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Chapter 3

The Interspatial Rings Also Came Along

Lin Xiaoyue waved at him for a while, but when Lin Xiaozhi didn’t come over, she felt a little frustrated.

She retracted her gaze and suddenly saw the ring on her finger.

Her eyes suddenly lit up, and Lin Xiaoyue’s face immediately turned ecstatic.

Her interspatial ring actually came along with her!

Lin Xiaoyue quickly checked the ring, and then took out three more interspatial rings from it.

She was poor and didn’t have anything good in her interspatial ring, but the three interspatial rings she got from helping the team clean up the battlefield might not be the same!

Yes, in her previous life, she was just a logistics staff in the mercenary team, responsible for cleaning up the battlefield.

In the final battle, she picked up a total of three interspatial rings and put them into her own interspatial ring. She didn’t expect that they would all follow her here.

She was ecstatic and quickly checked the three interspatial rings.

After checking the first one, she was already stunned.

What did she see? Guns, grenades, and all kinds of knives and iron weapons! And there were quite a number of them!

Lin Xiaoyue felt the weapons in the interspatial ring and her eyes lit up with excitement. This was the era of melee weapons. With these things by her side, what was there to be afraid of?

Suppressing the excitement in her heart, Lin Xiaoyue quickly checked the second interspatial ring.

Then her eyes lit up again.

There were several shelves of medicine in the second one!

Anti-inflammatory drugs, hemostatic drugs, cold medicine, all sorts of things..

After all, these things were extremely rare during the apocalypse!

Suppressing the excitement in her heart again, Lin Xiaoyue quickly checked the third interspatial ring, and then —

Lin Xiaoyue was thoroughly amused.

The third interspatial ring actually stored a large amount of snacks, grains, oil, seasonings, potatoes, and sweet potatoes! Although there wasn’t much rice and noodles left, there were a lot of other things! These things were treasures in the apocalyptic world!

What kind of luck did she have? Not only did she escape from the apocalyptic world and travel to this era where there were no zombies, but she also brought so many good things with her!

The little boy at the door saw his sister giggling from time to time. He thought to himself, “fortunately, I didn’t go over. She must have lost her mind.”

At that moment, Lin Xiaoyue didn’t care about the little boy anymore. She just enjoyed herself for a while.

Then, she quickly used her consciousness to transfer a large amount of resources from the third interspatial ring into her interspatial ring. She left only three buckets of cooking oil, three servings of seasonings, a fifty-kilogram bag of rice, a fifty-kilogram bag of white flour, two cartons of eggs, and a box of noodles.

Then, she saw Liu s.h.i.+ returned after sending Aunt w.a.n.g off.

Liu s.h.i.+ looked at her youngest son, then at Lin Xiaoyue on the bed, and she became more relaxed.

“You must be hungry. I will cook immediately,” she said gently.

Then she was ready to go to the stove.

Lin Xiaoyue quickly stopped Liu s.h.i.+.

“Mom, come here.” She waved at Liu s.h.i.+.

Liu s.h.i.+ stopped and a smile appeared in her eyes as she walked to her daughter.

“Mom, come here quickly.” Lin Xiaoyue patted the edge of the bed and urged her.

Liu s.h.i.+ was a little confused, but she sat down.

“Mom, dad gave this to me. Take a look.” Lin Xiaoyue smiled mysteriously and gave the third interspatial ring to Liu s.h.i.+.

Liu s.h.i.+ was shocked.

Lin Xiaoyue stuffed the interspatial ring into her hands.

“Mom, focus on feeling this ring,” Lin Xiaoyue continued.

Liu s.h.i.+’s eyes looked doubtful, but she still followed her daughter’s instructions.

Then, she became shocked.

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