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Chapter 86: Complete Reward

The gate to enter and exit the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins is only opens for a week. There is no other way but exits at given time.

This gate has been opening for almost a week now, the gate will soon closed without warning. Everyone thought if Yi Tianyun continue to immerse himself like this, he would be trapped inside. Sect Master Huan is very much eager to see Yi Tianyun trapped and died inside the Ruins.

The time limits keep on approaching, but Yi Tianyun is still nowhere to be seen. Everybody else who is not from Jade Palace keeps thinking what a fool Yi Tianyun is, they only know that the stone tablet only give one martial art and that’s all. Everyone thinks that all he needs to do is choose one and then finish his meditation. It would be an embarra.s.sment for Jade Palace if Yi Tianyun really end up trapped inside the ruins. Jade Palace would be t.i.tled the house of the greedy fools.

Meanwhile inside the ruins, Yi Tianyun isn’t aware of all the commotion happening outside, and he’s still on his quest to improve the Xuan Tian Divine Art into the second level and finish his quest. The Crazy System he has making the procedure for comprehending the Divine Art much easier and faster. He notices the amount of time he took and immediately realize that the Divine Art is much more complicated than what he thought in the beginning.

“I didn’t expect Appraisal Eye to have this effect as well, but the problem is it’s too slow”

One of the Appraisal Eye effect is if the input a martial art, Appraisal Eye will process that martial art and when it’s done, the user can use the martial art. Yi Tianyun can speed up this process but he needs to level up Appraisal Eye first which requires 50.000 Crazy Point and he doesn’t have that much right now, so there’s no choice but to bear with the current speed.

[Ding, successful learn Xuan Tian Divine Art (missing version).]

After a long period of processing, finally he managed to learn the divine art. He quickly checks his status for any abnormal status problems, and also checked his cultivation technique bar. He breathed a sigh of relief once he notices that Xuan Tian Divine Art is properly listed in his cultivation technique and there’s no problem regarding that.

“Old Xuan, I’ve successfully cultivated the Divine Art.” Yi Tianyun reported to Old Xuan with a light smile on his face.

“You’ve learned the Divine Art in this short period of time?” Old Xuan is clearly perplexed out of his mind, the time that Yi Tianyun take to learn the divine art is too short, one could say that Yi Tianyun breaks the record of learning speed for such a complicated divine art.

Xuan Tian Divine Art is one of the most complicated martial art that exist in this era, and moreover the martial arts is created so that every level of progress is made for different phase of cultivations.

“Yes, I’ve mastered the second level of the divine art.” Yi Tianyun says proudly.

“You reached Second Level so quickly?” Old Xuan is really surprised by Yi Tianyun’s development on the Divine Art. he couldn’t believe Yi Tianyun only take 1 week to get to second level, while he himself took 1 month to cultivates it.

“Yes, I have learned Second Level.” Yi Tianyun said undeterred

Old Xuan was silenced for a while and said “Very well then. Show it to me!”

Yi Tianyun nodded and quickly released the aura that proves his mastery of the first level, and then he began to compress the aura and covers it all around his body, producing crystal like armor around his body. This is proving that he has mastery in second level of the divine art.

The crystal like armor around his body is very subtle and transparent, anyone who doesn’t know would think lightly of this, but once they tries to attack, their attack will not have any effect at all, except the attack is way stronger than the current level of the armor. This s.h.i.+eld also gives advantage for hand to hand combat fighters as the armor wraps itself around the user, that is also includes the fist, if the user attack the enemies with his fist, surely strongly condensed spiritual power that make up the armor would greatly harm the opponent.

“You are one unpredicted boy, hahaha! You really mastered the second level with only just one week!” Old Xuan pleasantly laughed and congratulates Yi Tianyun for his achievement.

“It’s nothing that amazing really, i’m just being cautious not to make any mistakes.” Yi Tianyun humbly replied.

“Don’t be so modest, you already possess the power stronger than the master on his youth. So it’s pretty much a given you can learn the Divine Art in just a week. Since there is no problem in your cultivations, this Xuan Tian Divine Art is finally yours, I will proceed to implant the complete version of the divine art in your memory and pa.s.s you the full version of the divine art, so that you can continue to cultivate it in the future.”

Old Xuan produces a little ball of light that travels slowly into Yi Tianyun’s head, and immediately after the ball of light entered his head, and he somehow feels as if a spark of inspiration struck his head, completing another half of Xuan Tian Divine Art. He doesn’t really need Old Xuan to do this for him, but he doesn’t want to complain. There is n.o.body that knows the range of Yi Tianyun’s ability afterall.

“You officially become the inheritor of Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, and rightfully take over the owner’s legacy! Now you officially become the young master of the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins!” Old Xuan Announced with proud and respect.

[Main Quest Completed.]

[Reward: Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins control, 100.000 Experience, 10.000 Crazy Point, Sword of Endlessness (Holy Tool).]

The rewards were granted instantly, and Yi Tianyun became so excited that he finally finished his Main Quest, and there he thought there’s no way to complete it in the beginning.

He excitedly read the description of Sword of Endlessness in his inventory.

Sword of Endlessness: Lower Level Holy Tool, Ignore and destroy enemy’s defenses, increases critical strike damage by two fold.

Yi Tianyun is surprised by this effect, doubling the critical damage can be said to be a very strong effect. His crit chance is so low, but that can be solved with prestige points and Luck Aura combined, if he gets a new accesories or equipment to increase the crit chance it would be even better, there’s no need to add critical damage now as Sword of Endlessness got that covered.

“Is there anything else I need to do now?” Yi Tianyun snaps out of his thought and asked Old Xuan regarding if there anything he needs to do with his position as the controller of the ruins now.

“Yes, the former owner’s greatest wish is to return back to his sect to a.s.sess the situation in there, but he no longer able to do that considering that he died during his meditations here. The former owner hopes that the successor can return to his sect in his place and join the sect and become a disciple there.” Old Xuan informed Yi Tianyun with sad smile and a sigh.

“If I may, what sect is it?” Yi Tianyun already very eager to receive his next Main Quest, and surely a sect where a Spirit King is originated is not some average Sect either.

“Heaven’s Top Mansion!” Old Xuan solemnly spoken.

“Heaven’s Top Mansion?”

Yi Tianyun heard clearly, but never heard of such faction. He knows that in the name itself the sect already in its third level faction.

First Level is Palace, Second Level is Sect, Third Level is Mansion.

He clearly doesn’t mind to join such faction, but the real problem is that he doesn’t know any faction that goes by that name. its either too far from his area or it has long been destroyed.

As anything else in this world, there is no way for a factions to remain strong all the time, eventually it will fall and forgotten.

[Main Quest: Promote Jade Palace to Jade Sect.]

[Reward: 1 Million Experience, Lottery Ticket, Enhanced Version Lottery Roulette Ticket, 100.000 Crazy Point.]

Main Quest popped up right after a short thinking by Yi Tianyun. He thought he had to search the whereabouts of the Heaven’s Top Mansion. He didn’t expect the quest require him to promote Jade Palace into Jade Sect.

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