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Chapter 5

This Person Looks a Little Familiar Too

Su Mo looked worried. How was she supposed to get home if her parents had already left?

Mrs. Sheng comforted her, “You should stay the night since they’ve already left.”

Sheng Zhongtian nodded in consent. “Call Nanxuan down,” he said to Sheng Donglin.

Su Mo was shocked. “Is Nanxuan back?”

She had actually pretended to be drunk so that she could stay behind. Before this, when Sheng Donglin had escorted Gong Mo away, she had been afraid that they would end up having s*x, but luckily, Sheng Donglin returned. But where was Gong Mo after such a long time? She couldn’t have withstood the drug once it took effect!

She had gotten people to ask around, and because no one had seen Gong Mo leave, she decided to stay and see things unfold! Now that Sheng Nanxuan was back, could he have…

When Sheng Donglin walked upstairs, the gears in Su Mo’s head turned and she followed him. “I haven’t seen Nanxuan in a while. I’ll go and say hi to him.”

Sheng Donglin gave her a meaningful look. “Let’s go together then.”

The pair walked up to Nanxuan’s room. Sheng Donglin knocked, and hearing no reply, opened the door.

“Ah!” Su Mo was shocked.

There was a naked man with a towel around his waist in the room.

Sheng Donglin glanced at the hastily discarded clothes on the floor and the person on the bed, and his hand on the door handle tightened.

“Nanxuan?” Mrs. Sheng’s voice called out from behind him.

Sheng Donglin turned around and found that Sheng Zhongtian and Mrs. Sheng had come over as well.

When they reached the door, they saw Sheng Nanxuan standing there with only a towel around his waist while drying his wet hair with another towel.

Sheng Nanxuan was tall and handsome. His powerful muscles completed his perfect figure and he was the paragon of the saying “lean when clothed, but brawny in the buff!”

He smiled lightly. “What a perfect welcome.”

Sheng Zhongtian looked at the clothes strewn on the floor; male clothes, female clothes, underwear… He was so furious that he trembled. “Fooling around with a woman the moment you come back? Do you still regard me as your father?!”

Sheng Nanxuan raised his eyebrows in confusion. “There was already a woman on the bed when I came in and I thought that it was your birthday present to me. How could I have not enjoyed a present that my father has given me?”

That’s right. Today was not only Sheng Donglin’s birthday, but Sheng Nanxuan’s as well.

There was a trace of uneasiness on Sheng Zhongtian’s face. Ever since he was little, this son of his had always been neglected. Even on birthdays, only Sheng Donglin’s was celebrated and no one would even wish Nanxuan a happy birthday!

Su Mo said suddenly, “That dress looks really familiar…”

Everyone was startled. They looked at the white gown on the floor and remembered something.

Sheng Nanxuan threw down the towel in his hand and walked toward the bed. “Hm, this person seems a little familiar too…” With that said, he pulled the sleeping Gong Mo up so that everyone could see her face.

Everyone inhaled sharply.

A wave of shock pa.s.sed through Sheng Donglin as though he had been struck by lightning. He widened his eyes in disbelief.

Gong Mo had been had by Sheng Nanxuan a few times. Tired and in pain, she had fainted long ago.

Sheng Nanxuan smiled coldly as he observed the expression on Sheng Donglin’s face. He reached out to pat Gong Mo’s face. “Babe~ Wake up~”

After doing this repeatedly, Gong Mo woke up groggily and turned around to complain, “What are you doing? I want to sleep…”

She sounded very coy, as though she were very familiar with the man. This made everyone’s imaginations run even wilder.

Her vision was hazy, and not registering the person behind her clearly, turned around to continue sleeping. Half a moment later, she realized something with a shock.

That wasn’t Sheng Donglin!

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