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Yan Liling took notice of Li Jun’s distraction midway through her narration, so, after Yu Siyu left, she asked him what he was thinking about so deeply that he was being so rude to a guess.

“Oh, I just suddenly remember the time me and big brother w.a.n.g Wei had to learn about the Human Emperor when we were young!”

“Did something interesting happen?” asked Yan Liling with an intriguing look on her face.

“Yes. At that time, our teacher asked us to write a paper about our understanding of the Human Emperor. All the kids in the cla.s.s wrote about the glory and greatness of the Human Emperor–including me, however, big brother w.a.n.g Wei was not so flattering.”

“I still remember the angry look on the teacher’s face after hearing big brother w.a.n.g Wei’s paper.”

“Hahaha, he was so angry and wanted to reprimanded him, but he did not dare do so due to big brother w.a.n.g Wei’ status.”

“So, what did big brother w.a.n.g Wei write on his paper?” asked Yan Liling hurriedly.

“According to big brother w.a.n.g Wei, the Human Emperor was not as morally upright as people of later generation make him out to be. In his paper, he argued that the only reason that the Human Emperor created the [Human Preservation Array] was due to karma.”


“Yes. According to the big brother w.a.n.g Wei, although most Great Emperors should not be greatly affected by karma, things were different for the Human Emperor.”

“As a person who only managed to prove the Dao by sacrificing the Luck of the entire human race, he was indefinitely bound to the human race and to the Myriad Emperor World through Karma.”

“If the Human Emperor did not pay the karma he owed to the Myriad Emperor World, he would be stuck all his life as the protector or guardian of the world for all of his life.”

“You mean similar to the Devil Emperors?” suddenly asked Yan Liling with a shocked look on her face.

“Exactly,’ said Li Jun before continuing.

“Big brother w.a.n.g Wei said that the Human Emperor used the [Human Preservation Array] to remove the binding that humanity’s Qi Luck had on him and repay the karma he owed to our race and to the world.”

“He even went as far as arguing that the reason that the Human Emperor did not want to exterminate the Demon Race was not because of the reason he argued, or at least, not the main reason.”

“The real reason was that he needed a good reason to use humanity’s Qi Luck to create the [Human Preservation Array].”

Yan Liling was more surprised by the article written by w.a.n.g Wei. However, the more she thought about it, the more reasonable she found it. After pondering for a while, she asked:

“It made sense given the fact that even his t.i.ttle was granted to him by Heavenly Dao itself. He is the only Great Emperor to have such an honor. However, why did big brother w.a.n.g Wei dislike the Human Emperor so much?”

“It’s not that he disliked him, more like he was wary of him for some reasons. I remember that big brother was somewhat shocked when he learned that the Human Emperor chose the name “Qin” for the first Dynasty.”

“During that time, he was obsessed with finding out the origin of the Human Emperor. He spent a lot of time in the sect’s Tibetan Scripture Pavilion searching for information about the Human Emperor.”

Yan Liling nodded and did not think too much about it. She knew that w.a.n.g Wei sometimes behaves weirdly. And just like Li Jun, she also knew that some geniuses have weird quirks compared to other people.

Suddenly, she asked, “Wait, from what I know, big brother w.a.n.g Wei was proven to be a genius at a very young age, so why was he in the same cla.s.s as other children of the sect? Shouldn’t he be studying by himself, or, asking a tutor to teach him personally?”

“Oh, that was because Aunt Yu Yan did not want big brother to become cold and arrogant. As such, he forced him to attend the sect’ lessons together with the other children of different branches.”

Yan Liling nodded, then the two of them started talking about different topics, then, they suddenly heard a voice.

“Attention to all pa.s.sengers, the next stop ‘Rainbow City’ will arrive in about 30 breaths. Please prepare to descend the Crawling Dragon Construct.”

After the voice repeated itself three times, it stopped. Immediately afterward, both Li Jun and Yan Liling got up and walked to the closest scale of the construct and waited.

Meanwhile, they overheard a conversation between a couple next to them.

“Why didn’t you buy a permit for the Soaring Phoenix Construct instead?” asked the woman.

“Honey, compet.i.tion has been fierce these days at work and I could not afford a n.o.ble permit for the Soaring Phoenix Construct,” responded the man.

“What about the Merchant permit?”

“I tried to buy one, but all the seats were already bought. And I knew that you did not like to travel in the Common aisle, so I could only do the next best thing and travel through land in the Crawling Dragon Construct.”

After hearing her husband’s explanation, the woman snorted at him and decided to ignore him for a while. Meanwhile, the man smiled wryly while scratching the back of his head.

After a few breaths, the construct stopped and the designated scales opened. Both Li Jun and Yan Liling smiled at the couple’s conversation and descended while holding arms with each other.

After leaving the launching station, Li Jun looked at the brightly lit city in front of him and at the station behind him, he sighed and said:

“I’m going to miss all these new inventions when we return home.”

“Well, you don’t have to worry about transportation since we have teleportation formations back in our world. You can go anywhere instantly,” replied Yan Liling.

“Do you think it is the same experience riding a Crawling Dragon Construct and teleporting instantly?”

Yan Liling did not say a word.

“Furthermore, you should understand that our daily life has been fundamentally changed and improved by big brother. It is not the same thing back in our world.”

After being silent for a brief moment, Yan Liling then answered:

“Didn’t big brother w.a.n.g Wei promise to bring back all these changes to the Domains controlled by our sect.”

“Yes, that’s true. But. I have a feeling that things will simply not be the same.”

“You do not need to worry too much about such a thing,” replied Yan Liling. “After all, we are cultivators. Only by being in-tune with nature, with Heaven and Earth, with the Dao can we walk further in our path.”

Li Jun pondered her words, then nodded in agreement. Afterwards, the two of them went on a date throughout this beautiful city known for its wonderful sceneries.

Meanwhile, back in the palace, after the meeting, w.a.n.g Wei entered his cultivation room and activated all the formations.

He sat cross-legged and started cultivating.

On his Divine Altar, 365 Divine Veins could be seen perfectly carved; this means that w.a.n.g Wei had reached the peak of the Divine Altar Realm and was only one step from breaking into the Supernatural Realm.

w.a.n.g Wei looked at the divine veins on his altar and started thinking. As a person who cultivated an Emperor’s Scripture, he cultivated a Dao Foundation.

To be precise, with the help of the [Origin Path Scripture], he cultivated the perfect Dao Foundation. From the information he has read back in the sect, all the other techniques that cultivated the Dao Foundation are not perfect.

After carving the 365th Divine Vein, a crack will appear on the cultivators’ Divine Altar.

Many Emperor Lineage will have ways to fix that crack, but even after fixing it, it will still leave some marks–no matter how small it may be.

This symbolized the fact that nothing under Heaven and Earth is perfect–except maybe Heaven itself.

The only people that can achieve perfection are the ones blessed by Heavenly Dao, hence the reason that the [Origin Path Scripture] allowed cultivators to achieve perfection.

This was a reward by Heavenly Dao to Emperor Qiyuan when he spread the method of cultivation to the world; this was one of the merits granted to him.

Despite this, not all cultivators can actually achieve a perfect Dao Foundation after cultivating the [Origin Oath Scripture]. Certain talents are needed for that.

According to what w.a.n.g Wei knows, in the past few generations, only him, his father and Great Elder Yan Mei managed to cultivate a perfect Dao Foundation. Even his grandfather failed to accomplish such a thing.

As for w.a.n.g Wei, he was not satisfied with just having a perfect Dao Foundation and wanted something more, something better.

And he succeeded when he broke through the 13th Layer of the Body Refining Realm and had an ever-expanding Divine Sea.

As such, he called his foundation Transcendent Perfection or Transcendent Dao Foundation.

Now that he had entered the peak of the Divine Altar Realm, he began to ponder how to achieve such transcendence. Since he did not have a precedent to follow, w.a.n.g Wei had to create his own way.

After many years of contemplating, he found a method and decided to try it now. More importantly, he had a hunch that he would succeed.

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