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Ditsy Wife: Mysterious Husband is Unfathomable

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Chapter 6

So You’re Supposed to Be My Sister-In-Law?

Gong Mo turned to see the person before her and she cried out in shock. “Ah!”

Sheng Nanxuan smiled. “Are you looking for your husband?”

Gong Mo felt chills. Her eyes widened in horror. H-hubby…

She remembered the fiery scene just now. She was shouting “hubby” over and over again. This man wasn’t Sheng Donglin. She didn’t know this person!

“Aren’t you Brother Donglin’s girlfriend?” Su Mo asked incredulously.

Hearing that, Gong Mo turned around in shock and saw Sheng Donglin and the other members of the Sheng family standing at the door!

Her eyes widened, more frightened than before. She felt even stronger chills than before as though a block of ice were pressing down on her from behind.

Sheng Donglin looked like he was struck by a huge blow and he said, his voice shaking, “You… you actually…”

“I…” Gong Mo was confused. “I don’t know… Donglin…”

“So you’re supposed to be my sister-in-law?” A voice spoke up beside her.

“Ah.” Gong Mo turned around, slapped him on the face, and gathered the blanket around her as she moved away from him. “Go away.”

How dare she slap him! Sheng Nanxuan’s anger was thinly veiled. “Go away? Who was the one who said ‘I want more’ just now…”

“Ahhh!” Gong Mo screamed like a mad woman, interrupting him. “Shut up! Shut up! I didn’t! Donglin…”

“Don’t call my name!” Sheng Donglin howled. He stepped back.

“No…” Gong Mo reached out her hand, wanting to grab him, but she tripped and fell to the ground. Fortunately, the blanket came down with her, so she didn’t expose her b.u.t.t for everyone to see.

Sheng Zhongtian howled angrily at Sheng Nanxuan, “Get the h.e.l.l downstairs!” With that said, he turned and left.

Su Mo was relieved and said to Mrs Sheng, “Auntie… I think I’d better get going.”

“I’ll call the chauffeur.” Mrs Sheng cast an awkward glance at Sheng Nanxuan before taking Su Mo away.

Gong Mo was lying on the ground, at a loss for what to do.

Sheng Nanxuan undid the bath towel, opened his suitcases, and took out a set of clothes to wear. Then he walked up to her. “You better put on some clothes and go downstairs.”

Gong Mo looked up, her eyes vacuous and helpless as tears of despair flowed out. “a.s.shole… you a.s.shole…”

It was him… He who ruined her… ruined her…

“There are people who are bigger a.s.sholes than me.” Sheng Nanxuan picked up his luggage and went downstairs.

Gong Mo got dressed and went downstairs with a heavy heart. Her mind was in chaos. She didn’t understand why this happened. As she walked to the stairs, she suddenly remembered the scene when Sheng Donglin took her upstairs and something flashed in her mind.

“Last time, you nearly wrecked your sister-in-law, and this time… Just how much are you planning to wreck your big brother?” A loud howl came from downstairs which interrupted Gong Mo’s thoughts.

Gong Mo was startled. Sister-in-law? Who was he talking about? Was Sheng Donglin married? She took some steps forward and leaned feebly against the railing. Looking down, she saw the males of the Sheng family standing in the living room.

The three heard her footsteps and looked up. She looked at Sheng Donglin and shouted wretchedly, “Donglin…”

Sheng Donglin’s face was ashen. He rushed upstairs, grabbed her hand, and dragged her outside.

Gong Mo followed clumsily. “Donglin… where are you taking me?”

Sheng Donglin didn’t answer as he dragged her out forcefully.

The wind was blowing strongly outside and it sobered her up. She cried, “I don’t know what happened… please believe me…”

“Believe you?” Sheng Donglin looked pained. “You slept with him and you’re telling me to believe you?!”

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