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Chapter 87: Closing

Promoting a First Level Faction to Second Level is not that easy. First of all, Core Condensation expert is needed, no problem on this case since Jade Palace already had 2 Core Condensation!

The Jade Palace’s disciple is mostly in Body Refinement Realm. Disciple with Spirit Refinement Realm is only a few, because Jade Palace only accept female disciple. The most important thing to become Second Level Faction is to have at least 50 disciple at Spirit Refinement Realm.

Core Condensation Expert which is the backbone of the faction will born from these Spirit Refinement Disciples, that’s why it must reach a certain amount.

Jade Palace only has 10 Spirit Refinement Disciple which is way less than 50, and even those 10 took quite a while to reach Spirit Refinement Realm. Financial and material factor helps the disciples breakthrough, that’s why it’s not that easy for Jade Palace’s disciple to reach Spirit Refinement, otherwise they would’ve become Second Level Faction a long time ago.

“Promoting Jade Palace to Second Level Faction…. at this point all i can do is help them with a pill i can refine….” Yi Tianyun frowned, but the reward is really tempting, one million experience aside, he’s really curious about the Enhanced Version Lottery Roulette, what is it?

“Seems like i’ll be busy after i get back to Jade Palace…” Yi Tianyun nodded and felt that the reward was still satisfactory.

Immediately, he looked at Old Xuan and asked, “so everything here is supposed to be mine right? Is there any martial art here?”

“Yes, everything here belonged to you Young Master, including those Martial Art,” says Old Xuan.

“Take me there! I wanna see it!” Yi Tianyun excitedly said.


Immediately they returned to the ruins, Yi Tianyun woke up from the meditation and followed Old Xuan in front of him. Not his actual body, but a virtual image. With the Great Array here, Old Xuan can materialize himself here.


At this time, Yi Tianyun heard a sound from outside, and turns out Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins is slowly closing.

“This door is already closed, can i reopen it again later?” Yi Tianyun asked.

“No problem, since you’ve been granted the control of Heavens Ancient Ruins, you can open or shut it whenever you want,” Old Xuan said.

“Well, that’s rea.s.suring!” Every nook and cranny of this place is under Yi Tianyun’s control now so there’s no need to worry. “Alright then, lead the way.”

Old Xuan nodded and waved his hand, both of them disappeared from there and were teleported into a special s.p.a.ce.

When entering this s.p.a.ce, Yi Tianyun saw a lot of Martial Art, he saw many Human Level Martial Arts, and only two Earth Level Martial Arts.

“There are only two Earth Level Martial Arts left?” Yi Tianyun said.

“Yes, the other one was already taken so there’s only two remain.” Old Xuan replied honestly

“Okay…” Yi Tianyun felt very helpless. Human Level Martial Art is of little use, Earth Level Martial Art is the top priority.

At first he thought that he could get some Earth Level Martial Arts to bring back, turns out only 2 left.

Meanwhile outside of Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins.

“Great Elder, what should we do now? The gates already closed, and Elder Yi is still inside!” Qin Xue and the others wanted to help, but they can’t do a thing.

Great Elder is also anxious. She can’t even get inside Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, let alone help Yi Tianyun. Can’t she do anything except watching as the door completely closed?

Other sects gloated over Yi Tianyun’s misfortune, seeing Jade Palace being arrogant, this loss will put them back in their place, that’s what they thought.

“This is all i can do!” Great Elder immediately took the Storage Ring off his hand and threw it through the door before the door completely closed. There is some food and medicinal pill stored in this Storage Ring. It probably could last a while if Yi Tianyun use it wisely.

For the time being this is all she can do, but they’re still thinking of another way to save Yi Tianyun.

Others shook their heads and thought that it’s just a futile effort. Because they’ve never heard of anyone surviving inside here even with food and water.


The door is completely closed, marking the end of this trial and also meant Yi Tianyun can’t get out.

“Elder Yu, it’s quite unfortunate that he’s stuck inside…” Sect Master Huan offer condolences, but it’s not sincere, not the slightest, he even looked happy instead.

Losing a disciple in an event that’s supposed to be a chance to strengthen the disciple! That’s nothing but a disaster!

“That’s alright.” Elder Yu sighed, he puts a strong front, but losing a Core Condensation Elder is definitely a heavy blow for Jade Palace.

Everyone else just chuckled, all of them return back to their sect bringing lots of benefits for their sect, meanwhile Jade Palace lost one of their best a.s.set.

There’s nothing but sad expression on Jade Palace’s disciple because Elder Yi the saviour of Jade Palace is stuck inside.

“Great Elder, can’t we break this door open?” Qin Xue asked.

“No, it would’ve been breached a long time ago if somebody could…” Elder Yu sighed deeply and glanced at the door: “all i can do for now is report to Palace Lord hopefully she has solution although it’s very unlikely.”

This is all could do. They don’t have the strength to forcefully breach the gate of Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins.

“Let’s go back, i’ll report to Palace Lord about this myself.” Great Elder Yu signaled it’s time to return to Jade Palace.

They depart immediately, meanwhile Yi Tianyun without the slightest worry is inside Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins.

He can control this Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, so he is free to enter and leave whenever he want, but right now, he’s not in a hurry to get out. Besides, it would be troublesome If someone saw he can just enter and leave at will.

He can also use Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins as emergency hideout. If something happens to Jade Palace, he can lead everyone and hide here. Although Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins is very old, it wouldn’t be a problem to endure one or two faction’s attack.

“Beside these Martial Art, is there anything else in Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins?” Yi Tianyun asked.

“Yes, there is the cultivation room, the Weapon storage, i’ll lead you there.” Old Xuan took him to other places, but this time he couldn’t teleport them there because Teleport Array is only placed in certain places.

“Good to hear that, the without further ado, let’s go!” Yi Tianyun is so excited, more resource the better, these will help him strengthen Jade Palace!

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