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Chapter 68: Counter

Yi Tianyun’s punch sent Qing Tianlong flying, the blood mist he used to defend himself is shattered. At the very least it’s equivalent to upper level spirit tool!

“You…. You actually shattered my precious blood mist…”

Qing Tianlong can’t believe what happened, even though it’s only equivalent to upper level spirit tool, he spent quite a long time to refine it and it has a very good effect too.

Just like Frost Fist, which is a low level weapon but has an exceptional ability, and both of them is not a forgeable weapon that’s why it’s very good.

“Boom!” Yi Tianyun answer him with his fist instead of words!

There’s no escape for him, Yi Tianyun did feel an impact from so his punch definitely lands! But then…

“Don’t underestimate me!”

Qing Tianlong yelled, and the storage ring he wore flashed. All of a sudden a bright red sword is already on his hand, this red sword was half person’s height, and it was engraved with lots of complicated rune, the menacing atmosphere didn’t subside the least bit, rather it’s even more intense.

To unleash this much bloodthirst, that sword must’ve slain a lot of people.

“Blood Fiend Contaminating Mountains and Rivers!” Qing Tianlong lift his sword to withstand Yi Tianyun’s punch.


Qing Tianlong easily cut through Yi Tianyun’s dragon aura, and the sword kept going to cut Yi Tianyun’s hand, menacing aura is emitted from this sword.


Yi Tianyun quickly blocked with his fist and was knocked back a bit, he managed to minimize the damage by absorbing the sword’s qi with Absorbing Stars Great Technique, turning it into exp.

“Thanks for the meal!”

Yi Tianyun observe Qing Tianlong’s sword with Appraisal Eye.

Blood Glow Sword: True Spirit Tool, refined by absorbing the blood of thousands of people, cause berserk blood thirst to surrounding, low level cultivator will be easier to be affected.

With this Blood Glow Sword, Qing Tianlong combat power instantly increased to 90.000! raising 10.000 combat power, this is one h.e.l.l of a sword!

“Tianyun…” s.h.i.+ Xueyun looks really worried about Yi Tianyun while defeating the enemy one after another.

Qing Tianlong who has Blood Glow Sword, can Yi Tianyun deal with it?

“One more time!”

Yi Tianyun buried one of his foot to the ground to build momentum and rush toward Qing Tianlong with his claw-like fist.

“You wanna go again? It’s no use idiot!”

Qing Tianlong sneered, holding Blood Glow Sword, he’s ready to counter Yi Tianyun’s attack but suddenly as fast as lightning Yi Tianyun change his target to Qing Yuncheng.

Even Qing Tianlong didn’t expect this, let alone Qing Yuncheng!

“Old ancestors, save me!”

Qing Yuncheng screamed in desperation, hurriedly enhance his spirit sword by sacrificing his blood qi, and block Yi Tianyun’s attack, but obviously they’re not on the same level, all of a sudden Yi Tianyun’s claw already knocked Qing Yuncheng down on the ground.

“How dare you ignore me kid!” Qing Tianlong screamed, and tried to protect Qing Yuncheng with his sword. However, Yi Tianyun didn’t care, he rushed in a straight path, breaking through Qing Tianlong’s barricade!


Qing Yuncheng was knocked down to the ground with Yi Tianyun’s claw pressing down on his throat, then blood splattered everywhere!

[Ding, successfuly killing Qing Yuncheng, obtains 430.000 Exp, 1000 Blacksmith Mastery, 3600 Crazy Point!]

[Level up to Seventh Level Core Condensation!]

After killing Qing Yuncheng, he leveled up again, killing three sect masters in succession worth the price, now that he leveled up, his combat power exceeded Qing Tianlong’s!

His target is Qing Yuncheng in the first place, in order to gain exp. Before facing Qing Tianlong he realized he only needed a little bit more exp to level up. Killing Qing Yuncheng is the solution.

Besides, Qing Yuncheng really got on his nerve saying he’ll have no chance of winning now that his ancestor is here!

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, die!”

Yi Tianyun incurred Qing Tianlong’s wrath, Qing Yuncheng is not his son, but they are related by blood nonetheless, otherwise he will not come all the way here to save him.

A fierce sword smashed over, Yi Tianyun was in danger, and quickly swung his fists to resist, and the claws of the dragon soul that had been waved out, suddenly expanded a circle, and the power rose a bit!


Due to the unbearable impact and both of them was sent flying, but Qing Tianlong seems to be thrown off even further than Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun bounced back as well but not that far!

“Is it just me or is he actually getting stronger, could it be he was holding back this whole time?

s.h.i.+ Xueyun also notice this even though Qing Tianlong is the one holding the domination earlier, did Yi Tianyun hold back on purpose so Qing Tianlong let his guard down?

What they don’t know is Yi Tianyun brokethrough just now to 7th level of Core Condensation, yes it’s that easy for Yi Tianyun to breakthrough.

“I can keep up now that i leveled up.” Yi Tianyun’s expression was indifferent. This did not surprise him. After leveling up, his combat power has reached 93.000!

That amount is possible thanks to Crazy Mode, Power accesories set and Dragon G.o.d Bloodline but it goes without saying that the enemies he faced is getting even stronger too compared than before, so it’s not that easy.

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