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Chapter 82


A black shadow chased after them from behind. Soon, it arrived behind Muyang and the others.

Red blood hair, green skin, covered with strange tattoo-like patterns, a pair of green eyes emitting bloodthirsty light, Melukujo stopped in front of Muyang and the others with a “whoop.” 

“s.h.i.+t!” Korin shrieked and cried out like a lost kid. 

“Is he Melukujo?”

Muyang didn’t have much of an expression as he quietly let go of his ki wave to test it. However, what he got in return was an icy coldness. 

“What a scary guy!” When Muyang felt the burst of coldness emanating from his opponent’s body, he s.h.i.+vered. His muscles felt as if they were frozen, and his heart sank, ‘It seemed like a vicious battle was coming next.’

“Hehe, you guys are the last martial arts pract.i.tioners on Earth, and it was so easy for me to find you!” Melukujo licked his lower lips, his cold words filled with killing intent.

Suddenly he looked at Muyang, a strange color flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes. He felt this young man was the strongest of the three, “There is actually such a master among the earthlings.” 

Although it was still a far cry from himself and the demon named Piccolo, among the generally weak earthlings, Muyang’s power level with more than 200 could be called astonis.h.i.+ng.

“Kid, are you interested in following and serving this lord? I can spare your life.” Melukujo squeezed out a smile and looked at Muyang “kindly,” as he extended an invitation.

“No way!”

“Ah, what a pity…”

Melukujo’s face was quite regretful as he spoke apologetically. However, when he said he that, his body immediately emitted a sickeningly dark atmosphere.

Spatial fluctuations rippled slightly. Among the ripples like water, the body suddenly flashed.

Muyang and the others hadn’t even reacted yet, but Melukujo had already arrived in front of them. His green face was almost clinging to them. 

“Die!” Like a nightmarishly cold voice, Melukujo slowly lifted his hand as one palm poked forward. The speed wasn’t fast, along with a splendid glow soaring through the air, radiant ki covering over towards Muyang and the others.



It was too late for anyone to react. Surging ki came from all directions. The ki was very violent and turbulent.

Soon the three of them were drawn into the ki vortex. Muyang immediately shouted at the situation and opened his arms to resist.

“Heavenly Sky Beam!”

Countless crescent-shaped ki wave blades blossomed out. It puffed out, strangling and destroying the swirling energy.

After doing all this, Muyang, Mutaito, and Korin leaned close together, watching Melukujo vigilantly. 

Melukujo was surprised, but his expression didn’t change at all. In his eyes, the resistance of Muyang and the others was as ridiculous as a praying mantis.


Melukujo’s figure moved quickly. This time his speed became even faster. Muyang’s eyes kept rotating to catch his opponent’s movements, but this time, the difference in strength between them was highlighted as Muyang could only saw a blurred flash of light that kept appearing and disappearing. He never managed to observe the exact whereabouts.


A green flash and a creepy, enlarged face appeared in front of his eyes.

Muyang’s eyes flashed in horror. His body had taken a violent blow. It seemed as if it had been hit by a boulder, injuring its internal organs instantly.

He puffed out a mouthful of blood, and his face had turned pale. At that moment, Melukujo began to move towards Mutaito and Korin to kill them.

Clouds of blood splashed out, scattering like rain from the sky.

Melukujo’s attack was so swift and brutal that Mutairo and Korin didn’t have time to react before the terrifying ki penetrated through their bodies.

“Hehe, those two have been taken care of, there’s only one left.” A pair of green eyes without a ripple twinkle.

The killing had become a routine for him.


Upon seeing with his own eyes that Mutaito and Korin had died at the hands of Melukujo, Muyang’s eyes turned red, and his anger rose to the limit. 

“Heavenly Sky Beam!”

“Thunder Shock Surprise !”


“Heavenly Sky Beam!”

All the tricks that he knew were used one by one. For a time, blue, golden, white, and all kinds of ki swept down in an overwhelming wave.

These ki were full of Muyang’s anger. They intertwined together, forming a heavenly net that struck towards Melukujo.

Upon facing that terrifying ki, Melukujo’s eyes flashed with a strange color. Then a sneer crept onto his face, ‘This ridiculous earthling. Did he think that this weak ki could hurt the Great Lord Melukujo?’

So, with a wave of his hand, a black ball of ki appeared in his palm. It pushed forward lightly towards the mixed ki and exploded together with the mixed ki.


A loud sound resounded through the world. A terrifying ball of light was suddenly expanded and generated in the void.

The chaotic ki reacted terrifyingly at this time. It was like a mega-storm that instantly swept away everything in a radius of tens of kilometers.

The terrifying ki wave was still spreading. Because it happened in the high alt.i.tude, this ki wave was transmitted exceptionally far. It was continuously spreading out towards the rest of the world.

Gradually, the glow dissipated, and only a faint cloud of smoke remained.

But at this point, only Melukujo was left in the thousand-mile dome, and Muang’s figure was already nowhere to be seen.

“Hmph! I can’t believe he escaped.”

Melukujo stared at the blank sky in a daze. His face was so gloomy that it was about to drip ink.

He thought that his opponent was sharpening his sword to avenge his companion’s death. It turned out, it was just a cover! He was annoyed, then sneered, “That human boy. Did he really think he could escape me?”

As he said that, Melukujo grunted, and a dark smoke spread out in his hand. 

As soon as the smoke appeared, it dissipated into a few wisps of smoke. Melukujo opened his dark green eyes and turned around to disappear into the turquoise blue sky. 


A hundred kilometers away in the wilderness.

Muyang’s wretched figure appeared behind a stone wall as he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

His face turning pale, and sighed, “That Melukujo is actually so strong that even Mutaito and Korin lost their lives in his hands.”

Before the real battle had even started, his team had lost two people first, making Muyang’s heart very heavy. He’s afraid it would be tough for him to defeat Great Demon King Piccolo and Melukujo.

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