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Chapter 38

“Hey, Muyang, you’ve already taken the Senzu Beans. When are you going to cash out the seafood that you mentioned?” Korin had been thinking about the deal with Muyang.

After seeing that Muyang was no longer dwelling on the images he saw in the three water tanks, Korin hurriedly urged.

Upon hearing that, Muyang waned and smiled. It seemed that Korin had been living above Korin Tower for too long, so he was concerned about that seafood. “Don’t worry, Immortal Korin. I’ll do as I say and bring you the seafood right away.”

“Hmm, as soon as possible.” Korin stroked his beard, and he was no longer worried.

After spending some more time adjusting on top of Korin’s tower, Muyang waved his hand at Korin, “Immortal Korin, I’ll go down first, and you can wait for my good news.”

Afterward, he stepped out and jumped right off of Korin Tower.

With the strong wind blowing in his face, it felt like Muyang had turned into a flying bird, splitting the storm all the way down.

It was much easier to leave Korin Tower than to climb it. Feeling the harsh wind blowing against his cheeks, Muyang squinted his eyes as he fell increasingly faster.

In the blink of an eye, he had penetrated a patch of clouds. The horizon that was curved gradually became flat.

As he looked at the gorgeous scenery in the distance, his heart couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the sky’s lofty feelings and the birds flying.

Suddenly, a black shadow broke through the atmosphere, carrying a long stream of a tail. Muyang began to get closer to the ground, and it only took less than ten minutes for the vast, dense forest below to become clear.

While it took four days to climb up Korin’s Tower, it took just a few minutes to come down.

“I can already see the Great Forest.” Muyang was grinning as he took the brakes when he was about to land. With the Dancing Sky Art, he stopped his falling speed before turning ninety degrees and swoos.h.i.+ng along at a horizontal angle towards the direction away from the Sacred Land of Korin.

Like all the sacred places, the existence of Sacred Land of Kailin was very odd. It seemed like there was a mysterious power that made those who wanted to climb the Korin Tower could only do so effectively by climbing from the bottom.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to climb the tower even if they used high technology.


“Hey, did some kind of shadow that looks like a person just fly over there? “

At the edge of the Sacred Land, the Indians guarding the Korin Tower saw Muyang’s back as he left, and one of them asked in confusion.

“Your vision is blurry; how can people move that fast.” The companion nearby sneered.

“Uh, maybe I was mistaken.” The man was startled and then smiled.

“Hey, you two over there, work on your hunting skills seriously. If you want to become Guardians of the Sacred Land, take it twice as seriously.” The elder-looking Indian saw two men whispering as they hunted, so he snapped at them.

Guardians like them were usually distributed all over the Sacred Land of Korin. They lived in tribes. After selection, only the strongest of the tribes were eligible to serve as guardians near Korin Tower.

Muyang didn’t know that his movement through the Sacred Land of Korin had attracted the Indian tribe’s attention.

However, he already flew out of the Sacred Land of Korin’s range and was planning on how to get seafood for Korin.

This wasn’t a big problem for Muyang; he could go to the harbor to buy it. They had a variety of seafood that was guaranteed to satisfy Korin.

However, the only problem was… right now, he didn’t have much money on him, and the fishmonger definitely wouldn’t sell it to him.

What about he went to do robbery?

Muyang knew that there was an underwater treasure trove, which contained all kinds of gold and silver treasures in the original story—remembered when Son Goku was fighting against the Red Ribbon Army?

He had accidentally entered the treasure trove once when General Blue was chasing him.

But unfortunately, Muyang didn’t know the exact location of the treasure’s trove. It was still decades before that episode happened. That treasure might not exist yet.

At that moment, he had a bright idea as he remembered Launch and Yamcha in the original story. They started as robbers in their early years.

“Maybe I’ll go for it too.” The order on Earth was stable, but in many remote corners, there would still be gangs specializing in illegal activities. If Muyang robbed them, he would be least disturbed. “Think of it as robbing the rich to help the poor. It will help me with my immediate needs.”

Of course, bandits could be found either in remote mountainous areas or in places where trade exchanges were necessary. It had to be pristine and deserted, out of police jurisdiction.

Obviously, the latter must be able to catch the predators better than the former. With this thought in mind, Muyang had an idea. He began to look for places where the bandits were operating.


After flying for about an hour or so, Muyang arrived at a place in the middle of nowhere.

The place was connecting the two cities, which was the main road that merchants must pa.s.s through.

Not to mention, the surrounding area was very deserted, which was a good place for looting. He flew for some time searching the skies and soon found an old motorcycle speeding through the wilderness.

The rider had a red hooded scarf, a dark scarf around his neck, a large, flowered jacket draped over his body, and a large long knife straddling his waist.

It seemed like he was afraid that people might not recognize him as a bandit.

As he followed, Muyang soon discovered a cave at the bottom of a loess pile of rock shelves, where a group of bandits was gathered.

That was the guy he was looking for!

Muyang brightened up as he finally found his target. So, he stopped hiding and swaggered up to the group of bandits.

“All of you, hand over everything valuable in your hands.”

The sudden noise startled the bandits who were gathering inside for a drink, but as soon as they saw it was a young-looking teenager who had entered, the shock turned to mockery.

“Hahaha, it’s always me robbing others, but today is a rare day. Where did this hairy kid come from? He didn’t even bother to find out what place is this, yet he’s trying to rob this master.”

The bandit leader looked fierce as he slammed down the ceramic bowl in his hand with a clang, and revealed a cold, glowing sword.

Simultaneously, stomping on the half of the skull that was exposed in the sand, the bandit leader laughed maliciously, “Little one, why don’t you pull out your weapons and show these men here, we’re the pros when it comes to killing people.”

“Yeah, do as the boss says.”

“Idiots who don’t know what they’re doing!” The other boys smirked at the situation and brushed out their swords in unison with cruel smiles.

In the eyes of the entire gang consist of more than twenty people, living a life of licking blood, there was no such thing as mercy. Killing and looting were perfectly normal; there was no more profitable business than this! Over the years, the number of innocents who had died under their swords was already countless.

So, even if they added the young man in front of them, it was still nothing for them.

Muyang looked around and found a lot of bones scattered in the cave. The corners of his mouth couldn’t help but show a hint of coldness as he looked at how the bandits were coming over one by one with their swords drawn.

They were outlaws!

No wonder they were so bold.

It was just they didn’t seem to understand who was robbing whom today!

“Since you’re not cooperating, don’t blame me, and don’t be so evil in your next life.”

After saying that, Muyang cast his power slightly. Suddenly, a huge force rose from beneath his feet, and countless shadows flashed in the cavern. Muyang was like transforming into Asura, who launched an insane killing spree.

The bandits didn’t have time to react when they faced Muyang, and after a while, he returned to his spot as if the scene had never happened.

The sound of metal falling to the ground rang out. The bandits’ eyes were wide open and filled with blood, but in the next second, these bandits all fell to the ground with incredulous expressions on their faces.

“Death is not enough.” Muyang’s voice was icy, and his gaze was indifferent.

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