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Chapter 44 – Eat Your Slippers
Chapter 44: Eat Your Slippers

The discussions online continued even after Iris Long left the stage. Many of the viewers were still thinking and talking about her performance that they didn’t pay that much attention to the next few performers.

It could be said that the immediate performers after Iris Long had bad luck because the audience’s response to their performances were lukewarm at best.

After some netizens started accusing Iris Long of using a ghost composer, someone stepped forward and cleared her name.

“Excuse me, everyone. But I just have to b.u.t.t in reading all the comments about Iris Long using a ghost composer. I’m currently interning at JJ’s record label. I can say for sure that JJ has extremely high standards when it comes to accepting artists. And when I say that he has extremely high standards, I mean that he has super-duper to the highest level extremely high standards! It’s insane but that’s why he’s JJ. If an artist claims to compose his or her own songs, we make sure that this is 100% true. This is supposed to be a secret, but our record label conducts a strict security check before offering a contract to an artist. If we find out that the artist lied to us, our record label will automatically blacklist that person. Since our record label signed Iris Long and even worked personally with our boss JJ as her music producer, then it means that Iris really composed her own songs. Our boss JJ isn’t stupid or gullible. He didn’t reach his level at the top of the music industry just to taint his reputation by supporting artists who make false claims.”



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“Oh. Is that true?”

“Hey, the commenter before who said that he’s gonna eat his slippers! You can go eat your slippers now. Come on! Don’t chicken out and go back on your own words.”

“I trust JJ more than all these anonymous slanderers on the Internet.”

“Yeah. JJ is a renowned and award-winning music producer. If someone like him signs Iris Long, then it must mean that he sees great potential in her.”

“After watching Iris’ amazing performance tonight, even someone like me can see her great potential.”

“Ahaha! Very true. Her performance tonight is really shocking. I almost can’t believe that it’s Iris Long.”

“Are you even sure that’s Iris Long? I think she really died in the accident and the one we’re seeing now is her hidden twin sister or something.”

“So the rumour about her being comatose is really true. She said it herself.”

“Poor girl. I can’t imagine how it must feel to be in coma for one year.”

“I still don’t believe that she was really comatose. I believe more in the one that says that she got pregnant. It sounds more interesting.”

“Ahahaha! That’s true. And did you all notice that Jin Chonglin also performed tonight? I wonder if they met.”

“I wish the hosts asked Iris and Jin Chonglin about their relations.h.i.+p during their interviews.”

“Jin Chonglin already said before that he doesn’t have any relations.h.i.+p with Iris Long. They only met each other casually which is normal in the small world of s…o…b..z.”

“Hah! Too naïve! Did you forget how Fan Luo referred to Iris Long as the ‘other woman’ on her blog?”

“Read Fan Luo’s blog post again. She didn’t name Iris Long.”

“She didn’t name Iris Long, but it’s obvious that she was talking about Iris. Everyone was talking about Iris and Jin Chonglin when Fan Luo posted that on her blog. Who else was she referring to if it wasn’t Iris Long?”

“I’m so angry that Iris Long is returning. She’s just out to chase after Prince Lin Lin again. She must’ve felt desperate since Prince Lin Lin and Princess Luo Luo are marrying soon. That’s why she changed her musical style and did all this s.h.i.+t just to catch Prince Lin Lin’s attention. How can you explain her suddenly performing in the same episode as Prince Lin Lin? Of course it’s deliberate!”

“Don’t forget that Iris is now under Bright Summit too. Guess who’s also under Bright Summit? Of course it’s Jin Chonglin!”

“Oh my G.o.d. So true. I don’t think these are just coincidences. Iris Long is really chasing after Jin Chonglin!”

“I already told you. Iris Long is a s.l.u.t. What change in musical style? What image change? What finding her true self? She’s just concealing her true aim which is Jin Chonglin. Shameless!”

“And the haters have all come out to play again. I honestly don’t care about all the s.h.i.+t you’re talking about. All I care about is that I like ‘Black Star’. Such an excellent song shouldn’t be tainted by all your s.h.i.+t-talking. You’re just letting your envy do the talking. Blah blah blah! I have a good feeling about the other songs in her alb.u.m ‘Rebirth’ based on the previews I watched of her music videos. No matter what kind of person Iris Long is, I don’t care. As long as I like her music, that’s what matters to me.”



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“I have a scoop, folks! I filled in temporarily as a staff member for a sick friend for tonight’s show. Something happened involving Iris Long backstage during the show. It caused quite a big commotion and it was even reported to the higher-ups. Guess what happened!”

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