protagonist of a legendary tale.

“What happened after that? What happened to the Golden Ape Emperor and the Demon Race?” asked Yu Siyu.

“According to records, the Human Emperor had a fierce battle with the Golden Emperor after proving the Dao. In the end, he managed to kill the Golden Ape Emperor.”

After hearing this, Yu Siyu gasped out loud as her world view was once again shattered. She just learned that the most powerful and n.o.blest of beings–a Great Emperor–was actually killed.

Yu Siyu and all the cultivators of the world always pursued being a Great Emperor. Although all of them did not even know what a Great Emperor was–including Yu Siyu–until the Extraterrestrial Demon came to this world, they still imagined it as this being powerful beyond measure, beyond comprehension, beyond imagination.

And the way they described and imagined a Great Emperor was even proven to be true by these foreign cultivators. No, it was proven to be more than they believed.

However, Yu Siyu just learned that these powerful beings could actually be killed. How could she not be shocked?

However, after taking a few minutes to think about the situation, she realized that it made sense. Only a powerful cultivator on the same level could actually accomplish such a feat.

After taking a few minutes to calm down, she asked, “What happened to the Demon Race afterwards?”

“After the fall of the Golden Ape Emperor, the majority of human cultivators wanted to exterminate the Demon Race to prevent such tragedy from happening again.”

“However, the Human Emperor disagreed. He argued that humans should not be the sole race in the world, that we need powerful compet.i.tors to keep us vigilant, otherwise, we will become prideful and arrogant, thus stop making progress. And the Demon Race was the perfect opponent for the human race.”

“As such, instead of killing all of them, the Human Emperor banished the Demon Race into the weakest continent of the world, while leaving the other continents for humanity.”

“However, the Human Emperor also did not want his race to face a similar situation in the future, so he took preventive measures. He sacrificed the entire luck of the Great Qin Dynasty–who at that time embodied the luck of the entire human race–and created a powerful formation.”

“This formation known as the [Human Preservation Array] encircled the entire Myriad Emperor World and served only one purpose: to protect humans from powerful alien races in times of need.”

“After the Human Emperor disappeared, each Emperor after him would further strengthen this formation, ensuring the protection of the human race. Of course that was until the Devil Era, but that’s a completely different story.”

Yu Siyu sighed as she pondered how vast and brilliant the world these people live in. Then, she remembered the promise that his majesty made to her disciple and was quite excited for the future.

After chatting with the two for a while, Yu Siyu arrived at her destination and left the Crawling Dragon Construct with a delightful smile on her face.

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