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Chapter 20

Things were gathered by kind, and people were divided into groups. Even in the martial arts world, there were differences between the strong and the weak.

This was a realistic topic. People, schools, and schools’ styles could embrace each other due to the same martial arts philosophy. But, it was also possible for different gradients to be invariably divided due to their strengths and weaknesses.

There was no such complete equality of treatment. The more powerful the school was, the more attention would be paid to show courtesy, and this courtesy was built on the foundation of strength.

When strength was unequal, the courtesies given were probably only symbolic and courteous. But only when strength was equal would they really show enough respect for each other.

It was like the att.i.tude towards the top players and big schools’ disciples from the previous World Martial Arts Tournament. The hosts would arrange their disciples to greet them early. This was the example of strength speaking!

And for some ordinary schools that didn’t get a lot of attention, they needed to go up on their own.

“The most famous schools in the martial arts world today are the Turtle School, Crane School, Orin Temple, Maple Leaf School, Thousand Cranes School, Cross Fist, Beast Group… and the legendary Guardian Lineage of the Sacred Land.”

Sith knew these schools like the back of his hand. He then shook his head at Muyang and said, “It’s just that the Turtle School and Crane School have basically remained hidden over the years. The Guardian Lineage is said to have clan rules and won’t easily go out of the Sacred Land of Korin.”

“So in this martial arts world, over the last few decades, Orin Temple, Maple Leaf School, Thousand Cranes School, et cetera, are considered to be the strongest schools.”

When it came to the martial arts world’s current situation, Muyang could hear the sadness in Sith’s voice.

This wasn’t to say that masters of the big schools were stronger than other schools. There were also strong masters from small schools, for example, Muyang’s teacher, Isaac. He was definitely a strong man as well, but because the overall scale of the Heavenly Sky School was small, it was only ranked as a Middle-Grade School.

Those big schools had many disciples, and the overall quality appeared to be naturally stronger than other schools.

In addition to these masters, there was another special group of masters on Earth, monsters who could speak human words. They generally had the appearance of beasts, but because of their intelligence, it was inappropriate to cla.s.sify them as beasts…


Maple Island was an island with a convex center and a low surrounding.

Like many islands, the temperature on Maple Island was pleasant. The breeze was warm and gentle, even in the cold winter in the Southern Region.

There was the main peak in the middle of the island, called Maple Leaf Peak, and halfway up of the Maple Leaf Peak, there was a magnificent Martial Dojo. It was the Maple Leaf School’s Martial Dojo, where the World Martial Arts Tournament was held.

The path leading to the foot of the mountain was windy. The forest was green, and the trees were beautiful with birds chirping quietly in the mountain, and the dense forest on both sides surrounded the bluestone path. If you look into the distance through the pa.s.s on the mountainside, the clear blue water came in sight, showing a beautiful view of the waves. You could even smell the seawater through the breeze.


As they entered the Martial Dojo, the number of martial arts pract.i.tioners who gathered around them increased.

Muyang roughly looked around and saw many people wearing Maple Leaf School martial arts uniforms, leading a group of people around. Judging by their appearance, Muyang knew those were disciples of the big schools.

“Muyang, hurry up, come here,” Sith called out from the side, Muyang hurriedly walked over and then wrote his name on the registration table.

“Heavenly Sky School, Muyang!”

The staff member read it again to made sure it was correct before handed over a number tag.

“Here’s your number, there will be a lottery straight away, and you will compete according to your number.”

“Thank you.”

Muyang thanked him politely and looked at the number “241” on the tag. Then, he put the number tag away carefully.

This time, the rules of the World Martial Arts Tournament were somewhat different from those of later generations, as it wasn’t yet an entertainment tournament for the audience.

There wouldn’t be any qualifying selections for additional entertainment in the arena here. Every match would be played directly in front of the masters of the big schools.

First, the contestants’ level was very different from the later generations, and there was no selection required. Second, professional viewers had sharper eyesight. By playing in front of them, more strengths and weaknesses could be seen. It would be a grind for every player!

Of course, this format also led to increased pressure, and it could be said that in every match, the players had to do their best not to embarra.s.s their school.

After registering and visiting the martial arts dojo under the direction of the Maple Leaf School disciples. Muyang sat under the shade of a tree not far from the registration booths, quietly watching the compet.i.tors who had come to register.

The sunset was already slanting in the sky, and the seagulls were crowing in the distance. After looking at the time, the staff in the registration booths began to close down, Muyang and Sith didn’t wait to stay there, they quickly returned to the hotel.


Three days pa.s.sed, and when the registration closed, Muyang learned that there were 315 players registered for this year’s tournament.

This number was considerably higher than the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament on the original story, which showed that martial arts practice was actually still very thriving nowadays.

However, in later years, due to the development of technology and the tendency of the Martial Arts Tournament to become more entertaining, many schools chose to go into seclusion. That was where the number of professional players dwindled. This was the historical tendency, and there was no way around it.


Early this morning, the World Martial Arts Tournament finally began!

The Maple Leaf School Martial Arts Dojo was overflowing with people.

“Ah, look over there quickly, that’s Master Hulin from the Orin Temple, and the one next to him is his disciple, right?”

An exclamation sounded in their ears, and the entire martial arts dojo immediately became boisterous.

Muyang turned back and saw from afar an old monk was wearing yellow monk’s robes entering the martial arts dojo accompanied by a Maple Leaf School disciple followed by a delicate young monk.

“Orin Temple… isn’t that where Krillin stayed before he left and became Master Ros.h.i.+’s disciple?” Muyang narrowed his eyes; he could sense a magnificent aura from that old monk.

Muyang quietly took out the scouter, he did a little scanning, and the data he got was 105 from that old monk!

105 power level, which was considered to be extremely strong among earthlings.

He knew that Master Ros.h.i.+ during the Dragon Ball Z period was only had 139 power levels.

“It’s worthy of being a school with a long legacy; the foundation is really deep.” Sith looked in the direction of the Orin Temple player, not knowing whether to be envious or impressed.

“Uncle Sith, I’m not going to lose over them either,” Muyang said.

“Well, you’re in for a treat.” Sith smiled and patted Muyang’s shoulder to encourage him.

For him, as long as Muyang was able to finish in the World Martial Arts Tournament quarterfinals, he would be very satisfied.

As for competing with Orin Temple and other famous people, let’s forget about it.

Seeing that Sith didn’t take his words seriously, Muyang grinned and said no more.

Uncle Sith, clearly didn’t have as much confidence in him as Isaac, but it wasn’t surprising, the Heavenly Sky School had been known to be weak for a long time. So, it was normal for it to be unpopular compared to the other big schools. Muyang wondered what kind of expression Uncle Sith would have when he showed his strength.

In today’s martial arts community, the older generation of martial arts pract.i.tioners was basically on the sidelines. It was the younger generation that played the mainstay role.

As for Master Hulin, Muyang admitted he was no match for him, but the others… he had the desire to put up a fight against them.

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