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Chapter 45 – Selective Amnesia
Chapter 45: Selective Amnesia

This kind of juicy claim immediately caught everyone’s curiosity and interest.

“What scoop? Tell us!”

“Don’t tell me you saw Iris Long and Jin Chonglin sneaking together backstage!”

“Oh my G.o.d! Is that true?”

“That s.l.u.t! So she’s really still chasing after our Prince Lin Lin. Shameless!”

“Come on, my friend. Don’t leave us hanging here. Tell us what happened.”

“Relax, people. No, I didn’t see Iris Long and Jin Chonglin together. Please stop telling unfounded rumours. The scoop is about Iris Long and the Alarm Girls. I’m not really sure what happened before I arrived at the scene, but what I saw was really horrible. The Alarm Girls are so awful! They kept on insulting and yelling at Iris Long. If we, the staff, didn’t arrive on time, I think those girls would have already attacked her. Iris Long was with her manager and a.s.sistant. They were protecting her. Iris Long barely said anything the entire time, just standing there and staying silent. She then calmly explained to the girls that she’s suffering from selective amnesia or something like that, and doesn’t really remember who they are and then asked them to let her go. But those mean girls tried to attack her! The situation became too much for Iris so she fainted. Her a.s.sistant said that Iris Long is still a little weak from being comatose for too long and that she can’t handle too much stress. When we demanded for the Alarm Girls to apologize, they refused. They even had the audacity to accuse her of bullying them! Do they take us to be blind people? We saw with our own eyes that it was them doing the bullying, not the other way around. I’ve never seen such despicable people in my life.”

“Oh my G.o.d. Is that true?”

“Alarm Girls? Which girl group are they again? There are so many girl groups who performed tonight that I don’t remember who they are. Maybe I have selective amnesia too.”

“Ahahaha! Poster above, the Alarm Girls are the ones with the three members.”

“Ah, the ones who dress like hookers?”

“Pft! Yeah. Maybe they should change their name to the Hooker Girls instead.”

“So the rumours from before about Iris Long and the Alarm Girls always b.u.t.ting heads must be true.”

“The Alarm Girls are so shameless! I remember that they kept on imitating Iris Long in everything from her music, dance moves, and even her style. They’re just low quality Iris Long rip-offs.”

“Wait. Iris suffers from selective amnesia? And she fainted?”

“Did this incident happen before or after her performance?”

“Sis, are you telling the truth? Did this really happen?”

“Of course I’m telling the truth. I saw everything with my own eyes. And I’m a bro, not a sis. To answer everyone’s question, this incident happened before Iris’ performance.”

“What?! She got bullied and then fainted but still performed?!! Are you sure?!!!”

“Of course I’m sure. I already told you that I saw everything with my own eyes. Actually we offered Iris Long to cancel tonight’s performance and just perform on another episode, but she refused. She insisted on performing and even said that she didn’t want to trouble us and the show. Right there and then, I decided that Iris Long is now one of the people that I admire the most in my life.”

“Wow. Iris is amazing. I feel so sorry for her that she had to suffer those Alarm b.i.t.c.hes’ bullying and even caused her to faint. But even so she still gave an outstanding performance! I’m giving another round of well-deserved applause for Iris Long.”

“I’m going to send a complaint to ‘MusicFest Tonight’. Those despicable Alarm Girls should’ve been kicked out and not allowed to perform on tonight’s show. With what they did backstage, bullying a fellow artist and almost causing a health emergency, I can’t believe they still had the guts to perform like nothing happened. Despicable!”



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“Poor Iris Long. Everyone keeps on saying malicious things about her but from now on, I won’t believe them anymore. I’ll support Iris!”

“During the interview, Iris Long said that she’s okay and healthy. Now we know that she’s just acting strong. Giving such an awesome performance after fainting, I’m so amazed by her.”

“Well, she mentioned that she gets dizzy sometimes. So I believe that she really fainted tonight. She only played it down during the interview, but I’m sure she’s not fully recovered yet. Being in a coma for a year is no joke.”

“I’m more interested about her selective amnesia. Seems like she has forgotten some of her memories? I wonder how much she forgot…”

“Who knows? Maybe even everything. Wait! What if she forgot everything about herself? Maybe the reason why she suddenly changed her musical style and her image is because she has amnesia and that she forgot who she was…”

“Oh my G.o.d. That makes total sense!”

“I could barely recognize her now. Maybe you’re right!”

“Holy s.h.i.+t.”


“Oh no! Poor girl.”

“From now on, anyone who dares to bully Iris Long, I’ll fight you!!! Come on! This grandfather is ready for you haters at any time!!”



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