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Chapter 187

The secret technique of Planet Yardra required a high level of spiritual energy. The single Instant Transmission alone incorporated many profound and complex concepts. The fundamental introduction took Muyang five whole months to learn. 

After five months, Muyang had basically learned how to perform Instant Transmission, but there was still a long way to go before he could truly master it.

The exquisite stone slab patterns were glowing with a fluorescent l.u.s.ter in the bright and empty stone chamber.

Muyang was bending his legs, clasping his hands, and meditating hard; his body was constantly emitting spatial folds around him.

Muyang’s body suddenly disappeared from the spot with a swoosh and appeared a few meters away again. 

The basic essentials of Instant Transmission had been comprehended; the next step was to integrate it.

Muyang’s body floated up and saw the inside of the Acceleration s.p.a.ce through a small pa.s.sage.

At this time, Mexia’s face was bitter. Her two eyes were staring at the stone slab depicting “Divine Divided Soul Tempering.”

After several months, Mexia hadn’t learned the secret technique yet, so she could only persist stubbornly. 

“How is it? Have you gained any insights yet?” Muyang came to Mexia’s side.

Mexia had a bitter face and said, “No. There are too many things involved in Divine Divided Soul Tempering; I’m afraid it will take me years to learn.” 

Muyang nodded his head knowingly and said comfortingly, “It doesn’t matter. We have plenty of time. Soul training is already a taboo. It was only through their wisdom that the Yardratian were able to study this magical secret technique.”

“I can definitely learn it!”

Mexia’s bright, starry eyes looked to the stone slab at the back of the tunnel, but her tone was substantial. 

“Take your time; I believe you can do it.” Muyang smiled and didn’t disturb her.

Of course, it was best for Mexia to have such a firm mind. Once the “Divine Divided Soul Tempering” training was completed, it would be good for her soul. 

The secret techniques of Planet Yardrat were terrific, but they were very tedious to learn and involved all kinds of fields.

The simplest secret technique might involve humanities, spirituality, consciousness composition, chaos algorithms, and other complicated things.

For example, the Instant Transmission he was currently learning was linked to spatial structure, transmission technique, ki increase, etc. 

When the Instant Transmission secret technique was activated, auxiliary energy would spread his perception to the entire planet and even the universe beyond the planet.

Otherwise, a person who relied on his spiritual energy alone would engage in exhaustion and couldn’t perceive the ki on top of other planets.

The Planet Yardrat Ancestor, who had created these great techniques, should be admired for this. 

After accompanying Mexia in the Acceleration s.p.a.ce for a while, he suddenly felt a tingling pain at his nerve.

Muyang’s brow wrinkled, his spirit slightly depressed. He knew that this is what happened when the opening time of the Acceleration s.p.a.ce reached its limit.

He mused in his heart to leave the Acceleration s.p.a.ce, then closed the small pa.s.sage beside him, and the entire time inside the Acceleration s.p.a.ce fell into a freeze.

Spiritual recovery would take a long time. This was not a suitable time for practicing the secret technique, so Muyang walked around inside the stone chamber by himself.

His eyes scanned the sculptural art of the Yardratian. Not to mention, the sculptures that were filled with Inca culture still looked very sensual.

After watching patiently for a while, Muyang walked out of the stone chamber where the secret technique was displayed.


At the pyramid entrance, the Yardratian, Sida, was faithfully guarding the community’s heavy ground.

“Mr. Muyang, how was today’s practice?” Standing at the door, Sida was already very familiar with Muyang.

Even without Elder Darank’s orders, Muyang’s strength had already gained the respect of the Yardratian in front of him.

“It’s not bad. I gained a little, but it’s too hard to become proficient. Those patterns are dazzling to my eyes.” Muyang shook his head and lamented.

The introduction to Instant Transmission alone had taken him five months. It was still unknown how long it would take him to integrate it and perform it as he wished. 

Sida smiled, “Getting started is indeed difficult. We, Yardratian, learn from a young age, and we can’t comprehend many in our lifetime.”

Sida’s words were filled with pride at the magical secret techniques created by his ancestors.

“By the way, Mr. Muyang, I’ve always wanted to ask, looking at your appearance, you should be a Saiyan, right?”


Muyang was startled and smiled, “No, you’re wrong. I’m an earthling from the Azure Planet, not a Saiyan.”

“Is that right? I heard that the Saiyan of Planet Sala are the ones who look like you with yellow skin, black hair, black eyes. Are there other races in the universe that look exactly like Saiyans?” Sida was a little confused.

Muyang said, “Indeed, I’m not a Saiyan; I just look similar.” 

Sida said, “Unbelievable.”

Sida just lamented at the sight of Muyang’s appearance. After that, he didn’t discuss this topic anymore. 

There were too many races in the universe to be counted, but it was rare that they looked so similar.

In fact, Muyang was also wondering if earthlings and Saiyans were related somehow because there were so many similarities between the two races, mostly since there was surprisingly no reproductive isolation between the two.

It was almost as if they were explicitly saying that an intimate relations.h.i.+p existed.

“Mr. Sida, where is Planet Sala you were talking about? Don’t the Saiyans live on Planet Vegeta?”

“Oh yes, the Saiyans live on Vegeta now. However, according to information pa.s.sed down from our ancestors, there were Saiyans on the ancient Planet Sala and were very close to us, Yardratian. Legend has it that my ancestors seem to have sealed something for them…”

“Unfortunately, because it was so far back in time, a lot of information has been lost,” Sida recalled the memory in his mind, hinting at the record of the Planet Sala.

“You’re talking about the Planet Sadala, aren’t you?” Muyang’s eyebrows were raised. He had never heard of Planet Sala, but it was possible if the information was omitted, and Planet Sadala was mistaken for Planet Sala.

Whether it was Universe 6 or Universe 7, the Saiyans’ original living planet was Planet Sadala.

However, Planet Sadala was in good shape in Universe 6, while Planet Sadala in Universe 7 had been destroyed long ago. Planet Vegeta was only found by the Saiyans later.

“Planet Sadala, maybe. It’s too old, anyway.” Sida shook his head, not quite sure.

The interaction between the Saiyans and the Yardratian was ancient.

It was heard that the Saiyans didn’t have an excellent reputation in the North Area now. The relations.h.i.+p that was even more untenable. 

Next, Muyang and Sida chatted wordlessly. Muyang was asking some tips on secret technique training from Sida’s mouth.

After enjoying the lush and beautiful scenery for a while, when his spirit was somewhat restored, Muyang moved away from the pyramid to get some game in the grove.

He then entered the secret stone chamber again, where he comprehended the practice of Instant Transmission.


Time pa.s.sed by quickly. In the blink of an eye, more than half a year pa.s.sed.

After a whole year of training, Muyang was finally able to expertly use Instant Transmission. As long as he could sense ki, he could instantly move over as long as he was calm.

In the stone chamber.

Muyang placed his finger on his eyebrow and began to focus his attention.

The increased detection ability spread out in an instant. Under the state of the secret technique, the situation of the entire Planet Yardrat and even several surrounding galaxies surfaced in his consciousness.

Having chosen certain ki, Muyang “swoosh” instantly disappeared.

As his body moved, a slight spatial ripple was created in the void. In the next second, Muyang’s figure appeared a thousand kilometers away in the plateau’s snowy mountains.

There, a young Yardratian was sitting quietly in the Great Snow Mountain for training. Muyang’s sudden appearance startled him.

“Who are you, and why did you come to my place?”

The young Yardratian was alert and had condensed a ball of azure ki in his hand.

Muyang even waved his hand, “Don’t misunderstand. I’m an earthling practicing in Planet Yardrat. Elder Darank allowed me to practice in the secret stone chamber. I appeared here because I’m experimenting with Instant Transmission.”

Although Muyang’s strength was far above that of Planet Yardrat in front of him, he didn’t want to cause any unnecessary misunderstandings.

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