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Chapter 76

“I believe this is the bell of the last Kami. Have you seen him?”

Mr. Popo’s two eyes were colorless and hollow, but they perceived everything.

Muyang nodded, “Yes, Kami Noah has returned to the World of the Living from Other-World. He asked me to greet you on his behalf.”

“Well, come with me. Let’s go to see Kami.”

Perhaps because Muyang was holding a token from the last Kami, Mr. Popo didn’t test Muyang’s strength. Instead, he took Muyang directly to meet the Kami.

Muyang responded and followed behind Mr. Popo towards the palace entrance on the side of the Lookout.

As he walked, he observed the layout of the Lookout. Just like the ones that appeared in the original story, the Lookout located in the Heavenly Realm was empty. Aside from a few rows of trees and a golden palace, there wasn’t even a live trace.

This was because the entire temple was floating in another s.p.a.ce level, surrounded by faint and quiet environments. People without permission could not enter anyway unless they broke in violently.

Just as Muyang was following Mr. Popo’s pace, he suddenly said, “Your name is Muyang, right.”

Muyang was in awe and nodded, “Yes.”

“Learn how I walk; your pace is too chaotic to calm your mind. It’s not good.” Mr. Popo spoke in a flat and even goofy tone.

Although Muyang had learned how to control his body’s ki when he was in Korin Tower, he was still far from truly having a “heart as calm as water and as tranquil as the sky.”

“Understood.” Muyang nodded his head and adjusted his pace.

It had to be known that even Son Goku, who defeated the Great Demon King Piccolo, had been schooled by Mr. Popo when he first came to the Lookout.

Now that Muyang’s skill was not as good as Son Goku, he was unqualified in Mr. Popo’s eyes.

However, Muyang was very conscientious. He would learn whatever Mr. Popo said, and in no time, he found the secret.

Mr. Popo walked in front. Although he didn’t look back, he could sense that Muyang’s pace and heartbeat had been adjusted.

He then led him forward. Finally, they stopped at the entrance of a large hall.

Mr. Popo said, “This is where Kami resides, Kami is a great deity; you should respect him.”

When he saw Muyang nod, Mr. Popo pushed open the door of the main hall.

“Kami, someone is here.”

“Hmm.” An old voice responded. A green figure emerged from the main hall, and that was Kami. Kami was originally a Namekian who fled to Earth when the Planet Namek encountered the challenge catastrophe.

Kami came before Muyang and looked at the young man in front of him. He seemed to recall himself from back then and nodded with emotion, “It’s been many years. You are the first person from the lower realm to set foot in the Lookout. Mr. Popo, you go and make the arrangements, let him live in the Lookout from now on. His training will also be your responsibility.”

“Yes.” Mr. Popo replied.

“Young man, it’s not easy to practice in the Lookout. I hope you can follow Mr. Popo and get further advancement.” Kami smiled as he looked at Muyang’s handsome face.

“I’ll try my best.” Muyang’s face was sunny and full of confidence.

“Good. Work hard then!”

Kami was slightly stunned; he was surprised. He thought that Muyang would be stubborn enough to ask for his guidance, but he didn’t expect that Muyang would allow Mr. Popo to train him. He even agreed quickly without hesitation at all.

This spontaneity made him have a few expectations in his heart for Muyang as a person.

If Muyang knew what was in Kami’s heart right now, he would definitely scream at the misunderstanding. He knew from the start that it would be Mr. Popo who would train him.

Mr. Popo had served several Kamis in the Lookout. His strength was still above the Kami. Knowing that Mr. Popo would be the one who trains him, Muyang was filled with antic.i.p.ation.

After that, Muyang and Mr. Popo left the palace where Kami lived and returned to the outside yard.

Because they were at a high alt.i.tude, the air was even thinner than the top of Korin Tower. Any movement had to be carefully thought out. No violent movement could be withstood.

“Young man, now attack me.”

Arriving at the center of the yard, Mr. Popo began to train without any preliminaries.

Muyang’s eyes exploded with a sparkle as he heard the words. Mr. Popo’s coolness in getting to the point was exactly what he wanted, as Muyang himself wasn’t a fan of rambling around.

He said loudly, “Mr. Popo, look out, I’m going to start the attack.”

“Just call me Popo.”

“Okay, Popo, I’m coming!”

As soon as Muyang’s voice fell, all of his attention was focused on Mr. Popo. With a swoosh, he left a trail of afterimages in place, and in the next moment, he began to look for the direction to attack.

However, Muyang was having difficulty as to where to start.

Obviously, Mr. Popo was just standing there very casually and not doing any defensive movement.

However, when Muyang was ready to attack, he found that Mr. Popo’s body seemed full of loopholes. Upon closer inspection, there was a kind of impeccable intimidation, as if any attack he launched would never work.

He had felt this before when he was facing Kami Noah, but this time, it seemed to be even more powerful with Mr. Popo.

It wasn’t that Mr. Popo was stronger than Kami Noah. It was just that Mr. Popo had taken his skill to the extreme.

“Is this Mr. Popo’s level? Why is he so calm? Is it because of the difference in strength?” Muyang’s face became gloomy.

Suddenly, Muyang made his move. There was a pause for the constantly flickering afterimage.

He bowed his body, bounced up, shot out as fast as a bolt of lightning, and began to strike Mr. Popo’s body.

“A bit slow…”

Just as Muyang’s fist was about to hit Mr. Popo, Mr. Popo moved his hands behind his back, and his face became expressionless.

However, his body seemed to s.h.i.+ft from one position to another as if he was panning. Muyang’s attack sliced through his chest, apparently falling short.

“To attack me, you need to calm down and comprehend the speed of lightning.”

Mr. Popo’s voice sounded in Muyang’s ears. The first half of the sentence was still in his right ear, but the second half reached his left ear. The bizarre switching of sound channels could tell how fast Mr. Popo was.

Muyang was astonished, greatly impressed by Mr. Popo’s ability. His hand alone had given him a blow to the face.

“Come on!” There was an inexplicable alertness.

Muyang didn’t have time to react. In the next second, Mr. Popo appeared right in front of him again, raising his toes and already kicking at his abdomen.

A huge force bounced Muyang off the ground, tracing a path in the sky… Just as he was about to land, Mr. Popo appeared again with a ghostly ping.

“Over here!” Muyang reversed the body and swung out the attack.

“Pop!” A palm grabbed Muyang’s leg. Mr. Popo looked at him with a blank expression and threw him out again.

Muyang stumbled and fell to the ground, but he quickly bounced up.

“I’ll try again!”

“Not even close.”

Mr. Popo shook his head numbly, flexing his fingers slightly, and flicked Muyang off again.

“Wow, that hurts!” Muyang shrieked.

“Don’t get carried away. Your level isn’t enough. The mind is not as simple as you think, you’d better start practicing from the basics.” Mr. Popo said leisurely, then began to direct Muyang on how to practice.

Mr. Popo’s way of guiding is different from Korin. For Korin, he preferred to let his disciples realize the point of the practice themselves, while Mr. Popo had always been straight to the point.

 This was because the level of martial arts practice targeted by Korin was relatively low. The points of practice weren’t profound.

There was still the possibility of comprehending by themselves. More importantly, through this practice, the martial arts pract.i.tioners’ learning ability was being developed, leading them into the door of practice.

As for Mr. Popo, since he lived in the Lookout, the level was high. If he didn’t point it out directly, his disciples would take decades to comprehend it by themselves.

This was like a different stage of learning. Primary school teachers focus on teaching students how to behave and learn how to study independently, which instills the learning techniques.

In contrast, in secondary school, especially at the university level, there was more direct teaching of specific knowledge. There were few teachers to teach students how to learn anymore.

Because the great waves washed out the sand, those who were not qualified and unable to learn were eliminated. The remaining ones were the “winners” who could easily accept the existing knowledge.

So, under Mr. Popo’s guidance, Muyang began his journey of training on the Lookout.

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