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Chapter 60

“There are eighteen shadows right now. Yiya, can you figure out which one is the real me?” 

It required excellent visual abilities and judgment to find the real body through the afterimage, which wasn’t easy for an ordinary martial arts pract.i.tioner.

Of course, if he could perceive ki, he could also distinguish the truth from the lie through ki senses. However, ki sensing hadn’t even been mastered by Muyang, let alone Yiya.

Upon facing this strange trick used by his senior brother, Yiya smiled bitterly. He now understood the difference between them.

Yiya’s face became serious. Since his eyes couldn’t tell which one was the real one, he would have to rely on brute strength.

Peng Peng Peng!!! Yiya swung his fist and attacked fiercely. He was extremely fast, and the dozens of disciples present, including the villagers watching, couldn’t see his movements.

When Yiya shattered the seventeenth remnant, his face was happy, he clenched his fist and attacked the last one. 

Whew, it was empty. Yiya’s fist punched through the last remnant, but the result was the same as before, the fist went right through the remnant’s chest.

It was another empty one.

‘This one was also false,’ Yiya’s mind screamed. He suddenly felt a hint of trouble. 

At that moment, Muyang’s figure suddenly appeared behind Yiya, raising his palm blade and slas.h.i.+ng towards Yiya’s neck.

“One last thing, I want to tell you. Since we’re rivals, don’t believe anything I say. When I say that I’m among the eighteen remnants, do you really believe that?”

“Uh… “Yiya’s eyes rolled back, as Muyang’s palm blade landed on his neck. The sudden impact was making him dizzy and faint straight away. 

“Aso, take Yiya away.” Muyang beckoned to Aso.

When Aso brought Yiya away, he turned and looked around at everyone and said, “Those words earlier were meant for you as well. Always be vigilant when you go out, don’t believe everything others say.” 

“We understand, senior brother.”


All of them had just gone through a realistic version of an education. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement, especially those martial arts pract.i.tioners who had made their way outside and knew better that it wasn’t an ideal paradise.

“Hmm.” Seeing that everyone had taken his words seriously, Muyang nodded his head in satisfaction. If it had been Mexia, she probably wouldn’t have been so obedient.

After having a word with everyone, Muyang walked out of the martial arts dojo and wandered down the street by himself.

Shortly after Muyang left, Yiya awoke from his blackout. When he heard his fellow disciple relay Muyang’s words, he couldn’t help but sighed, “Looks like we’re far apart from senior brother.” 

“Yeah, Senior Brother Muyang knocked you out with a single hand blade.” Ness covered her mouth and laughed.

Yiya gave her a blank look and said in a bad mood, “If it were you guys, it wouldn’t be much better.”

Aso said indifferently, “Senior Brother Muyang’s strength is definitely on the same level as several teachers. He may even have truly surpa.s.sed everyone in the Heavenly Sky School, just like what the teachers said.” 

“Maybe… that’s right!” The rest couldn’t help but be silent. Only April had absolute faith in Muyang’s strength. However, she had only practiced martial arts for a few days, so her eyes were dripping. She couldn’t understand what some of her brothers and sisters were saying. 


On the not particularly busy streets, the villagers drove their cattle and sheep across the road, with blacksmith shops and grocery stores on either side.

A little further on, there was a restaurant, which was considered a rare place that people used to spend time in the Ten Mile Countryside. 

As he walked into the restaurant, he casually found a window seat. When the waiter came up, Muyang ordered a side of fried beans and some meat.

The fried beans here were fried in oil and tasted crisp and crunchy, while the meat was brined with special techniques to make it tasty and oily, but not greasy. 

At this point, Muyang was here to enjoy it.

“Muyang, it’s been a long time since the last time you came here.” A sweet female voice sounded, and a girl dressed as a waitress came over with a plate of snacks.

The girl had dark blue hair. She was the daughter of the restaurant’s owner.

Because they used to take Mexia down the mountain for fun, this restaurant was often the place they visited. As time went by, they became familiar with the person in front of them. 

“Sister Marlene, I’m not here to take care of any business. So, please, have a seat!” Muyang smiled lightly and pointed down to the seat across from him.

Marlene simply sat across from him and smiled, “It’s been a while. What have you been doing?”

“I went out for training.”

“Tsk, you’ve got a great reputation now, the whole village knows you.”

Marlene was talking about Muyang’s achievement of the World Martial Arts Tournament, which was a rare piece of news for the not-so-large village.

Muyang nodded proudly and smiled, “I even got to meet Mexia on this trip, and that girl is missing her home right now.”

“Speaking of which, Mexia has been away for over three years now. When will she come back? I miss her so much. “Marlene’s face showed a hint of nostalgia as she thought of Mexia as her little sister.

“I don’t know. It’ll be a few years until she finishes her studies, maybe…” 

The two of them chatted like siblings until the restaurant grew crowded with customers, and then Marlene got up to help in the back kitchen.

Before she left, Marlene suddenly said for no reason, “By the way, when little Mexia comes back in the future, do you have any plans to marry her? According to my sense, you two are quite a good match!”

She leaned in and whispered, “I’ve heard that several sisters from nearby villages are asking about you…” 

“If you don’t want to marry little Mexia, talk to me, and I’ll find one for you?” 

Muyang was stunned after hearing this, and replied, “I won’t bother my senior sister about this, you’d better find an heir for your family’s restaurant first.”

“Hehe, shame on you. You don’t have to tell me; I already found a good man.” 

“Did you really find a good man?”

“Of course!” Marlene said proudly.

“Well, big congratulations to you then. So, when are we going to have a wedding treat?” Muyang gave his blessing.

“Soon. So be sure to give me your blessing!”


Muyang nodded, and after Marlene left, he continued to sit alone by the window, enjoying the drink and food.

However, what Marlene had just said seemed to have taken root and rippled through his heart for some reason. 

It had been almost five years since he arrived in this world, and the years to come would be even longer, so it was time to think about it.

Well, he considered himself a small success now, so there was certainly no need to worry about that.

However, Mexia was a good candidate, she had a good background since she was a child, and the last time he saw her, he thought she was getting prettier every day.

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