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Chapter 37

“Over 10,000 Senzu Beans!”

Watching Korin filled another pottery jar with thousands of Senzu Beans. Muyang could feel his lips drying up, and his two eyes glowing right away.

He was like a poor sc.r.a.ppy man who was suddenly seeing a house full of gold, his eyes filled with burning desire.

Muyang swallowed his saliva and trampled slightly as he took the pottery jar filled with Senzu Beans from Korin’s hand.

In the early stages of the Dragon Ball, the Senzu Beans didn’t have much value and were only used as hunger filler.

However, in the later stages, they were a real lifesaver because they could quickly restore physical strength and instantly heal various injuries.

“Have a taste first.”

Muyang was thinking about taking out a dried flat bean from the pottery jar and throwing it into his mouth to chew it.

There was a crisp “click” sound, and the dry bean really didn’t taste like anything. However, in the next moment, dense ki suddenly spread in his mouth, and then this ki flowed throughout his body.

Under the warmth that flowed through him, Muyang’s mental state was instantly restored to its peak.

These were such a good treasure; these were lifesavers!

Muyang’s two eyes glowed with praise.

The pottery jars were carefully arranged and covered as if it were holding a sacred object given by the G.o.ds.

Each of the ten thousand or so Senzu Beans must be carefully calculated and used to the fullest extent.

“Hey, for Korin to have thousands of Senzu Beans are such a waste. Sooner or later, they will be ruined by Yojirobe.” Muyang moved an inch forward. He wanted to get those other thousands of Senzu Beans from Korin’s hands but eventually gave up. “Forget it, getting most of it was hard enough. Also, not everything can be perfect.”

As he thought about this, Muyang began to feel a lot better. Then, his gaze turned to the three large water tanks placed next to him.

These three water tanks were placed independently, separate from the other water tanks in the corner.

“Immortal Korin, why are those water tanks separated from the others?”

He vaguely guessed the purpose of those water tanks, which were said to be able to see into the past, present, and future, respectively.

“Oh, that’s what I use to observe the Lower Realm, the energy of the three water tanks is connected to that crystal ball upstairs. It’s a divine object handed down from ancient times.” Korin shook his fat body and lifted the lid off one of the water tanks, revealing clarified waveless spring water.

“Oh.” Muyang came forward with interest, and his eyes looked at the clarified spring water.

Little did he know that the three tanks of water hooked together had a name he was familiar with.

That was the – Ultra Divine Water!

The Ultra Divine Water had the ability to trigger the human body’s potential, but it was also highly poisonous. If the body didn’t have enough potential to trigger, the Ultra Divine Water would drain the human body’s vitality and poison the user to death.

Rumor had it that fourteen powerful earthlings had once drunk it, but none of them had survived.

Therefore, Muyang respected Ultra Divine Water. It was something he wasn’t fortunate enough to consume.

As Muyang was staring at the water tank for observation, suddenly, there were ripples in the spring, and a strange set of images appeared in Muyang’s sight.

It was a beautiful sunny day; the picture appeared as a dark green-haired little girl and black-haired teenager.

At this time, the two were very serious about practicing their moves. Their faces were already covered with glistening sweat.

Muyang recognized that it was a picture of himself and Mexia as children, and what he saw in this tank represented the past.

Muyang then lifted the lid of the middle tank again and saw a different picture.

In the Great Azure Mountains, there was a picture of his teacher’s wife, Alice, cooking food in the kitchen. In the living room, Isaac was reading a newspaper, which represented the present.

When he lifted the last tank, a different picture emerged.

That was a large crowded venue, lively and extraordinary. Looking at the scene, it seemed like a tournament, and there was a man and woman on the ring. Muyang recognized the man like himself. His body was impressive, the elegance and beauty of the man weren’t lost in the havoc, and he looked a lot more mature than he is now. It shouldn’t be years away from now.

Opposite him stood a woman with black hair and waist. The woman had a well-proportioned body, and her appearance was somewhat blurred.

Judging from her exquisite and graceful curves, she should be in her late twenties, with an otherworldly aura all over her body.

What drew Muyang’s special attention, in particular, was the black-haired woman’s round of eyes that were as clear as spring water…

The two of them were having a match at the moment. The dark-haired woman was majestic, constantly attacking towards the future Muyang.

This was supposed to be a picture of the future, and it still looked like Muyang was competing against someone.

Suddenly, the picture s.h.i.+fted, and the footage from earlier disappeared, replaced by a deep, starry sky.

The same battle scenes were shown, but instead, it had been replaced by an eleven or twelve-year-old girl. 

The girl also had black hair, and her opponent was also Muyang. At this time, the girl looked dainty; her eyes were filled with an airy arrogance.

She was screaming of a sudden, and her golden pupils were s.h.i.+ning with beautiful light. However, her opponent wasn’t simple, so she never gained any advantage.


Muyang frowned as he looked at the future image. He was unable to identify the image. And to his surprise, he couldn’t even see how the two sides were doing.

Judging from this image, Muyang felt that he would be quite powerful in the future.

He then asked, “Immortal Korin, what does this picture of the future mean?”

Korin licked his paw and said, “There’s no point in asking. No one knows what will happen in the future, and the tank is only presenting one of the possibilities. Besides, everyone who goes to look will see a different picture, so don’t worry about it.”

“Uh…” if Muyang couldn’t think beyond that, he wouldn’t be mediocre. However, in general, he saw aspects of the situation benefiting him.

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