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Chapter 21

“Huft, this time, the disciples of the Turtle School didn’t partic.i.p.ate again.” As he pa.s.sed by the podium, Muyang heard someone sigh.

“No way, legend has it that Master Ros.h.i.+ didn’t accept disciples for many years.” Another person said.

Muyang side-stepped over, his ears perked up as he thought to himself, “It’s still fifty years before the original story begins. By this time, Master Ros.h.i.+ should have already taken Son Goku as his disciple. I suppose he didn’t think it was necessary for Son Goku to come to the World Martial Arts Tournament.”

Son Goku was the most outstanding disciple of Master Ros.h.i.+, and he ended up achieving even more than Master Ros.h.i.+.

However, it was 50 years before the original story, and Son Goku was in his golden age of development. He was probably not far from dominating the world. Partic.i.p.ating in the World Martial Arts Tournament didn’t mean much to him.

“Muyang, the tournament is about to start, so do your best later. Don’t underestimate any of your opponents,” Sith warned. In the past, Muyang had only fought against beasts in the Primitive Mountains and had no experience fighting against humans. Sith was afraid that Muyang would not be able to get used to it for a while, so he patiently advised him.

“Don’t worry, Uncle Sith.”

Muyang nodded his head seriously and solemnly, and then tied the belt around his waist. He was going to go all out.


On the podium, the Maple Leaf School headmaster began to explain the tournament rules, and the audience immediately applauded. The applause ended, followed by a deafening sound of the gong, indicating the tournament had officially begun.

Muyang was at the bottom, constantly scanning the seniors above with his scouter.

105, 110, 98, 103, 118….

These were all famous people!

Apart from those old seniors, the younger generation was much weaker. Muyang didn’t get to scan them, but he knew the excellent ones should only have 60 to 70 power levels, so there was a certain gap between them and him.

Soon, the tournament began.

According to the lottery order, the big schools’ disciples were divided into eight major areas to compete in hegemony. Each area would determine to have one of the most powerful players to go to the quarterfinal.

There was no prior test of strength, nor was there a so-called resurrection mechanism. It was all tough compet.i.tion of strength the whole time! Everything was as crude and straightforward as that, except for the top eight most powerful players from each area!

Muyang’s blood was boiling; this was the match he was looking for!

Standing in the candidate zone, he could already feel his heart racing. This emotion was even comparable to when he had taken the college entrance examination.


On the ring, the first match of different areas has begun, and disciples from big schools were fighting against each other. There were already some unlucky players who were eliminated because they encountered opponents who were far stronger than them. So, they could only sigh.

This result also drew a sigh of relief from the audience; it’s just that luck was also a part of strength. Those who present were all the martial arts masters, so after slightly regretting those who were still good, their attention quickly went into the next match.

At this point, Muyang was also paying attention to the match on stage. Although these martial arts pract.i.tioners’ movements on stage were fast and swift, they appeared in his eyes as if they were doing a slow motion. Every move was not only slow but full of loopholes.

Even at this level, how could he even partic.i.p.ate in the World Martial Arts Tournament?

Muyang felt that if he were in their position, he would be able to knock the opponents down with just a casual wave of his fist, which was already a significant difference.

At this moment, Muyang concluded that he could definitely achieve good results in this tournament.

“Contestant number 241, please come to ring number 13!” The staff shouted loudly.

“It’s my turn to go on the ring.”

Muyang nodded gently, a hint of calmness flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes as he walked towards the ring, leaped gently and landed lightly.

At that moment, Sith shouted from the blancher, “Muyang, just relax and don’t stress too much.”

“I know.” Throwing a confident smile at the Sith, Muyang looked to his opponent.

Opposite him was a young man who had a not so big figure, and he wore a blue martial arts uniform. Upon seeing his opponent, Muyang showed a smile. “I meet a disciple from the Maple Leaf School in the first match, heh, then let me see how strong the disciple of a big school really is!”

Muyang became serious; he didn’t use the scouter to check his opponent; instead, he relied on his own senses. By doing so, he was exercising his ability to perceive ki.

“Maple Leaf School, Kane!” The Maple Leaf School disciple, on the other side, clasped his hands together and slightly bowed in a very polite manner.

Muyang returned the salute, then said, “Heavenly Sky School, Muyang!”

The two of them then set up their positions, slightly estimating the strength of their opponents. Then, the Maple Leaf School’s disciple named Kane attacked first.

Muyang’s eyes moved slightly, and his entire aura changed. His eyeb.a.l.l.s were constantly rotating along with his opponent’s movements. Since it was the first time he was partic.i.p.ating in a formal match, Muyang had no intention of holding back from the start. When his opponent’s punches and kicks were about to touch him, Muyang screamed, and his body faltered. Then as his body swayed, he s.h.i.+fted behind Kane unknowingly.

This action proved that there was a big gap between this player named Kane and Muyang. With his feet changing pace, Muyang had found his opportunity.

“That was so fast. When did you get behind me?”

Facing the sudden appearance of Muyang, Kane broke out in a cold sweat. But since he was a disciple of a big school, Kane obviously had good skills. He lowered his body and, at the same time, crossed his arms, which made him capable of dodging the attack.

After several rounds of fighting each other, Muyang had roughly figured out his opponent’s power level.

‘So let’s speed up the pace to end this match.’ Muyang grinned, his heart was racing as his hands picked up some speed.

Kane didn’t expect Muyang’s movements to be so fast; his body couldn’t help but become sluggish. The simple attack had already made him fall behind, so he had to dodge to the side temporarily.

Bang! Muyang’s fist smashed hard on the ground with a m.u.f.fled thud, and the stone slabs of the stage were slightly loosened, and a few cracks appeared.

Upon seeing Muyang’s sudden power, Kane was shocked. He continued to retreat until an unstoppable power rushed towards his face.

Wow! A blurred shadow suddenly appeared in front of Kane’s eyes. He was unable to dodge it and only resist it with his hands.

Boom! An enormous pressure that seemed like a rock wall fell on him. Kane was shaken and slid seven or eight meters away.

Kane smiled bitterly and made up his mind.

“Wait a minute; I’ll give up on this match.” After saying that, Kane walked out of the ring with a regretful look on his face.

After that, the staff announced that Muyang had rightfully won the match.

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