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Chapter 69: Power Eruption

“So, you’ve been holding back this whole time. Seems like i really can’t let you live!”

Qing Tianlong’s face is gloomy. At this rate Yi Tianyun will grow even stronger, and he’s this young too yet can hold his own against Ancestor of Wing Sect. This could be disastrous for Wing Sect in long run, although it’s already disastrous enough the moment Yi Tianyun managed to escape from Wing Sect!

“It’s time to end this, no matter how talented you are, in the end you’re just a kid!”

Qing Tianlong picked up the Blood Glow Swords and wound his own hand and covering Blood Glow Sword with his blood. Suddenly, Blood Glow Swords shone in red, and malicious aura shrouded the atmosphere!

When Qing Tianlong’s blood covered Blood Glow Sword the berserk effect is amplified turning Qing Tianlong’s eye red!

His combat power suddenly increased to ninety-five thousand, beginning to enter 100.000! But but he still keeps going, he screamed and his combat power is already 110.000.

All of a sudden he increased his combat power by 20.000 just like that, which is equivalent to taking the power pill! But without side effect. A violent pill can increase strength, but the higher the cultivation, the less effective it will be.

“What a monster, is this the true strength of Qing Tianlong?” s.h.i.+ Xueyun and three elders have successfully killed other berserk cultivators, intending to aid Yi Tianyun but the moment they got closer to Qing Tianlong, three elders are starting to take the effect of Qing Tianlong’s forced berserk technique.

They shook their heads to repel this.

“Leave this to me and Yi Tianyun, it’s too dangerous for you three.” s.h.i.+ Xueyun saw their situation and quickly order them to withdraw.

It’s not that they are weak, but this is an unforeseeable situation, and Qing Tianlong’s technique is quite abnormal.

The three elders quickly nodded and withdrew from there. They can the situation clearly, if they keep going they’ll just become burden for Yi Tianyun and s.h.i.+ Xueyun anyway.

s.h.i.+ Xueyun recognize Yi Tianyun’s strength, so she stood behind Yi Tianyun. Even though there’s no movement from both sides for now, she almost had a heart attack from this pressure. What’s on her mind is she needs to drag Yi Tianyun out of there in case something happens!

Yi Tianyun turned his gaze toward s.h.i.+ Xueyun and smiled meaningfully without a single sword spoken. Then she turned back and looked at Qing Tianlong.

“Yes let’s end this, but it’s your end not mine!”

“Let’s stop joking shall we! I will make Jade Palace rain blood. Afterwards there’ll be no more Jade Palace!” Qing Tianlong’s eyes are bright red, full of killing intent, and the Blood Glow Swords in his hands are constantly shaking. Seems like it’s craving for more blood.

After finis.h.i.+ng his sentence he quickly rushed toward Yi Tianyun . His aura alone already intimidated everyone around him.

Yi Tianyun took some time to open his status bar.

Host: Yi Tianyun

Level: 27 (Seventh Level Core Condensation)

Exp: 125481 / 1500000

Crazy Point: 128728 points

Prestige: 70 points

Cultivation Techniques: Dark North Divine Art and Dragon G.o.d Secret Art

Martial Arts: Absorbing Stars Great Technique, Sky Cloud Step, Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin

Weapon: Frost Fist, Scarlet Dagger, Wind Chasing Blade and Heavenly Wind Blade

Armor: Snow Wolf Battle Boots, Deity Armor and Shadow Cloak

Divine Ability: Crazy Mode and Luck Aura

Bloodline: Dragon G.o.d Bloodline

Accessories: Forging G.o.d Hammer and Power Bracelet and Power ring and Power Belt

All item: 18 Recovery Pill, 5 Double Experience Pill, Gift Pack Lv31

After killing so many elders and deacons and utilize Crazy Point Card, He managed to acc.u.mulate quite a lot of Crazy Point.

What he needs to do now is to efficiently use this Crazy Point!

“Crazy Mode, level up!”

[Ding, successfully deducted 100.000 Crazy Point, leveling up Crazy Mode…]

[Ding, successfully level up Crazy Mode, obtained secondary Crazy Mode, all effects are enhanced four times! Every minute consumes a hundred Crazy Points. Required Crazy Points to upgrade Crazy Mode to next level : 1.000.000]

“Dragon G.o.d Bloodline, upgrade!”

[Ding, successfully deducted 10.000 Crazy Point, Dragon G.o.d Bloodline level up…]

[Ding, successfully level up Dragon G.o.d Bloodline. Required Crazy Points to upgrade Dragon G.o.d Bloodline to next level : 100.000]

He quickly level up Dragon G.o.d Bloodline and Crazy Mode, these two are the pillar of his current strength, leveling it up obviously will increase his combat power, he can do lottery as well here as well but that’s not necessary as obtaining Double Exp Pill at this point won’t really make him instantly level up once again.

That abundant Crazy Point he had earlier only left a little bit, he used them up to upgrade those two skills, of course in exchange he earned an enormous power.

“Crazy Mode, activate!”

Yi Tianyun whispered, Crazy Mode is automatically disabled during the upgrade, and now he reactivated it, four times damage effect, power surging through his body! Constantly raising his combat power.







After reaching 130.000 finally his combat power stabilized. A 7th level of Core Condensation cultivator reached the combat power this high simply overwhelmed Qing Tianlong.

But is that it? Of course that’s not all. Dragon G.o.d Bloodline is also disabled when leveled up. The dragon scales on his body is retracted, s.h.i.+ Xueyun even thought that Yi Tianyun has reached his limit.

“Dragon G.o.d Bloodline, Activate!”

Yi Tianyun’s eyes became as sharp as dragon, the dragon scales on his body emerged once again, but this time, it’s more rigid and looks even more overwhelming than before. A stronger dragon aura is emitted from his body.

After activating Dragon G.o.d Bloodline, his combat power increased once again!




From 35.000 into an explosive combat power of 160.000 thanks to Crazy Mode and Dragon G.o.d Bloodline.

160.000! what a crazy amount of combat power!

With immense power surging through his body, Yi Tianyun buried one of his feet on the ground and roared, all of a sudden he’s already in front of Qing Tianlong and smash him with his claw which is covered in even stronger scales now.

Qing Tianlong reacted quickly, but everything was too late. Whether it was speed or explosive power, it was far inferior to Yi Tianyun. all he can do is to quickly block the incoming attack with Blood Glow Sword.


Yi Tianyun didn’t care at all, he smashed straight, after an impact even Qing Tianlong can’t properly hold his Blood Glow Sword anymore. Then he was sent flying along with his sword.


He into the wall, but it doesn’t seem like he’ll be stopped by the wall, a crack slowly formed on the wall, and Qing Tianlong was sent flying yet again!

Just one move to send Qing Tianlong flying. How powerful!

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