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Chapter 48

The Shaze Plain was already very close to the Great Azure Mountain. So, shortly after flying, a towering mountain range appeared in front of them. It was the unnamed Primitive Mountain!

The mountains ranged across the landscape, towering over a few hills, as the Great Azure Mountains appeared in view.

By this time, they had entered the Great Azure Mountain Town territory. After flying for a little longer, Muyang descended from the sky and walked with April on the countryside road.

Farmers were walking around from time to time, greeting Muyang when they saw him. However, a trace of fear flashed across their faces when they saw the young blue dinosaur following behind them.

April was surprised. Ever since she had arrived, she found that everyone seemed to know the senior brother next to her.

They were also very friendly, just like the kind people who had helped her. They weren’t scary at all. 

Of course, they seemed to be afraid of “Growlie,” even when Growlie was so cute!

Bang, bang, bang, bang. Growlie didn’t like crowds of people, especially when a pair of strange eyes looked at him. He even jogged over to Muyang and April’s side. He poked his head in and made April laugh. 


“Oh my, Muyang, you’re back. Hey, who’s this little girl?” 

When they returned to the Heavenly Sky School, Isaac and his wife, Alice, who had already received news from the villagers, welcomed them.

Upon seeing that Muyang was accompanied by a little girl and a young blue dinosaur, the couple’s faces were filled with confusion.

“Teacher, madam… “Muyang smiled and greeted them. Then, they went to the house together. The young blue dinosaur couldn’t enter the door because of its large size, so it was arranged to first stay in the courtyard.

Inside the house, Alice had already poured the tea, and there was fruit on the coffee table. Muyang handed an apple to April, and then explained what he knew about April and the Snake Charmer Legion to Isaac.

Isaac slapped the table in anger after hearing that, “That Snake Charmer Legion group is so disgusting.” 

At that moment, madam Alice looked at the five-year-old girl in front of her and felt a sudden burst of sympathy.

She took April in her arms and said sadly, “Poor kid, it’s so hard for you. I can’t believe you’ve been wandering around alone for more than half a year.” 

April was dumbfounded when Alice held her. With an apple in her hand, she was at a loss for words and called out to Muyang, “Brother…”

Muyang smiled lightly and said, “This is my teacher’s wife. You can treat her as your mother.” 

“Yes, let’s pretend I’m your mother.” Alice was a kind woman. When she looked at April’s lovely face, she missed her daughter, Mexia, who was far away in the south. She hadn’t seen her for a long time.

“Hey, look at you now. Come, take a shower with me first. Mexia still has her childhood clothes. I’ll buy you some new ones at the next fair.”

“Hmm.” April’s heart flowed with warmth and nodded lightly like a mosquito.

After Alice dragged April to the shower with a bewildered look on her face, the only people left in the room were Muyang and his teacher, Isaac.

There was a brief silence. 

Looking at his newly returned disciple, Isaac broke the silence. He said happily, “Muyang, you did well at the World Martial Arts Tournament. You made a name for yourself and our Heavenly Sky School.” 

Muyang smiled faintly. He looked at Isaac’s happy face and didn’t say anything.

“Do you know when I received a letter from Sith saying that you had won the World Martial Arts Tournament, I couldn’t believe that my disciple is so powerful.

It was only when Sith came back and personally described what happened at the tournament that I believed that all of this is true.” 

“Good boy. You’re good at hiding it, even from your teacher! It was m.u.f.fled, but you actually came back with the t.i.tle!”

Thinking about the sensation flowing across the Heavenly Sky School when Sith returned, Isaac’s heart was still a little pumped.

“Teacher, it’s not that I’m trying to hide it, but I really didn’t expect my strength to be that powerful in the first place.”

Muyang smiled lightly. He was able to win the tournament, thanks to the older generation of martial arts pract.i.tioners who didn’t partic.i.p.ate. 

Isaac waved his hand in understanding, “I understand that I underestimated how fast you were growing.”

“I heard from Sith that you’ve completely mastered the liberation of the ‘Heavenly Sky Beam,’ is that true?”

“Yes.” Muyang nodded his head.

After saying that, Muyang flipped his palm, his fingers became swords, and a radiant blue light rose on his fingertips. 

It was a ball of ki in the size of a gla.s.s marble. 

When Isaac saw it, he took in a breath of cold air, as if he had seen something incredible. His eyes widened, then said, “Your mastery of ki has reached such a proficient level!” 

“This is the result of my training outside during this time.” Muyang smiled faintly. He waved his hand and dispersing the ki wave.

“Hahaha, well, it looks like you’ve outgrown me so much. Perhaps no one in the entire Heavenly Sky School is your match now.” When Isaac saw it, his face flushed as if he was drunk. He then excitedly shouted, “Tell me how you’ve spent these past six months and how your strength has increased so much.”

Muyang nodded and slowly told Isaac about his experience in the past six months. 

When he mentioned that he had stopped by to visit Mexia at the Superpower Academy after being out of town for a while, Isaac’s face showed the same hint of nostalgia.

Then, when Muyang said that after he had met Mexia, he traveled to the Sacred Land of Korin to challenge Korin Tower. Isaac’s expression became serious.

“That’s it. When I saw you just now, I felt your words and moves were actually a bit difficult for me to see through. Obviously, each movement was very casual, but it seemed as if it was full of deep meaning. It turned out that you had received guidance from Immortal Korin.” Isaac sighed.

His disciple had actually managed to climb the Korin Tower and received guidance from Immortal Korin.

How many people would be envious if this were to be told? This could be far more shocking than winning the t.i.tle of the World Martial Arts Tournament.

It was because the last person who climbed the tower was the “G.o.d of Martial Arts,” Master Ros.h.i.+!

“I have greatly profited by the guidance of Immortal Korin. He also promised to recommend me to a more sacred place for training as soon as I reach the level of his approval.”

Muyang told his teacher the truth.

At this moment, Isaac’s face became serious, and he muttered, “A more sacred place, could it be, it’s the Lookout in the heavenly realm…” 

“Teacher, do you know about the Lookout?” Muyang was surprised.

Isaac nodded his head, indicating that he knew about the heavenly realm. 

He then said with emotion, “I do know a little bit about it. By the way, that is a secret rumor that has been pa.s.sed down since ancient times by our Heavenly Sky School. I’m afraid that no one in the entire martial world other than our Heavenly Sky School knows that there is a legendary temple called the Lookout on top of that Korin Tower.”

Upon hearing this, Muyang was a little surprised.

Isaac continued, “In fact, the heritage of our Heavenly Sky Beam is not simple. It is said that long ago, there were once predecessors who lived on that legendary temple, but unfortunately, a great catastrophe over two hundred and fifty years ago almost destroyed the entire martial world. Our Heavenly Sky School also suffered heavy losses, and we have not been able to recover from our former glory.” 

“But it’s good now. I can see the dawn in you.” Isaac looked at Muyang with mixed emotions. He was getting more and more satisfied with his disciple.

After hearing this, Muyang was a bit startled. According to his teacher, Heavenly Sky School had seniors who lived on the Lookout.

Was he once a Kami, or a disciple of a Kami? Either way, it must be amazing.

As for the catastrophe two hundred and fifty years ago, he presumed that it would be the Great Demon King Piccolo catastrophe. 

No wonder Korin looked at himself differently. He even wanted to recommend him to practice at the Lookout.

If it’s because of his school’s seniors who once lived in the Lookout or maybe even held the position of Kami, it made sense that he would have a bit of an intense relations.h.i.+p with Korin. Korin even valued himself a bit more.

Could it be… that he was in the good graces of his Heavenly Sky School seniors?

The more Muyang thought about it, the more possible it became.

He thought about the similarities and differences between the Heavenly Sky School martial arts and the Korin Tower martial arts.

It suddenly became clear because that was most likely the same inheritance that had been pa.s.sed down from the Lookout. 

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