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Chapter 188

As expected, as soon as the Yardratian in front of him heard that Muyang was the one that Elder Darank had allowed to stay on Planet Yadart, he then carefully recalled the way Muyang had just appeared.

That spatial fluctuation was indeed the mark of Instant Transmission.

The young Yardratian’s expression softened slightly. “Strange guest, don’t casually appear in front of others with Instant Transmission in the future; it’s easy to cause misunderstanding.”

After the young Yardratian said that, he ignored Muyang and continued to sit down quietly.


Looking at the Yardratian, who was braving the snowstorm to practice, the corner of Muyang’s mouth twitched.

Was this guy an ascetic monk? Looking at the ki on the Yardratian’s body, it was around 4000 power levels. The ki was indeed strong already.

Leaving his mouth open, Muyang indicated that he couldn’t communicate with such a person. So he raised his finger to his eyebrow, looking for Sida’s scent.


Instant Transmission started again.

In the blink of an eye, Muyang appeared beside Sida.

After a few experiments, Muyang was convinced that he had completely mastered the technique of Instant Transmission.

However, it was still a bit difficult to return to Earth instantly.

It was because the ki of earthing was too weak. The strongest one was Mr. Popo, and others were less than 1000 power levels, with the distance between countless star fields.

Even if Instant Transmission could enhance the ki when initiated, he would not find the location due to the target’s ki being too weak.

However, Instant Transmission also had an advantage: the places that had been visited before would be convenient the second time.

The requirements for ki became very lenient.

“Congratulations, you’ve learned the Instant Transmission.” A dun figure appeared beside Muyang, as Sida’s body flashed.

“Hahaha, it took a whole year, but at least it wasn’t in vain!” Muyang’s cheerful laughter rang out.

With the Instant Transmission, he had at least one more card besides the Acceleration s.p.a.ce.

Well, it saved even more time on the rush.

“Learning to move instantly in one year, I’m honestly surprised by your comprehension. Even if I started learning the theory at an early age, it took me over two years to refine my first secret technique in the first place.”

Compared to Muyang’s learning ability, Sida felt that he had spent too much time in the beginning.

Muyang smiled at this. After learning Instant Transmission, his heart was filled with fire. Now, he couldn’t wait to learn the second secret technique. 

After exchanging a few words with Sida, Muyang returned to the secret technique stone chamber in a flash.

Vacuum Inner Breath!

A secret technique that allows the body to survive for a long time in the cosmic vacuum environment.

The vacuum environment of the universe was a significant shackle restricting the survival of earthlings.

In the final a.n.a.lysis, earthlings were still the most ordinary mortals, just like Saiyans. They were born unable to survive in a vacuum environment without oxygen, which was different from the Frieza Clan.

This showed that life in the universe was indeed different.

However, although the Vacuum Inner Breath could allow a life form to survive in a vacuum environment for a long time, its essence did not change.

It relied on the life form’s own internal energy, which acted as the basis for maintaining life activities.

It was considered the maximum use of resources. This was different from directly changing the bloodline. 

Changing a life’s original bloodline to obtain Race Innate, such as Super Saiyan Transformation, was a very harsh requirement.

Even if a person used the Dragon b.a.l.l.s to make a wish, it could not be achieved. Just like an ordinary person wis.h.i.+ng to obtain the strength or const.i.tution of the Majin Buu, which was obviously beyond the scope of the Shenron’s ability.

In other words, it was forbidden in terms of authority, and Shenron could not grant such a wish.

Of course, before all of this is said, the Super Dragon b.a.l.l.s should be ruled out, as that was clearly outside the specs.

A wish of the Super Dragon b.a.l.l.s was as good as the birth of a brand new life.

In the stone chamber, Muyang was carefully observing the training technique of “Vacuum Inner Breath,” which made him dizzy again.

The vacuum breath was far more profound than Instant Transmission. The discipline derived from it involved knowledge of life movement, vacuum zero, ki movement, etc. 

Well, it was time to study hard again.

Glancing at Mexia in the Acceleration s.p.a.ce, this little woman seemed to be at ease with her old spirit now.

The “Divine Divided Soul Tempering” seemed to have been introduced. A third bright light appeared in the soul, which was sandwiched between turquoise and black and purple, like a spark, burning brighter. 

Humph, keep working hard!

When he learns the “Vacuum Inner Breath,” with Instant Transmission and Acceleration s.p.a.ce, the universe would be so big that he would be free.

In his mind, Muyang began to gather his thoughts. He looked at the stone wall patterns, trying to figure out the profound meaning of the texture. 

As Muyang entered into a more in-depth study, the cells in his body began to enter a point where they almost stopped consuming…


The days and months pa.s.sed by like a white steed.

Time was like fine sand in an hourgla.s.s, pa.s.sing little by little in his training. In the blink of an eye, another four years had pa.s.sed.

During these four years, Muyang had mastered the technique of Vacuum Inner Breath proficiently.

In fact, in the second year, he had already risen his secret techniques. The following two years were actually waiting for Mexia to practice.

Under the Acceleration s.p.a.ce’s rapid pace, Mexia’s brain finally opened up a bit. After learning the “Vacuum Inner Breath,” Mexia wondered if it was because she didn’t have a body. The obstacles she encountered weren’t as many as Muyang!

While accompanying Mexia in her training, Muyang researched how to improve the skills he had learned. 

Thanks to the inspiration of “Vacuum Inner Breath,” Muyang seemed to have found a low-consumption path.

He then transplanted this idea to the Kaio-ken, where he tried to improve the burden of the Kaio-ken so that it could become a more suitable style for earthlings to practice.

The basic framework was there, but it would take a long time to really pioneer it.

In the past few years, in addition to “scientific research” to try to create his fighting technique, Muyang’s physical training did not lag.

In the gravity s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p inside the Acceleration s.p.a.ce, he had withstood 45 times the gravity.

His power level had soared to 42,000, which was already a remarkable achievement. 

“Senior brother, I’ve already practiced both secret techniques. Should I leave here?”

Mexia stuck to Muyang’s side. However, as she learned “Divine Divided Soul Tempering,” combined with the spiritual ki in the Acceleration s.p.a.ce, Mexia could condense a body with a spirit’s characteristics. 

Of course, her soul was still the same, just another body. The only regret was that this body could not leave the Acceleration s.p.a.ce.

The state of Mexia’s soul had stabilized a lot over the past few years, but it was still far from completing the soul mutation.

Hearing Mexia’s question, a smile appeared on the corner of Muyang’s lips, “Yeah, it’s been five years since we came to Planet Yardrat; it’s time for us to leave.”

Counting his age, Muyang was 30 years old this year. What an age. However, he still only had 400 years left to live.

How come the longer he lived, the longer the life span got? It turned out that after the second limit was broken, Muyang’s life span had once again increased by a large amount.

After making up his mind that he planned to leave, Muyang calmed down as well.

Stepping out of the Acceleration s.p.a.ce, he began to use Instant Transmission to detect the ki of the surrounding galaxy.

Soon, Muyang detected relatively strong ki, estimated at over 10,000 power levels. However, this kind of power level, even if Muyang didn’t use his Kaio-ken, he could easily crush it by relying on his normal 42,000 power level!


A blur of light and shadow pa.s.sed by, and the empty stone chamber became empty.


Meanwhile, inside an ancient temple, Planet Yardrat’s Elder Darank suddenly opened his eyes.

His flat, unruffled eyes swept over the location of the secret pyramid before falling back into contemplation. 

“Could it be him that I foretold? I’m not sure…”

“Ugh, the existence of Forbidden s.p.a.ce-Time is too profound. It’s far beyond my reach. I hope the legacy of Planet Beiyaduoda will continue ……”

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