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Chapter 49

“I really didn’t expect that our Heavenly Sky School would have such an origin.” Muyang was a little emotional. He never expected that the martial arts school he was in would still have connections with the Lookout.

Perhaps compared to the past, the Heavenly Sky School had truly fallen.

Isaac laughed and said, “Hahaha, it’s true, don’t look at the small number of us. Our heritage is very reliable. It’s a special occasion today, so let your teacher’s wife cook a sumptuous meal tonight. Call your uncles, and we’ll have a good meal together.”

“What are you talking about?”

A soft voice sounded, and Alice, the teacher’s wife, came out holding April’s hand. April was now dressed in clean clothes, and her hair was neatly combed with a ribbon tied around her brown hair.

“Brother,” April called out crisply, with a smile on her face.

Isaac looked over towards his wife and the little girl next to his wife with a smile as he said, “We were talking about cooking a nice meal for the evening and then getting the whole family together to have a good time.”

“Ah, if that’s the case, we need to start preparing it now.” Alice covered her mouth. Without the help of electrical equipment, even a woman as industrious as Alice would need to work for more than half a day to prepare a good meal.

Seeing that his wife was about to set out and get ready, Isaac smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll help out with the preparations later.” He turned to April, “Today is a celebration day. Little April has come to our house, and we are going to treat her well.”

“Look at my clothes, brother, April loves them.”

For a little girl of about five years old, her memories were hazy, and her mood changed quickly. She now seemed to be back to her innocent self, just like when they met on the train.

“It’s good if you like it,” Muyang said with a slight smile.

At that moment, April, who was wearing Mexia’s childhood clothes, looked lively and adorable. It made him suddenly felt that it seemed nice to have such a sister.

When he walked to the courtyard with April, he saw that the young blue dinosaur was curled up on the ground and napping.

Its tongue was sticking out and licking from time to time. The relaxing and quiet environment of the Great Azure Mountain made it very comfortable.

After seeing Muyang and the others coming, the young blue dinosaur raised his head. His big head rose, squeaking towards them, then turned over and lay down on the ground, revealing his snowy white belly.

Muyang watched with interest for a while, and then took April for a stroll around the Great Azure Mountain to get familiar with the surroundings.



Yula, Sith, Karl, Clarissa, Beyaros, and several other elders came to Isaac’s cabin. When they saw Muyang, they were inevitably concerned and homely.

Then everyone sat at the table, mingling and expressing their feelings. Muyang once again recounted his experience, causing everyone here to amaze.

Of course, the newcomer, April, was also the focus of attention. After getting to know each other, April became a member of the Heavenly Sky School.

This dinner went late in the evening. Everyone had enjoyed themselves before the party broke up in a drunken daze.


The next morning, April popped in her slippers and came running, holding that little bag of hers and handing it to Muyang.

“What’s in here?” Receiving April’s bag, the small backpack had a few tears on the surface. It was a little heavy with all the things stuffed inside.

April shook her head. After taking her beloved candy jar out of it, she said, “I don’t know. It was given to me when my dad left to keep it safe.”

Muyang sniffed and opened the bag to take out what was inside. It was a large stack of thick drawings and three black, uneven stones.

Muyang took a look at it, and he was surprised, “The Snake Charmer Legion wants to catch you just for these things?”

“Hmm.” April nodded.

Muyang still faintly remembered that Snake Charmer Legion wanted to catch April, to get the drawings her father had made.

The stack of drawings was open and filled with intricate wiring that looked like mechanical and electrical diagrams.

In his previous life, Muyang was a specialist in high-voltage live electrical operations. Still, he barely understood a small part of it.

“It’s a drawing of robot design.” After a moment, he put down the drawings. He somehow understood why the Snake Charmer Legion had their eye on these drawings.

If the robots in the drawings were created and put into battle, in the current era where technology wasn’t particularly advanced, the Snake Charmer Legion would have a chance to compete with Central City.

Furthermore, even if they wanted to dominate the world, it wouldn’t be impossible.

“What are you going to do with these drawings?” Muyang asked April.

April thought about it and replied, “Brother, I want to go to school and become a scientist and then study these drawings.”

Muyang touched the little girl’s brown hair and nodded, “Good, in the future, April will become a female scientist.”

“Hmm.” April narrowed her eyes and made a whispering sound.

“But martial arts can’t be left behind. From now on, you’re a disciple of Heavenly Sky School, so you can’t just study science.” In this world, there was no safety and security without strength.

Although most people could live out their lives in peace and security, Muyang didn’t want April to waste her life in a dull life.

“I know.”

“And what is this?” Muyang picked up the three odd-shaped stones. It was black and completely indistinguishable what material they were made of.

Muyang squeezed them hard, and they actually didn’t break, and suddenly he knew that these stones were not ordinary things.

April bit her bottom lip and said quietly, “I don’t know, daddy didn’t tell me.”

“But I’m sure I’ll figure it out later.” The little girl raised her head stubbornly, her azure eyes filled with determination. Muyang was slightly stunned as he caressed her fluffy hair as if he had seen a science star rising.

“By the way, April, do you want to avenge your parents?”

“I want to, but I’m not strong enough.” At this point, April was depressed.

“How about brother help you destroy them. This Snake Charmer Legion is so horrible. Keeping them alive in this world will only sp.a.w.n more tragedy!” Muyang didn’t have any affection for the Snake Charmer Legion.

In the original story, there was no organization called Snake Charmer Legion existed. So, there was only one possibility that this organization would be destroyed in the future and replaced by the Red Ribbon Army.

Muyang now had crossed paths with the Snake Charmer Legion, and their relations.h.i.+p wasn’t exactly harmonious.

Regarding the enemy, Muyang’s creed wasn’t to let them go easily. Even if there was only a little threat, it was better to annihilate them.

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