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Chapter 4

Hide It

“This…” it turned out it was a storage s.p.a.ce and there was something inside!

Lin Xiaoyue smiled. “This is what dad asked me to give you before we left. It’s a spiritual artifact called an interspatial ring. You can use your mind to control it to store and retrieve things. He gave us the things inside.”

Looking at the surprised Liu s.h.i.+, Lin Xiaoyue said patiently, “Try to take them out.”

The interspatial ring wasn’t a rare item in the apocalyptic world. After the apocalypse, jade stones turned into interspatial instruments. By the third year of the post-apocalyptic world, there were already many superpowered people who had interspatial jade.

Liu s.h.i.+ hesitated, and then she did as Lin Xiaoyue said.

Then, a bag of salt appeared in her hand.

Liu s.h.i.+ was shocked. She touched the thing in her hand and found that it was really there. Her face was full of surprise and joy.

“Please take out the other things as well. Take a portion of each,” Lin Xiaoyue said.

“Okay,” Mrs Liu replied.

Then, she got up and left the bed. She took out a portion of everything and placed it in front of Lin Xiaoyue’s bed.

“These things…” Mrs Liu was confused.

She recognized some of the things here, but some of them were hidden by the packaging. She did not know what they were.

“These are all foods,” Lin Xiaoyue said.

Then, she introduced each item to Liu s.h.i.+ and how to use it.

She even asked Liu s.h.i.+ to bring a knife and open the packaging.

When she saw the white rice and white flour inside, the surprise in Liu s.h.i.+’s eyes couldn’t be hidden.

“These should be enough for our family of three to last more than two months. Zhi’er is still young and needs to grow. My body has also just recovered, I want to eat something good. Mom, don’t be too thrifty.”

Lin Xiaoyue said, “When my body is better, I will think of ways to earn money to improve the situation at home. I will let you and Zhi’er live a good life.”

She had just tried to get out of bed and found that she was dizzy. She touched her forehead and realized she still had a slight fever.

However, she had already found anti-inflammatory drugs and anti-fever drugs from her interspatial ring and she should be able to recover soon.

“Don’t worry. Take good care of yourself and leave it to me to earn money…” Liu s.h.i.+ wiped her tears again.

Her daughter had just come back from death and was already worried about her family.

Aunt w.a.n.g was right. The head of the household was gone. The two children were relying on her now, she had to stand up for them.

Fortunately, her husband still cared about the three of them. He had asked his daughter to bring so many things back.

It was just too wasteful, all of them were such fine grains! If this was exchanged for coa.r.s.e grains, how much would they get ?!

Liu s.h.i.+ was about to go and make food for the two children, but she was stopped by Lin Xiaoyue.

Liu s.h.i.+ was puzzled.

“Mother, put the things away after you use them. You can’t let anyone know that our family has food. And this ring, you have to hide it well,” said Lin Xiaoyue, looking at the interspatial ring that Liu s.h.i.+ was wearing.

Liu s.h.i.+ was stunned.

She instantly recalled the Lin family who wanted to kill her and her children, and a hint of panic flashed across her face.

She quickly took off the interspatial ring on her finger and looked around to see where she could hide it.

Lin Xiaoyue wanted to laugh when she saw this.

“Mom, there’s no need to hide it. You can wear it on your neck and put it in your clothes. No one will be able to see it,” she said with a smile.

Liu s.h.i.+’s needlework was not bad. When she was in the Lin family, she did not go to the fields. She only did needlework to support the family.

However, even though the money she earned from needlework every month was not much less than that of a laborer, Grandmother Lin still resented her for not going to the fields. Together with her aunts, she bullied her mother.

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