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Chapter 59

Due to Muyang’s arrival, the entire martial arts dojo was filled with a different atmosphere. The disciples worked even harder and practiced with great enthusiasm.

The teacher was also exceptionally serious today and taught all the disciples in a very serious manner. Everyone was holding a lot of energy, with an indescribable motivation in their hearts.

On the east side of the martial arts dojo, the disciples practice basic moves in groups of three to five under their teachers’ arrangement.

This was the foundation of the Heavenly Sky School martial arts dojo’s introduction, which was said to be rehea.r.s.ed several times a day.

However, it was this very normal practice that gave them vigorous strength.

In a small corner, April was also taught by her Senior Sister Ness. With her martial arts uniform and slender waist tied, she was seriously practicing her punches and kicks.

The punches and kicks were downright impressive, and the training was exceptionally serious. On the other hand, the young blue dinosaur was lying next to her, taking a nap.

As for the west side of the martial arts dojo, the older disciples practiced one-on-one combat, which was considered sparring.

“Ah!” Two older disciples sparred together. They were attacking and defending with their Heavenly Sky School moves.

One after the other, they were profoundly skilled at attacking and defending, and it was extremely entertaining to watch. You could tell that both disciples were very solid in their basic skills.

Just then, Muyang suddenly shouted stop. The two disciples looked at Muyang with confused expressions.

“Stop, you two have studied other martial arts before, haven’t you?”

The two disciples nodded, “Yes, we both used to study with a master fighter and have been blindfolding ourselves ever since.”

Muyang was thoughtful after hearing that, “No wonder.”

Fighting was about fierceness and ferocity. It was about putting people to death, giving the audience a pleasing viewing experience, and stimulating hormones’ secretion, resulting in explosive emotions and excitement.

However, compared to martial arts training, it was less about internal control, lacking overall coordination, and seemingly inflexible.

“I watched you guys just now. Every punch had a sense of frustration, a stiff punch that gave you an angular feel, but lacked the coordination to the point it lacked succession…you try again.”

Muyang walked up to the two disciples and tapped his fingers on their muscles as they punched. “Here, right here, swing your arms down a little and raise your legs up, yes that’s right.”

“You guys watch… when you punch; it’s all about a single blow, which is ‘strength.’ However, you can’t use all your strength, keep some of it for emergencies…”

While the disciples were training, Muyang constantly corrected their mistakes. With Muyang’s current eyesight and cognition, his guidance always. .h.i.t the nail on the head.

A few light words that fell on the disciples’ ears were like thunder and deafening, making them feel endlessly useful.

“Brother Muyang, I have some questions.”

A junior brother named Aso came up and leaped to his feet.

Although Aso was not very old, only fourteen, and appeared to be short in stature, he was a temporary teacher at the dojo. Just like Ness, he was quite talented.

Muyang looked at this junior brother and stretched his hand at him.

“Come on, attack me.”

It was only through real battles that problems could be better identified and fixed.

Junior Brother Aso nodded his head with a hmmm, and looked at Muyang seriously. At this moment, this junior brother had already entered the state of battle.

“Perversely decent.” Muyang smiled lightly. At his current level, there were a lot of things that he could figure out with a single glance. Especially the lower level martial arts, Muyang was able to detect problems just by looking at their starting positions.

“Brother, I’m ready.”

Muyang nodded, “Let’s begin.”


At this point, Aso exploded, stepping on the pace to launch an attack towards Muyang. It could be seen that Aso’s movements were quite fierce, the stepping was crisp, and without a murmur, it would take at least years of painstaking training to achieve this step.

Muyang nodded to himself and moved his body along with it.

Aso’s attacks were decisive. It could be said that his strikes were clean and not muddy at all. However, his opponent was Muyang; every time he threw a punch, it somehow always seemed to hit a sponge.

There was a feeling that the strokes fell short. A few rounds down, not only did Aso failed to attack Muyang, but he consumed most of his physical strength.

“Don’t use all your strength. There are too many unnecessary movements, and physical strength is important, so you don’t want unnecessary exertion.”

Muyang’s soft voice was heard in his ears. Suddenly, a light flashed in Aso’s mind, as if he had realized something, and as a result, his movements became prolonged.

“Keep it that way. Your breathing has become a little more even…”

Ten minutes later, Muyang saw that Aso had met the training requirements and asked him to stop.

“It’s good, that’s it for this time. Go back to gain comprehension and adjust your state.”

“Thank you, senior brother.” Aso respectfully said. Those few words Muyang had just spoken had made him deeply enlightened.

Muyang waved his hand, “We are brothers, no need to be polite.”

Aso then walked out of the martial arts venue and went to a corner to comprehend it carefully.

Seeing their fellow disciples reaped much, the remaining few fellow disciples couldn’t hold back their patience.

Yiya, who had spoken to April earlier, came over, and he said solemnly to Muyang, “Brother Muyang, I want to have a real battle with you.”

Muyang looked with a smile on his face, “Are you sure? The result might be a shock to you.”

Yiya said seriously, “Teacher Clarissa always said that I put too much emphasis on victory and defeat. But I think that only when I have experienced defeat myself can I truly know the difference. Brother, please don’t be merciful and let me see the difference between each other so that I can rise to the challenge.”

Muyang restrained his smile and looked at Yiya, “It’s good that you have such an awareness, then I’ll let you see how much of a difference there is between you and a true expert.

After saying that, the smile on Muyang’s face disappeared. His entire body emitted an inexplicable aura like a rolling torrent that was endlessly vast and overwhelming.

Everyone present turned pale as if they had been crushed by a thousand pounds of weight.

“Brother Muyang’s qi is so powerful.”

“It’s about the same as Teacher Isaac.”

“It feels even scarier than Teacher Isaac!”

“It’s so powerful. I wonder how many moves senior brother Yiya managed to survive?”

The disciples were whispering. A few of Muyang’s juniors were all staring, watching intently. It was only April who was blinking in hindsight and hadn’t felt anything yet.

“Let’s begin!” Yiya stepped on his feet. He was slightly short, like a running porcupine menacingly attacking towards Muyang.

Little did he know Muyang had already seen his movements, and with a shake of his body, all of Yiya’s attacks fell short.

“Hey, what was that?” Someone pointed at the shadows in the martial arts venue and yelled.

When the others heard the words, they were all stunned for the next second. All they could see were several afterimages that appeared in the place where Yiya had attacked before, vaguely, as many as five in a row, which could barely be distinguished… it was Muyang’s image.

“Those were multiple Muyang brothers, yet every one of them seems real.”

“This is called the Afterimage Technique. It’s an image left in place after the body moves at high speed through a special technique. Although these residual shadows have no offensive power, they are perfect for confusing the enemy.” Muyang stood to the side and explained. After he finished speaking, his body suddenly accelerated.

A dozen more similar afterimages appeared throughout the narrow dojo at once.

Compared to those previous afterimages, the ones that appear now were much closer to reality. In funky terms, these afterimages have a higher pixel count and should be in 1080p.

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