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Chapter 57

Running into and killing Mercenary Tao this time could be said to be a complete accident. Muyang had never considered that he would interact with the “number one a.s.sa.s.sin in the world.” Although, as he grew up, he would inevitably have to deal with some martial arts figures, it was still a bit much to take out Mercenary Tao directly.

It could be said that if this matter were to be announced, it would cause a huge uproar. 

These were all the Snake Charmer Legion’s fault! But the good news was that Mercenary Tao was dead, and the Snake Charmer Legion had annihilated itself.

So, for the time being, it had become a headless case.

As for whether or not the a.s.sa.s.sin Organization would find out, Muyang felt that it was possible. After all, this mission was issued by the Snake Charmer Legion. Anyone willing to investigate would be able to find out the purpose of this mission.

However, this matter was also easy for Muyang. He could just make up his mind and deny it. Mercenary Tao didn’t reach the Great Azure Mountain in the end, and there was no battle on that side.

Also, Mercenary Tao had killed countless people, and it wasn’t surprising that there were a few formidable foes. Perhaps halfway through the journey, he met his enemies. 

Oh, those enemies were so wicked that they killed Mercenary Tao and almost made the Heavenly Sky School take the blame!

Muyang had his dinner at his teacher, Isaac’s cabin. His teacher’s wife, Alice, prepared a sumptuous meal in the kitchen and served it up together with April.

There were six dishes in total, along with a bowl of soup with a reasonable mix of meat and vegetables, making it a very fulfilling dish. 

“Muyang, go eat more.” At the dining table, Alice was like a mother who kept giving Muyang food.

Muyang smiled and handed over the bowl of rice, “Thank you, madam.”

Isaac laughed and opened a bottle of long-treasured good wine and poured a gla.s.s for everyone, “Come on, let’s all taste the wine. I have treasured it for a long time and have been unable to drink it. Let’s try it today.”

“Master, I want a drink.” The little girl, April, took a sip from her little gla.s.s and quickly stuck her tongue out, “Oooh, why is this stuff so bad? I don’t like it.”

“Hahaha, April can’t drink wine. Just eat more food.” Isaac laughed cheerfully.

“Well…” April pecked her head. Her little face was already turning red and her head dizzy after only one sip of wine.

Alice saw April’s little red face and grumbled at Isaac, “If April can’t drink, don’t give it to her, see, she’s become such a mess!” She said, standing up and pouring a gla.s.s of water from the kitchen and handing it to April, “Here, have a gla.s.s of water and rinse your mouth.”

April was feeling thirsty, downing her cup in one gulp and eating her food with her head down, as she vowed never to drink again.

Isaac smiled as he patted her head.


After dinner, the teacher and his disciple began to chat.

He said to Muyang, “Muyang, your strength is already above your teacher. What’s next, your teacher can’t help you. You can only rely on your own comprehension.”

Isaac was honest. He was already far inferior to Muyang in terms of practice. He couldn’t even imagine Muyang’s current state, so Muyang could only rely on himself in the future.

“Our Heavenly Sky School has a martial arts dojo in the village below the Great Azure Mountain, where April is usually staying. I think you can go there to meditate and teach those juniors of yours along the way. When their martial arts have reached a state like yours, it would be good to settle down properly.”

Muyang nodded his head in agreement. Now he really needed to precipitate his training, and the Heavenly Sky School Dojo was the right place.

In addition to his own practice, he could also guide his juniors there. 

“Is my brother going to stay with me in the martial arts dojo?” April blinked her watery eyes, and her azure eyes were fluttering like sapphire crystal.

Muyang smiled and ruffled April’s brown hair, “Yeah, I’ll also have to supervise your future training. Although April wants to be a scientist when you grow up, scientists are generally thin and weak. So, you need a strong body to support your research better.” 

April hemmed and hawed, “I know.”

When the family dinner was over that night, April stayed at Isaac’s cabin.


By the second day, she and her sidekick, the blue dinosaur, Growlie, showed up at Makyo’s place early in the morning.

“Brother, brother, we’re going down the hill.”

A cheerful child’s voice yelled from outside the cabin.

Muyang opened the door and saw April and the young dinosaur with its wings flapping. April’s things were wrapped up in a cloth bag hanging on the young blue dinosaur’s neck.

The young blue dinosaur’s nerdy big head constantly leaned towards Muyang’s belly his mouth made a “click, click, click” sound. 

Muyang smiled and said to them, “You guys wait here; I’ll pack my things.” 

After returning to the house and putting all the things needed into the Acceleration s.p.a.ce, Muyang clapped his hands and took April’s little hand, “Come on, let’s go down the mountain.”

Along the way, April kept tilting her head to peer at Muyang.

“What’s wrong?” Muyang asked strangely.

“Where are your things, brother?” April couldn’t help but ask.

“I put it all away.”

“Ah, why didn’t I see that? Take it out so Growlie can carry it.”

Muyang smiled faintly, “I put it away using a special technique. That’s why you can’t see it.” 

“Eh, is that so?” April blinked.


Muyang let out a laugh and didn’t continue to explain it to April where he’d put his things, or the little girl would be digging in again.

They laughed and joked along the way, the beautiful scenery constantly receding on either side.

Soon they turned off the winding path into the main road and entered the village at the bottom of the Great Azure Mountains.


There were about a dozen villages below the Great Azure Mountain, and the village that Muyang and April had now entered was a relatively large village with about three hundred households and nearly two thousand villagers.

The Heavenly Sky Martial Art Dojo was located in the west of the village, not too far away. Due to the Heavenly Sky Martial Arts School’s existence, this place had gradually become a marketplace for several nearby villages to sell their goods.

Whenever the Heavenly Sky Martial Art Dojo held its “training courses” for the public, it was also the busiest time for the market.

As Muyang and April walked along the village road, the villagers, who saw them all, nodded kindly along the way. Even when they saw the young blue dinosaur following beside them, they didn’t show a timid expression. 

“Wow, what a cute dinosaur with a big head.” A few children ran down the street, pointing at the blue dinosaur.

“Oh!” The young blue dinosaur raised his head and squealed majestically.

Muyang smiled in April, “Growlie is quite popular here.”

April said happily, “Well, Growlie is such a good boy, and everyone loves him.” 

Muyang nodded his head. This village of two thousand people, their usual way of life, was very quaint. The buildings were all short wooden houses.

In addition to growing crops in the fields, they also hunted for a living. So many villagers would go to the Heavenly Sky School Martial Arts Dojo to learn a little martial art skill in their spare time.

April and the blue dinosaur were already familiar with many villagers after living in the martial arts dojo for so many days.

They continued to walk to the martial arts dojo. After ten minutes, they arrived at the western edge of the village.

The Heavenly Sky School Martial Arts Dojo wasn’t very big. The buildings in the front row were connected with only six or seven indoor dojos, but outside of the martial arts building, a few simple open-air dojos had been fenced off, and those were places for the nearby villagers to practice and learn.

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